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The signs have it and a prediction comes true

June 28, 2011

A few months ago I was returning from work on a lovely sunny afternoon when a bright shining light caught my attention. Hold on, it wasn’t anything mysterious. It was the sun sparkling of the face of a distant church. I was surprised by the sight and felt a calling to it. As is rarely the case these days, I ignored this intuitive call and continued on my way home.

Since that time I have occasionally had a twinge to go and look for this hidden church but have resisted the urge with remarkable rationality. Recent circumstances have suggested to me to move away from my current residence and look for a new place to stay. Although my current residence was found through very synchronistic means and one of those rare occasions when your higher self intervenes directly in your affairs. We are co-creators and it is about time to make another shift.

I was perusing the rent-a-room site looking for a place when my eye was caught by an advert. I read the description, it was perfect. I sent an email off straight away and considered my position. My main criteria had been broadband internet access, which my current landlord for various reasons was averse to installing. However, I had an issue. The room had a minimum stay of 3 months and my contract was/is due to finish in one month. An interesting conundrum.

The following evening I went to view the property and found to my surprise that it was adjacent to the above mentioned church. As I was walking up the slight hill, I recognised the building immediately and since I had some spare time. I decided to wander through it and feel the energies. It has a remarkable feel to it and I thought that it would be great to be living by it and explore the energies at my leisure.

As a follower of signs I knew almost at once that this was the place for me. Signs are signs! I visited with the delightful residents of the house and we got on famously. I have to say though that they had had much interest in their place and even though I offered to take the place immediately they asked to reflect on it.

For about 5 minutes I wondered whether this was a path I should be following. Nah! Of course it was. I knew that I would be offered the room. And even as I walked past the old sign, the church of St Mary, I knew that my work contract would be extended by the required three months.

I am not into predictions but I am into future confidence and I am confident that both of these truths will come to pass. Let’s see if they do!

Kal Malik

Addendum: In complete disregard of what might be I have just returned from paying the first months rent on a place that I might not even need.

Addendum 2: A week later my boss called me into his office. You have your extension he said, we’d like to keep you on for 14 weeks. I was bemused, because my intent was for 12 weeks. I apologised to him and said that I could only accept 12 weeks. He looked surprised. After all contractors were supposed to be happy with “more” time not less. I, however stuck to my guns and said that I could only work until 14 Oct. He went off and consulted with higher authorities and returned with the same 14 weeks. Again I apologised and said that  could only do 12. But on impulse I suggested we look at the calendar. We did so and found that I was mistake. It was 13 weeks that took me to the 14th. So we were still a week short of the required time. My manager went off a second time.

It was at this point that a friend called me up and asked whether I was free for the weekend. I replied no, and his comment was, “Why, are you working the weekend or something?” What a revelation! I approached my manager and gave him some middle ground. I would work the extra 5 days over the weekend (at the same cost as a weekday) to make the 14 weeks.

Kal Malik ~ Knight Errant

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