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Leprechaun energy strikes again

August 16, 2011

On the odd occasion we have mentioned and discussed Leprechaun energy. Our first ever mentioning of this rather disturbing energy was on our trip to Ireland. Although we have given it a name particular to the Emerald Isle that should not be taken an as anything other than a name.

Essentially Leprechaun energy is a ‘negative’ energy that attaches to people. It might have been picked up from an environment or from other people.

Attaches might be the wrong word to use here as I am increasingly of the opinion that energies don’t attach but rather balance or alter our energy to another frequency. So it might be more appropriate to say that a person has been in an environment that has altered their energy frequency to one that is not benign.

My reason for bringing this topic back to the fore is that for the last 5 days I have been feeling very under the weather both emotionally and physically. As well as suffering from a lack of energy and a serious amount of things not going my way.

Dark trickster energy personified

After a meditation in a Yew energised power center in my room I was given the insight to do some dowsing. As a side note, one of the peculiar things I have found of late is that I am able to dowse in my room. Up until now Gwas and I have had difficulty dowsing in our homes. Particularly for non-energy related questions. However my current residence is flooded with Yew tree energy from a couple of magnificent specimens just outside of my window. This has/is allowing me to dowse more fruitfully in my room. On with the tale…

I dowsed some initial questions thus…

  • Am I infected with Leprechaun energy? Yes
  • How long for? 5 days.

As this point I gained a flash of intuition. I had wanted to go to Glastonbury at the weekend but at every turn I was deflected. Traffic jams, getting lost, and just plain weirdness prevented me. At the time I didn’t think to wonder why my plans where being thwarted. Now I knew! Leprechaun energy!

I wondered as to where I had picked up this energy…

  • Was it from someplace I had been? No
  • Was it from someone I knew? Yes
  • Someone at work? No
  • Someone in town? No

Hmmm…I puzzled on this for a few moments. Who did I think was a carrier of Leprechaun energy? Well, my brother and sisters where definitely in a depressed state. So I asked whether it was any of them? The answer was fast swing to YES.

Apparently the source was my younger sister with whom I had speaking alot over the phone (ostensibly family counselling). I thought that she had infected my other sister and brother, but the rods said otherwise. They, in their own right, were carriers too. Holy Zarquon Singing Fish!

Still it was surprising because I had not had any physical contact with them. I asked the rods if Leprechaun energy could latch onto a person via the phone? Yes. Via any kind of communication link?

Here the rods wobbled and so another question formed. Any kind of link that you are actually communicating across emotionally? Yes.

Wow! What an interesting finding. A further question revealed an interesting answer. Does Leprechaun energy (and by inference good energy) travel a comm link just as good as if you were in physical proximity? No. Some more ‘levels’ dowsing revealed that being in physical proximity was 3 times as bad as over a distance.

Of course this is one of those areas that can have a lifetime of exploration. But the above is enough for me at the moment. Now it was time to get rid of this darned energy! Being at home, I had all the tools to hand, crystals, incense, singing bowl, Yew tree energy. What was I going to need?

Apparently our ‘usual’ exploding energy ball would suffice, which led me to determine what energy level was this Leprechaun energy? A level 8! Wow and it wouldn’t take much to get rid of it. Was this a sign of some ‘power’ growth in me? Some, yes. But it was more to do with the fact that although the ‘level’ of energy was high. The ‘stickiness’ of it wasn’t (3).

Here are the simple steps for doing an energy explosion…

  1. Get into a mind quiet, meditative state
  2. Go deep inside yourself until you reach a core that is you, only you.
  3. Rapidly drawing energy into this core until it builds and explodes outwards taking any ‘foriegn’ energy with it.

Dowsing confirmed that the Leprechaun energy had been totally obliterated. A fantastic feeling and I was feeling better immediately (obviously the placebo – haha).

I made a note to self, when communicating with my family…lots of protection.

Kal Malik

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