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On the Edge Part I

August 26, 2011

What with all the things Gwas and I are learning, I am happy to say that we are still explorers of The Edge. Have you noticed that neither of us has settled into a niche and gone for the in-depth rigorous research, rather we are trail blazers and wanderers in the land of here there be dragons (not there is anything wrong with niche delvers I might add).

Last week I was approached by a fella who had a rather peculiar talent. He told me that he had wanted to have plants and flowers in his house but they always died, even the most hardiest (can survive anything) plants. His extreme example was that (as a test) he got some weeds from a neighbours garden and tried to cultivate them in his house, but even they died.

I asked him whether it might be environmental, maybe his house was just too stuffy or the wrong temperature or something? He replied that his neighbours on both sides had similarly constructed houses and they had no problems.

Having read (all that stuff on sick house syndrome) he had been pushed to me by a friend to have it investigated. Cool! I am game! And went around his house yesterday to investigate.

I have been doing house energy work of one kind or another for several years, everything from poltergeist investigations to house dowsing and improving the energies of a home. Although this was a new one on me I was sure I had the tools to deal with it.

I arrived at Peters home around 7 in the summer evening and from the outside his house was no different from the others in the street. It was about a third of the way down a twenty house street and his front garden was paved rather that grass. There were no plants in it and my first question to him was, did plants grow ok in his garden? He had never had any.

An interesting bit of knowledge I gained about houses just recently is on Thresholds. I don’t want go into it too much in this post, but will do a monograph (ahhhh I knew I’d get to use that Sherlockian phrase one day!) some day soon.

Anyway, I observed the threshold etiquette and asked if I could explore the house on my own. Basically the house was a 3 up 2 down semi with an extended kitchen at the back. I stood at the entrance, as Feng Shui people know this is the way that energy normally flows into a home and with dowsing I have seen the same confirmation. For me this is a good place to start and come back to to ask main questions. Here are some preliminary ones I asked:

  • Is there something energetically wrong with this house? Yes (in hindsight this is a stupid question to ask as it if there is anything wrong with it, that must also have an energetic impact too, I digress).
  • Are there any good energy centers in this house? Yes.
  • Any bad ones? Yes.
  • On my scale of 1 – 10 how strong is the positive energy? 3
  • How strong is the negative? 10. Holy Zarquon Singing Fish! For those who are unaware, a 10 means get the heck out of here! Your radiation badge is screaming RED! Did you just notice me triple my self-protection? Make that quadruple!
  • How many positive (good) energy centers are there? 1
  • How many bad ones? 1..2..3..4..5…16..17…20…25…30..35..33! Wow. That is a record breaking number of negative energy centers. I had to walk up and down the hall several times to arrive at it and double checked my results by working down from 50.
  • Were all of the 10’s? No. Phew!
  • Were more than 50% 10’s? No. finally I found that 25% of them were a 10.

Intuition was kicking me in the behind now so I followed its flow…

  • Were these all linked? No. Were most of them linked?Yes.
  • After a bit I got to all bar 3 were linked and the 3 remainder where of a strength less than 5.
  • Although these were all energy centres or indeed pools is another word I use. Was there a source from which all this flowed? Yes.

I was still at the door and Peter had come back to ask if I wanted tea, I said yes, herbal please and he pottered off. As he did so, a question arose in my mind….

  • Is Peter connected in anyway to this energy?Yes.
  • Was this why there are no plants growing in the house? Yes.

Some further investigation along these lines revealed that the plants were a minor symptom. Oh dear! Okay! It was time to find this SOURCE so I braced my quadrupled force-field and followed the rods. They took me half way up stairs and stopped at a truly innocuous spot about 2/3rds of the way up.

Talk about a let down. There I stood on the stairs looking around at, well nothing really. What! I triple confirmed the spot (once coming from the top downwards) and the same conclusion was reached. The source was definitely on the stairs. Perhaps the most valuable find of ours is the question,

  • “Take me to something that will help explain this answer”

As you will see in recent posts on this blog, both Gwas and I have had plenty of success with this question. Therefore I employed it here. Was there anything that would help me understand what and why the power centre was on the stairs. I started at the front door again and followed the rods up the stairs. I had a sinking feeling that they were going to take me to the same spot again but was relieved when I climbed past it.

The rods took me along the landing and stopped or rather pointed inwards to a wall socket. Aha, Was this something to do with electricity? No. O! Again! Another place that seemed to have nothing special. I walked into the bedroom behind the wall and tried to continue dowsing but there was nothing there. It was definitely on the other side. I stood by the socket wondering and trying to get my intuition kicking in when Peter arrived with the tea.

As I sipped it, I asked him if there had been anything on the landing. He replied, No. Unhelpful I mused. Then after a moment he said, “Unless you mean the steps?” What? He pointed up at the ceiling and I saw a sliding door over what looked to be an entrance to an attic. It was right over the place I had stopped. Wow!

Is there anything up there? I asked and Peter replied that he had only ever been up once and that was when he bought the house, but as far as he could recall, nothing but junk from the previous owner which he hadn’t bothered to clear out.

