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Glastonbury – A place for seeking beginnings

June 23, 2011

Over the last 2/3 years Gwas and I have ventured to Glastonbury on numerous occasions. Whether individually or together that place has been a definite experience generator. So it was that one fine Saturday in April 2011 I was heading out to Glastonbury. My main purpose was to meet up with the High Druid Brian Conquer and ask about a Wand making workshop. Since I have been directed that I will need a wand as part of the Knights Quest.

Glastonbury Tor

As always, I was also looking for clues, divination’s and any other signs and omens along the way. My first stop was the Chalice Wells. A totally beautiful place with an energy that always delights me. Although the day was gorgeous, warm and sunny I had exclusive use of the gardens. After completing a relaxing commune with the Hawthorne tree there (nothing to report) I headed to the desk to enquire about the High Druid. Alas the fella had been unwell for some time and no classes were forthcoming.

Having reached and empasse on that front I decided to venture up the Tor. I recall the first time I climbed the Tor and being out of shape and suffering from some vertigo issues I found the experience semi daunting. Now however I walked up the Tor, following my dowsing rods, without a care. Just shows how far I have come with that issue.

Reaching the top and slightly off to the side of the structure (which is where the rods finally spiralled) I sat down and communed with the Genius Loci. My thoughts were around my continuing Knights Quest and whether there was anything I could learn here. The answer…No. Not very helpful, I thought, so I pursued the “why” of it and finally my dowsing rods and intuitive answers aligned. Because this is a place of beginnings.

It seems to me that fabled Isle of Avalon is a place to begin quests, or to realign ourselves with a quest should we become lost. Since at this time I was doing rather fine on my quest there was quite literally nothing for me at Glastonbury.

Kal Malik – Knight Errant

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