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The Bridestones – a new healing centre

August 10, 2011

In this post I am going to tell you about the single most powerful and fascinating true story of some work I did with a healer friend as we worked on resolving a long-standing energy problem at a sacred site in Cheshire. Every word is true and as it happened. I think you will find it a good example of earth energy healing, a telepathic incident, and also a curious tale of an encounter with a dark energy form.

I have talked many times with my friend Michael about energy healing. Sometimes he talks about me getting involved in healing, with the presumption that this means people. Sometimes I talk to him about healing, with the presumption that I mean earth energy healing. Sometimes we are on the same wavelength. One evening I went to see Michael in Congleton and I felt like it was the culmination of a series of events that were bringing our wavelengths together.

Michael barely had time to say hello before I was asking whether he could accompany me on a special journey to a local site. He didn’t need much persuading, and in a few moments we were heading off to The Bridestones – a site that Michael lives close to but which he had never visited close up (he has passed by on many occasions). He said he never felt that there was anything there for him to go for. I understood that feeling, for it is exactly the same feeling that Kal has about the site – a distaste for it.

As we drove the few miles out of town I explained how I had come to choose this site. I had been doing a tarot reading about where I should take my healing work and it had suggested I would work with someone who was already skilled in healing. Well, I only knew one person who fitted that bill! Then the cards suggested earth energy healing, and I began to wonder where Michael would fit into this particular picture, as he was a healer of people. He responded that actually he had been receiving information telling him that he would be doing more earth energy healing soon. Looks like I turned up at the right point then?

Finally, I explained how I had found the site by dowsing questions. After going through a list of “North/South of Britain”, “East/West”, type of questioning I began to narrow it down to specific counties, and then I could begin to narrow the search down by asking whether it’s a site I have visited before. When the answer came back that it was a known site I only had to go through a list of the sites in that county, and soon I had my answer –  The Bridestones. I knew instantly that the choice of Michael by the tarot cards was perfect – he had local knowledge, and healing abilities. It was a perfect match and it felt right.

So, we visited The Bridestones on a sunny evening in late July, just as the sun was moving towards the horizon and the shadows growing long. Here is the tale of our epic work at this site.

Working in new ways

The Bridestones - a confusion of energy

Despite living less than two miles from the stone Michael had not visited the Bridestones before. He had passed them many times, and had relatives who lived in the area, yet he had always felt that the stones were “not right” somehow. Having struggled to befriend the Spirit of Place on many occasions I knew what he meant. This site was awkward and troublesome for those who were not prepared to work hard at overcoming the initial unwholesome feeling. When we arrived we walked around slowly feeling the qualities of the energies. They were obviously disturbed. Our heads began to tighten after only a few minutes of being close to the tall stones. I knew that if we didn’t take preacutions this would lead to a headache soon. We moved around feeling the other parts of the site.

We both liked the lone stone near the entrance. It was an oasis of harmonious energy in a sea of troubles. As we inspected the chamber itself Michael said he preferred the first half of it, whereas I preferred the second half. I informed him that this was probably due to the male and female power centres that were in each of the halves of the chamber. We had naturally preferred those forms most compatible with our own energy fields – he the male, and I the female. Michael commented that the second half of the chamber felt “stifling”, and “suffocating”. I knew what he meant. On my last visit I had meditated in that spot and found that I had stopped breathing, but had put that down to a deep meditation. Perhaps there was something more to it than that? A cloying, unhealthy energy perhaps?

We agreed that we needed to do some work to quieten the energies here and speculated as to the possible causes for the disturbance. Michael’s psychic senses pointed him to the quarry behind the copse of trees alongside the chamber. I laughed, because I was also facing this quarry area because there was a feeling in my head – my deviceless dowsing feeling – that was pointing me in that direction too. Our second tacit agreement.

A new healing line required into this chamber

For my part, I decided that I would be working with my new earth energy healing ally and would make use of the rose crystal that I had bought in France. This would be my first experience of working with my new healing ally on a real project together. We discussed what we felt we should do to remedy the turmoil of energies produced by the quarrying work nearby.

A Plan of Action

Our first thought was to change the frequency of the energies to bring in a calming influence. Next, we decided that the site would need to be sealed off from further disruptive influences, otherwise any good work we did would be undone. Michael felt that he wanted to put a straight line into the chamber – a line of healing energy. I had placed my rose quartz stone on one of the small inner stones in the centre of the chanber, and then I noticed that at the other end of the chamber was an identifical small embedded stone, hidden from view by grass, and that together these two “guide stones” would form energetic anchors for a straight line through the chamber!! Coincidence?

We adjourned to the outlier stone that stands slanted at the side of the site. Here we put up some protection and began to formulate our plans. We felt  we needed to use the outlier stone as a source of good energy, as it was the only stable energy on the site. We decided to invest it with healing energy and positive emotions. Then we could move this energy along a path through the site so that it would form a circuit. Then, I felt, we needed to enlist the help of the surrounding trees to keep this circuit in perpetual motion using their living energies to power the flow.

