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The Seven Aptitudes for Faery Healing

July 7, 2011

RJ Stewart - scares the pimples off toads

Every now and again I come across and idea that I can really tune into. One such idea is espoused by author R.J.Stewart in his book “The Well of Light – From Faery Healing to Earth Healing“. Something tells me from Mr.Stewart’s demeanour that spending time with that man might be a scary experience, and he looks a bit mad. But then, look at some of the ideas that I now go along with – several years ago I would have said the same of myself!

The idea that got me excited was his concept of the Seven Aptitudes required to work with the Faery entities which could provide a gateway into developing skills such as healing. So, what is “faery healing” and what are these “seven aptitudes” he espouses? Well, let’s examine his concept of faery healing.

Stewart says that faery healing is a healing process that involves energy-working involving the co-operation of energetic beings who we have traditionally called “faery folk”. He spends some chapters explaining that there are different types of faery folk, and that they present themselves to us in different ways. He goes on to label the smaller kinds as one sort, and the hive or larger, more complex entities as something else – yet stressing that they are all size and quantity differentiations of the same thing – an intelligent spirit form that is all around us if only we bothered to pay attention to it.

Without getting any further into the healing aspects – which I will cover once I have read, absorbed, and worked through the book – I wanted to bring out the “aptitudes” that he mentions as being the seven aspects through which you might encounter the faery realm, and through which you can work with it.

He states that we all have these aptitudes within us, but that they are often latent unless accidentally triggered or brought out through working on them, or naturally develop as part of some spiritual work we may be involved in.

The seven aptitudes he lists as being:-

  1. Working with Water
  2. Working with Stones
  3. Working with Allies and Co-Walkers
  4. Working with Plants and Herbs
  5. Working with Living Creatures
  6. Working with Touch (palms of the hands or fingertips)
  7. Working with Signatures (patterns in the landscape)

Let me do a little translation and explanation of these aptitudes based upon the work that Kal and I do, and you may begin to see that we work with almost every aspect of these aptitudes, although we clearly favour one or two more than others.

Working with water is the energising of water with subtle energy. Kal especially has done a lot of work with this and it is now a part of his daily routine to energise water. For me, water is in balance with the other elements that I work with, but I favour Air above the other forms. I have a particular affinity with Air and its spirits, and I leave Water work to those who feel this affinity. I can find water with my dowsing rods, but I don’t make that a regular feature of my work because I live in Britain where water is an abundant resource.

Working with stones is defined as working with standing stones, stone circles, stones that have an energy signature, or ones that we pick up and use. Into this category I would also add crystals. Well, this is almost 90% of what Kal and I work with at any given sacred site! We are forever picking stones up, using crystals, and working at sacred sites. This would be one of our foremost aptitudes, I would say, but the rods say otherwise! The dowsing rods indicated to me that this was an aptitude I had, but not a strong one! Well, I live and learn.

Working with Allies and Co-Walkers. For me this translates as working with faery entities and “ascended” human forms. I define it as all of the “Underworld” and “Otherworld” work that we do in communion with spirit forces, and I include death energy forms in this too. In recent years this has gained a certain degree of prominence in our work, as I’m sure you have discovered by reading this blog! When I dowsed whether this was a strong aptitude for me I got a very strong response. News to me!

Working with plants and herbs is not something we do particularly. We tend to limit this work to our interactions with teaching trees. I have a couple of books on herb lore and tree lore, which I intend to read up on at some point, but this is not our major focus. Stewart emphasises that this aptitude is not related to the substance of plants, but to their spirit forces. There are other people for whom working with plant spirits is very important. I am not one of those people at the moment, but I respect their work.

Working with living creatures is something that we have begun to recognise in our work with birds and totem animals. Reading the signs of bird behaviour is something that I attach to almost every task now, and my totem is the hawk, but this is not exclusive. Recently a badger guided me to return to a task at a particular and more appropriate time, for example. I would again say this is not our primary focus, but we do recognise its increasing significance in our work.