A clue, at last, I thought and asked if we could go up? Sure and we slid the panel away and pulled down some ladders. There was a light switch but it didn’t work or the bulb had gone.

  • Note to self : Put powerful torch in dowsing kit.

Fortunately Peter had a half decent torch and I climbed up. The attic room was quite big, filled with cobwebs (eugh I have a heightened arachnophobic sense), dust of ages and, as Peter said, plenty of junk. O and not to forget the low beamed ceiling (ouch). Peter popped his head above the hole and decided that he would stay there because the torch only afforded light for one persons movement.

Okay, this was a new experience. Dowsing in the dark with a flaky torch and junk everywhere. Accompanied by the laughter an occasional warning shout from Peter I was able to navigate further to a point of interest. It was deep in the depths of the attic room. I asked if this area I was stood in afforded some answers? and got an excellent YES.

I looked about at the boxes and clutter and considered where to start when I got an almighty shiver running through me. It must have been physically visible because Peter called across, “Are you alright?” I was taken aback a bit but nodded. What was that? A sudden realisation of space hit me and I knew that I was stood right above the staircase! A quick look back to the hole in the attic confirmed it. I was right above the place where I had stopped on the stairs!

I asked if this was the negative energy centre? YES! Aha! Awesome! What a finding. I looked around again and this time the “junk” seemed a lot more interesting. I asked if there were any other power centres in the attic? Yes, lots. I asked if they were to do with the stuff that was up there? No. I asked if there was anything specifically to do with the negative energy up there? YES. It was a cardboard box, It seemed that spirals of negative energy were emanating from it (or the place it was).

It was difficult dowsing in that vertically confined space and I thought to lift the box and take it downstairs when I was “pushed” away from it.

THAT was scary! Nerve wracking and piss in your pants frightening. I scrambled for the exit and almost had to push Peter out of the way to get down the ladder. I walked (really fast) to the front door, Peter in tow, and walked out of it into the bright sunshine. Thank the stars for the long summer evenings.

To be continued…

Kal Malik

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  1. Wonderfully written. I feel I was intuitively guided to read this… the reason still unknown…. may be its related to my first healing session that is planned for today as a healer and I had been feeling a little ambiguous on self protection.

    I am sure reading this has something for me I cud utilize today… so reading once again….. awaiting the further section.

    warm regards,


      1. Hello Kal,

        I had a wonderful experience conducting my first healing session for an experienced healer.

        The little over 2 hrs session went off pretty well untill we were ready to wind it up. It was then that the person put up a list of questions & i tried to intuitively answer them and at a point i realized that I was using some kind of dousing without having a douser. And I was amazed at where the root cause of the problem was, it was the home. I then asked him several questions to analyse the type of energy at his home….. and no wonder he was unable to heal himself being an established healer for over few 2 years now. I have suggested him self clearing of his space to begin with.

        I was sure ur write up had something for me & beleive me not at any point did I think of it during the session, it was a realization afterwards…..

        Thanks again…
        Love, gratitude, peace & joy


        1. Good day Swasti,

          Yes, Gwas is getting really good with the “deviceless” dowsing as we call it. I still like to have the rods in my hands. Though I am really good at reading signs 🙂

          I am beginning to come to a conclusion that a lot of ill-health is due to environmental (home) energies.

          Thank you for sharing your experiences with us. Look forward to hearing more.

          Kal Malik

  2. Awesome writing Kal… I love the way you share the world you are in. It is as if I am right there beside you, experiencing it alongside you. So I wonder what you learnt about this visit?… Part two is on the way… YAY 🙂

    1. Good morning Georgina,

      Thanks for your wonderful comments. I would be interested in hearing your views at the conclusion (part 4) of this tale.

      Again, thank you for visiting,

      Kal Malik

    1. Hi Sundaemon, I know some stuff about numbers. The number on the house wasn’t relevant in this instance. However for completion sake it was 23.

      I hope you like the style of writing, it just came out that way because i’m not too focused to write a long post 🙂

      Kal Malik

  3. I’m going to do some similar work at a friend’s house tomorrow, so if you could post the rest of this story now that would be great! 😉

    Only joking. But I will definitely try to learn from the things you did during this session for my own work tomorrow.


      1. Haha, I took the cowards way out and moved! We went through a time of living in one grotty bedsit/shared house after another. Like us most occupants were short term, just-passing-through. Trying to keep up with dealing with the various negative energies was draining to say the least and would have been a full time job in some places! My wife’s health was suffering and she was, and is, my number one responsibility. I do admit to feeling a tad guilty sometimes at just upping sticks and leaving it all behind.

        1. Hi Sorayonn,

          One of the reasons the energy of such places is really bad is because of the lack of the “homely” threshold. It is a bit like shopping malls, it’s not
          that they have bad energies is just that the movement of people creates energetic turbulences that is hard to protect against.

          Sometimes that is the only way, to up sticks. Back in my very early career as a parapsychologists I came across a case where a student (with some friends) had summoned something bad via an OuiJa board and my advice was to run like heck! (I think it probably still would be 🙂

          Thanks for your comments and tale,

          Kal Malik

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