Avebury and the Mechanical Hole

After going to East Kennet it would have been rude of me not to visit another of my favourite sites in that area, so I went to Avebury. Even though the “official” car park was closing, I was able to park for free in the car park right next to the Red Lion pub in the centre of the village. I’m glad I didn’t park at the pub itself because soon hundreds of motorcycles appeared and began to congregate which would have made an escape quite tricky! Not that I dislike motorcycles – I ride one myself – so I got the chance to eyeball a few tasty specimens of chrominess before I departed later.

But I’m getting side-tracked! Back to the action, because I have a strange tale to recount. I began to walk around Avebury’s massive ring of stones. As you know by now, I have to have an intention – a motivation – for such trips so in the car I had been determining one. My intention would be to charge myself up and consolidate the energies I had gained from the work done at the East Kennet Barrow. A bit flimsy, I know, but it was all I could come up with in the ten-minute drive.

I put up some good amounts of protection (Avebury is visited by all types of people – some have good energies, some not) and then sat down by one of the stones that the dowsing rods said would be beneficial. Note: back to using rods here, not intuition. Hmmm..tiredness? Right, so I needed an intake of energy to re-invigorate me, and where better than the grandest stone circle of them all? I calmed down and tuned in. Nothing! Right. Change of tack – I would hand back over to intuition and see what happened. I picked up my three lit incense sticks and began to walk around the circle clockwise (the energy-making direction).

View along the ditch surrounding Avebury

Don’t walk there – walk here!

I stopped to gawp at all the big stones as I passed them. It’s not really “the done thing” to insist on walking all around the edge of the circle these days. There are paths and fences which lead the casual visitor through the stones in a quite definite way so that you can’t actually walk around the edge of the circle any more and are instead guided into the heart of the circle once you have crossed the road which cuts through the heart of the complex. Which is both a good and a bad thing. At nearby Stonehenge, for example, Kal and I were nearly sick with the bad energy of everyone being funneled around the stones in one direction only. But in this case I wanted to generate some energy so where possible I stuck to the outside edge and thought about subtle energy generation.

As I wandered along the periphery of the Avebury complex I couldn’t help but notice some things. Firstly, why had I never sat on the stone that everyone else seems to have sat upon? It was worn smooth by the usage. So, I sat there, and promptly slid straight off again to fall in a heap at its base. Ah – that was why I had never sat there before! Then I came across the tangle of trees whose roots had formed a fantastic carpets of entanglement and which resembled the most intricate Celtic knot pattern imaginable. Sheer wonder! Finally, as the path led once more into the midst of the stones within the circle I began to notice the animal and human-like features of the stones that I had read about but never really spotted before. Maybe the light was right on this visit, but the shapes of horses and lions and other shapes began to appear…

Lion's Head in the stones at Avebury

You can also see from the picture above how one of the smaller stones looks exactly like a grazing sheep! Incredible! ;-)

I crossed the road a second time still following my intuition, but now I felt I needed to know exactly which stone I should meditate at. I felt like the first meditation hadn’t done anything, but that I should have another go at a more appropriate/sympathetic place. The dowsing rods came out and I followed a single rods using the instruction “Please take me to a stone that I can use to enhance my energy field.” I was prepared for a long walk, but actually the walk was a gentle zig-zag towards the stone that was almost in front of me.

The stone had a hole right in the middle about chest height, and as I walked closer to the stone the dowsing rod began to zero in on the hole. When the rod was a few inches away I got the idea! There was something about this hole that I needed to investigate. I had an idea. I plunged into my bag and removed a pillar of quartz that I carried around. It seemed the right shape and size for the hole so I put the crystal into the hole and turned around. If I bent my legs a little then the back of my head was level with the hole and the crystal. Good place to meditate? I went into trance to see if that was true.

A seemingly innocuous hole in an Avebury stone

As one door shuts…

I began to feel an energy field coming through the crystal and into the back of my head. At one point I had to stop, turn around, and check that the hole didn’t go all the way through and that I wasn’t just feeling a breeze! No – there was no wind coming through the hole – this was a stream of subtle energy being focused by the crystal. I turned back and carried on meditating. In my meditation I saw all the creatures of Avebury’s stones come to life in my mind, and a carnival of initiates in robes dancing with them. An amusing day dream.

I stood up straight and turned around to pick up my crystal. As I withdrew it from the hole there was a sound like a small metal doorway sliding shut from inside the hole. WHAT? I peered into the hole but could see nothing. I put my fingers into the cavity to feel for anything in there. Nothing. I shone a torch into the hole – it was empty. There had definitely been a distinctive sliding/dropping/clicking shut noise from inside the hole. Definitely! I wasn’t going mad. I had heard it clearly. What….? I tried putting the crystal back in and taking it out again – nothing. I scraped the crystal along the floor of the hole – not the same sound at all – nothing like it. Baffled!

That was a very strange experience. I was like something had clicked into place, or something had closed off, or something changing from one position to another, but it was a metallic sound from inside the hole. Very, very mysterious. Well, that’s Avebury for you – still full of mystery.


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