Healing from the palm chakras being developed

Working with touch is something that I wrote about recently in two ways. The first was when I discussed druid divination techniques that involved “deviceless dowsing” or feeling for energy through the medium of touch – through the hands. Also I have recently posted about my experiences about being guided on my current healing task by being shown that my palms chakras are the way that I should take in and give out healing energy forces. This is going to assume much greater significance over the next six months, I’m sure. Also, remember how I was shown an image of being able to work with plants through touch this Spring? I would classify this as an aptitude that I am getting increasingly involved with. Add to that Kal’s Reiki master level training and I think we have this one covered!

As far as the dowsing rods were concerned this was another area that responded positively and very strongly. Possibly the strongest response of all, indicating that for me this healing path is something I am going to have to let emerge, as it seems to be a talent I have been keeping hidden for too long.; Interestingly, this was what my psychic friend Mike had said to me many months ago but I had put it to one side at the time.

Working with signatures in the land is the final aptitude that Stewart discusses. Stewart defines a signature as being a pattern of behaviour in the landscape, in Nature, that delivers a message to the natural magician. For example, Kal and I often talk of seeing “signs” or “omens” in our surroundings – the appearance or sound of birds, clouds, wind, an animal crossing your path. The patterns in the landscape can take any form and they are always only available and meaningful to you personally – they mean nothing to anyone else. They are specific to place and time, and to your frame of mind.

I would like to add another aspect to this particular aptitude. Kal and I think of these energy signatures as being “sigils”, or subtle energy in geometric forms. A quick search on the site will reveal many posts in which we describe and utilise these energy signatures in our work. These were particularly important when we started with the dowsing aspects of our work, but now that we have moved on into other areas these sigils are less important for us. Nevertheless, I do not diminish their significance, only the use for us at this time.

R.J.Stewart, in a bid not to alienate his audience, states that we ought to have at least one of these aptitudes, and that will suffice. I think we can say that Kal and I have developed most of these aptitudes by following our spiritual paths without prejudice or undue preference. Obviously some have developed more than others, and some may never develop much further than us trying them out and seeing where they take us at that time, especially as we begin to concentrate on those aptitudes that we gain the most from, or which give the most to others.

Going with the flow of the universe has been a challenging but incredibly rewarding learning course for us. We welcome developing all seven aptitudes, and can’t wait to see how they lead us through this healing phase of our work. I think this is an interesting framework to keep an eye on whilst we develop, and see whether each area has something to offer our healing capabilities as they mature.


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  1. Thought I would drop my two cents worth in here. 
    Many years ago Gwas and I explored the works of Castaneda (in great depth, I might add) and though his earlier two books seem to promote the use of awareness altering drugs (Peyote for instance) later works presented that this use was purely a means to break the grip of the mundane chatter monkey that holds our attention like a jealous lover!

    Deep study of that work reveals that drugs were not a means to enter into other awarenesses but rather a means to break our current delusions. 

    As Gwas concurs – these are a means to open the door – it seems that we have enough experience now to open the door almost at will, so the question of why do we need a key is mute. 

    As mention DMT is naturally produced in the body which might explain the chemical of things – but honestly unless one is trying to “force” the esoteric into ones life – of what value is that knowledge? 

    I think Gwas is preparing some notes on the Pineal glands role in altered experiences- well worth reading – particularly the side line issues of sacred sites/moon/sun effects on our biochemistry and thus  altered experiences.

    Hmmm from my studies I find this “connection” with biochemistry and EMF fascinating and confusing, here are some questions I have:

    Practitioners are able to alter their form eg transform to crows? Do crows have pineal glands? Are they affected by EMF fields?
    What about astral travel – many have “seen” tue connective cord attached to the position of the pineal. 

    But then what about out of the body experiences? Here is a puzzler…a common experience is of people floating above the room and seeing from a birds eye view, right? But how? The physics of vision is all about light and optic nerves – but an OBE doesn’t have these so how does it work? And if we say that sight has nothing to do with light and optic nerves then why do people go blind?