Our next stage of the plan would entail sealing off the site from further harmful radiations and disruption from the nearby quarry, and to placate the Spirit of Place whose outrage at the site’s destruction had never been dealt with, I felt. The Spirit seemed to harbour a long-standing grudge about having the stones removed for use in houses in the vicinity, and at the very least we needed to apologise for this before we could enlist the Spirit of Place in a co-operative healing act.

With the plans at least half formulated, we began our work.

A helpful but errant stone

Let the Healing Begin

Our first step was to imbue the outlier stone with healing energy. Michael placed both his hands onto the stone and closed his eyes. I placed my right hand onto the stone – my ‘giving’ hand – and began to tune into the sources of energy nearby. I felt the power of the earth below us, of the wind, the water, the sun, the trees and plants. I drew from them all. I funnelled the energy through my heart chakra in order to colour the energy with a healing frequency.

By now I could feel Michael’s energy filling the stone mroe strongly than my own efforts, so I switched emphasis. Instead of filling the stone I began to visualise a line of energy coming out of the stone and along the central line that we had wished to create. From there it circled around inside the chamber of the Bridestones, and out again, around the tall stones, back through the square stone that lay outside of the chamber, around the yew trees at the entrance, and back to the stone we were working on. Soon, the energy was coursing on its own, and my visualisation was no longer required to sustain it.

We both seemed to stop our energising work at the same moment. No checking of the process was required, we felt, because we knew we had put energy in, but I wanted to check whether I had also allowed the energy to begin to flow out. I got my dowsing rods and began to follow the line of the circuit from the stone. Inside the chamber the line went exactly where I had intended it. Outside the chamber it began to take on a life of its own, however! It went through all of the points that I had directed it to, but the path was more circuitous than I had visualised, and seemed to be avoiding certain spots. Well, the energy knew its own best course, I presumed! I was just happy that the line formed a complete circuit as I had intended, and that Michael’s healing energy was coursing along it now.

Soothing the Spirit of Place

We knew that we would have to seal the site off next, but before doing that I wanted to seek the co-operation of the Spirit of Place in this work. I dowsed for a place that I could work with the spirit, and then began to tune into it. I felt its anger, its pain, and its distrust of humans. It had been wronged so many times before – humans had stolen its stones, ruined their power, destroyed its good work, and generally abused its presence for so long that it was giving off a feeling of never wanting anything to do with us again.

I spent a few minutes entreating it – we came in a spirit of healing, in a spirit of capitulation, we were apologising for all our wrongs, and now we would set them all right again using the remaining structure. This was the best we could offer. We couldn’t undo the wrongs of the past, but we could set a positive outlook for the future. The tide was turning, I promised. People were again becoming aware. Wouldn’t she, the spirit of this place, work with us to make a new energy for the future? I waited. And waited. Then at last I felt a large spiritual ‘sigh’ as she agreed. She would trust us, and she would help us.

Sealing the healing

The final part of our work, so we thought, was to lock in the healing energies that we had created. We didn’t want further energetic disruptions from the nearby quarry to destroy all our good work, or for the healing energy to simply dissipate. We began to discuss how we could do this, and simultaneously we began to say, “Put up a bubble around the site”. We laughed at having been so synchronous in our thinking, despite never having done any work like this together, or even having discussed methods of working before. Clearly we were working as one today.

We decided that to work we would have to go to opposite ends of the site. I went to the yew trees (my department) and Michael went to the far side of the chamber, outside of the stones. We faced each other and began our visualisation work. I drew energy from the surrounding living energies, whereas I knew that Michael would be working with what he called “Universal Energy”. As my visualisation began to spread from me towards the site it spread upwards in an elongated bubble shape, a dome of pure turquoise light threads, weaving themselves together into a web of tightly-bound energy filaments. I marvelled at the clarity of the vision, which had seemed to take on a life of its own once I had initiated it. I watched in amazement as the casing formed a shell over the site.

As my shell began to approach the middle it encountered another shell coming in the other direction! This was Michael’s white light shell being formed on filaments and shards of crystalline white energy that refracted into all the colours of the rainbow as the light was bent into a dome shape. His shell wove itself over the top of mine and soon there was my underlying turquoise shell with a pure white light shell on top of it. Again, the clarity of the vision – like a waking dream, an overlay on reality – was stunning and I watched agog at the scene unfolding.

When the two shells were in place we both seemed to relax and look at each other at exactly the same moment. Synchronous minds again. We re-convened and discussed what we had seen. Our stories tallied perfectly – we had both seen the same thing happening. It was a magickal moment, to be sure.

