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Thresholds – a first look

August 20, 2011

I have been doing a bit of research on thresholds. For the purpose of this post we can consider a threshold to be the separation of two places of ownership or being, rather than a distinction between two type of energy (although the one does not exclude the other).

Examples of a threshold are the aura of living beings, a home or demesne of a person/family. One area that I am particularly researching is that of a Genius Loci. My use of this word represents a bounded area and the intent/wish of all of its inhabitants.

A crude analogy might be the notion of the “United Kingdom”. This isn’t a single thing, nor is it necessarily a piece of geography. It is a collection of people, place, ideas, laws, identity that holistically combines to create the “United Kingdom”.

Thus it is with a Genius Loci. A Genius Loci of a sacred site for instance would be the earth energy, any aware energies/entities that reside within. Indeed holistically speaking it is everything that is within the bounded area.

Where is your heart?

As you can imagine, since a Genius Loci is ‘imagined’ bounded area. It is the commune-er, i.e. the person on the outside looking in who determines the boundary (to some extent). For instance, I could commune with an energy being that resides in a sacred site. Then I could commune withe Genius Loci of the site, which would include the resident aware energy, then I could commune with the Genius of the hill that the site is on, which would include all of the above…and so…to the point where I could commune with the Genius of the Earth (often mis-referred to as Gaia).

Thresholds then are not so much the boundaries but the doorway through which we enter or commune with other beings.

On a simple level communing with another human requires them letting us access there being. Whether this is the mundane simple verbal communication to the energetic. For example when doing energy healing on someone it is important to gain their consent. I dowsed the following…

  • How effective is energy healing (such as Reiki) on someone who hasn’t given their explicit consent? 10-15%

People often ask (say on social media sites such as FB) for healing to be sent to them. I asked How effective the healing that was sent to them was? 35%

  • Was this because they hadn’t specifically given access to through their threshold? Yes.

Please note that by effective I mean the healing energy effecting them, this doesn’t mean that a cure was achieved. It just means the “mail getting through”.

I recall back in the day (3 years ago) when Gwas and I practiced some distance work on each others homes. It was surprisingly difficult until we realised that we had to let the other in, energetically so to speak.

An interesting question that I asked was…How effective is negative energy being sent to a person? I got a weird half-half answer to this (which as you know means that I was missing something).

As a side note. I have really started to like the “there is something missing” response. It gives your intuition a sharp kick.

What could be missing? I wondered whether negative energy could be sent to a person at all? Yes, was the response. My thinking was on the lines of someone hating another person or seeking revenge or malicious thoughts. It seems that these ‘do’ have an effect on the other.

I pondered some more and finally thought of something. Belief is a powerful tool and from the teachings of Don Juan (ala Carlos Castaneda) I recalled that the power of disbelief was equally as powerful.

My thinking went thus…if a person believes in the whole energy thing then they would be affected by negative energies going their way, more so than someone who doesn’t believe.

My results concluded that a person who had no belief in intention and energy had virtually no effect on an equally disbelieving person. It appears that their has to be a strong belief and intention for the energy to get through as it were. On the receiving end it was a similar affair, the more one believed the more the effects got through. Up to a point though! If the threshold of the person was secure i.e. they hadn’t invited specifically the other person to send energy then the effect was severely limited.

If your asking a lot of questions…what about this, that and the other. So was I but this is just a prelim report if you will and the topic is Thresholds.

The threshold of a home is created by the love and presence of the people with in. Equally though the absance of one or both of these pretty much destroys the threshold. Any foreign energy can come and go as it pleases. Like auras, the threshold of a home takes its characteristics and strength from those who live in it. Even a strong threshold won’t stop someone physically entering your home and doing damage, but it will certainly limit the energetic damage they can do, both from without and from within.

An important note that most energy aware people should know is that of treating someone as a guest. If you feel that a person has negative intent towards you then it is best not to invite them into your home, for any reason. And if you have to then make sure that you limit their access to the rooms (remember rooms too have a threshold). Also make sure that you cleanse after them and intentionally close the door behind them in an energetic sense. Above all one should avoid giving anything to such a person, even as simple as a drink of water.

The reverse is absolutely true also, inviting an emotionally/energetically friendly and good intentioned person into your home strengthens the threshold. Generally speaking the protection forded by a threshold is proportional to the love of your home. For instance, do you feel that your house is your home?

Well that about wraps up this appetiser on thresholds. I will be reporting back with a lot more details about thresholds and how to create and protect them.

Kal Malik exploring the edge.

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  1. I love this concept. I hope you will be writing more about it. I am especially keen to explore more of the thresholds of Genius Loci – particularly the entrances and exits that we find that seem to have been created by humans, and those created by animals, and then there are some created by energy forms. I’d like to know more about how these operate as pathways up to and into thresholds.

    I particularly enjoyed the way brought it all back to the home at the end. That’s a great place for anyone to begin to explore their energetic boundaries.


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