    You see these and many more dilemmas mire the path of those who try to merge the biochemical with the magical…frankly the two worlds refuse to even find a connective bridge. 

    Therein is where I find the magic – in the gap between the magical and the rational – that undiscovered country

    Kal Malik Edge Wizard

    1. I agree that instead of looking at the chemicals, cells etc, it is more fruitful to look at the “field”. Bruce Lipton talks about how looking at the cells of the body without looking at the magnetic field and electrical currents of the body, is like looking at the iron filings dispersed around a magnet, and disregarding the magnet! Saying, oh, this iron filing should be over here, so we must operate, move it around.
      It seems pretty clear that the ancient peoples who constructed the sacred sites that you visit, were intimately aware of the electrical currents and magnetic fields of the earth. And this knowledge is not just of practical value, but it’s the ONLY knowledge. That is, unless we can figure out how these fields work, we’re just on a hamster treadmill, going nowhere, because knowledge of the iron filings is no knowledge at all. Even crows, as you mentioned, like all birds navigate using magnetic forces. So you could say they’re smarter than us right now!
      By the way, you notice this is not disregarding “rationality.” You could still call this “science” if you want, although the word has been so degraded by fake studies funded by those with an agenda to sell. The only true science is inquiry done by individuals, going out on a limb, playing around but playing seriously. Like you two – keep it up.

  2. I think you’re correct that having some ability with all 7 aptitudes will benefit any practitioner using Stewart’s system. The universe does seem to be in favor of the “liberal arts” approach to spiritual training—you always seems to end up learning skills that you never set out to acquire!

  3. Very interesting. I would agree with your dowsing that you are very good at putting this stuff across to others who would tread a path of “self-truth”.
    I wonder, does he mention the use of psychedelics as a short-cut to communicating with these beings? I’ve been listening to a lot of Terence McKenna recently so there’s a sync there.
    Do you ever “see” these beings or do you simply acknowledge their presence in the same way as you would acknowledge, say, radio waves?

    1. RJ Stewart dopesn’t mention psychedelics in this particular book, but having read a lot of Terence McKenna’s work and listened to a lot of his lectures I understand wher you are coming from – particularly the DMT experiences he talks about.
      Personally, I have seen the dimensions that you are talking about, a long time ago, but I believe that psychedelics do not give the practitioner sufficient control over the situation to be able to take advantage of the dimension shift. These days I think of them as “openers” – they are good for revealing the possibilities, and for opening up the mind to the levels that are available, and for removing people’s barriers to this mode of thought. Beyond that, meditation is the controlled and safer way.
      So, do I “see” these entities? Sometimes, but not in the “real” way that psychedelics present them. In meditation they are usually experienced and felt, but rarely seen. I have had visions, and so has Kal, and when the meditation has been deep – then they are almost as vivid as the psychadelic experience, but not quite. Yet, I wouldn’t sacrifice my control and safety for the quick, unpredictable but more intense experience of the psychedelic world. It’s not worth it, on so many levels. In fact, the entities themselves seem to prefer that you approach them in a controlled manner, and I have been asked not to try other faster paths to reach them.
      The entity experience is not a comparable experience to “radio waves” or the feel of earth energies. It is a different experience, richer and much more complex. Often it is diffuclt to distinguish between my own imaginings and those created by the entities. It’s like they use this pineal gland mechanism in order to facilitate contact, but making it difficult for us to distinguish their communications from our own. Have you ever been writing or drawing a creative work and felt like the words or pictures are coming from somewhere or someone else? That’s what it’s like.

      Hope that answers your very good questions?

      1. Great answer, thanks for that. I myself am a bit wary of the “substances approach” to all this, especially since we manufacture DMT in our own bodies. It feels like you’re handing over power when you say you’ve got to take psychedelics, you know?

        Keep up the inquiry and so will I; it’s exciting times!

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