Dark air at the back of the Bridestones

Releasing the darkness

As we were studying our work, satisfied that we had done something good here, Michael mentioned a feeling he had had while standing at the far end of the site. He said that he had seen a dark energy there, and wondered if we should do something about it. I immediately got my rods out and dowsed for its exact location. There was a circular swirl in the grass, almost undetectable unless you look for these things, and the rods were circling around this point. As I stood momentarily at that spot I felt fearful and backed away.

I felt this was something unknown to me. It was something dark and resentful – even more than the Spirit of Place had felt. This was some dark energy force that I couldn’t identify. I asked the rods whether I had ever encountered anything like it before – NO. I dowsed some questions about what it might be, and the best answer I could manage was that it was some form of air spirit, but one that had “gone sour” or perhaps was an energetic representation of the bad energies of the site? I really didn’t know, and didn’t want to find out!

I told Michael that I didn’t want to go near it. Before I could say anything else, he stepped forward with his arms open to embrace the dark spirit. As he touched it he recoiled physically – as though it had pushed him away, or he had touched something horrible which had shocked him. Instinctively I went into myself and gathered up energy connections from the surrounding forces. I threw some threads of energy around the space where the spirit was and tied myself to Michael with others. I was trying to simultaneously contain the dark spirit, but also feed energy into Michael’s work, and anchor him in the real world.

Michael held still for a moment and in the setting sunlight he seemed transfixed, between two worlds. My energy connection had opened up some other form of connection between the two of us, for suddenly I knew what to do. This was an air spirit – its release would come through the act of breathing. It was as though something had whispered this to me, and I passed the communication on to Michael through the threads. In my mind I sent him a mental instruction, “Breathe! I looked and saw that he breathed gently, with his eyes closed. “Breathe again – deeper!” I said in my mind. He breathed once more, this time much deeper as though exhaling the dark energy out through his lungs. “One last breath…” I thought. Michael breathed a third time and then paused. “Now turn into the sun and release the energy!” I mentally urged him. Immediately he turned towards the setting sun and opened his arms wide, as though releasing the dark force into the light.

He came back to consciousness, opening his eyes. I was staring at him like a mad man – completely unable to believe what had just happened. We had communicated telepathically. Michael had performed each instruction exactly on cue, and without any external audible sounds. He even had his eyes closed during the whole process. I was completely amazed. Where had these instructions come from? How had they come through me? So many questions, but the result was that the dark energy had gone – it couldn’t be dowsed any longer. It had vanished – absorbed by the setting sun!

A new healing site

It was time to say our own farewells – to the site, to the Spirit of Place, and to this incredible experience. The sun was moving below the horizon and dragging the last of the late summer light with it. I lit some incense for myself and handed some sticks to Michael too. It seemed a fitting way of clearing our own energies from the site, and in some way sanctifying the place too. I lit four sticks and placed them at strategic power centres around the site.

As the incense burned and cleared I dowsed for the change in energy at the Bridestones. I had dowsed the strength when we had arrived and found it to be only a 2 out of 10. Now the strength was a 4 out of 10. Already the strength of the energies had doubled in a short time. Michael approached to add a further comment – he had the feeling that we had turned the site into a healing centre. He now felt that the site could actually be used for healing purposes. Really? I dowsed for confirmation. What strength would the site’s energies need to be to support such a concept? FOUR. They were already at that level. Was this site now capable of providing healing energies to visitors? YES.

I* needed one final confirmation from Nature herself. I asked the Spirit of Place to show me a sign through Nature if she was pleased with the work we had done ….. instantly a rooster crowed in response to this question. I felt this was the sign I was looking for. I asked her to show me a sign if she was in any way disappointed by our work…. nothing. Everything went silent. That was perfect.

That evening at Michael’s house we talked long into the night about healing. I am beginning to learn a lot about this art from such a master, and his key message was simplicity. I take that forward in my work now, and will see how I can work simply to effect positive healing changes. Personally, I believe we all develop the art that suit


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  1. A stunning report of a job well done, Gwas. I have never had an opportunity to perform such work and I must admit I’d rather it stayed this way – it would have been far too much for me to handle.
    I couldn’t agree more, however, with your idea that we all develop the art that suits us. I think understanding that and learning to actively pursue that art is the most amazing experience one can have.

    1. So true, and thanks for your words, my friend.

      I think it pays to try all flavours of the arts and begin to delve deeply into whatever moves you most. In your heart you always know what that is. For me, I had to clear away a whole lifetime of clutter before I could return to dowsing, for example. Now I know it is deep within me and will remain a part of me.

      I feel drawn to spirit rescue work too, but especially to earth healing. That sounds so pretentious when it’s written, but my small deeds are a build-up to some larger engagement, I feel, some larger work that will be my crowning life story. I hope to be able to share that with you all when it happens.


      1. I sure understand what you mean. My pursuit of magickal goals, development of the creative force and ‘seeing’ are a result of on ongoing, decluttering campaign that, I fear, is not soon to end. But the joy of discovery on this path is worth anything to me.

        I am a fan of story – and am happy to see yours weaved before my very eyes.

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