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Moel-Ty-Uchaf – the healing rays explained

September 7, 2011

At the end of August 2011 I found myself with an evening free and an urge to visit a sacred site where I could learn more about the five healing rays that I have been studying. As a reference for those of you who haven’t been following this particular series from the beginning, here are the related posts:-

In this visit I was hoping to have some information revealed to me that would show me how these healing rays could actually be used, in other words – how does one invoke them, and how are they utilised once invoked? The beautiful circle of Moel Ty Uchaf was to be my teacher this evening.

A stunning rain and sun backdrop above Llandrillo

On my journey up the steep trackway to Moel-Ty-Uchaf stone circle I was welcomed by a rainbow, which was somehow fitting considering I was here to try to get some more answers about the nature of the healing energy rays that I can work with. Apparently I have until Samhain this year to get my theory and practise all sorted out, because then I will face a challenge, a task, a test of skill, perhaps an opportunity to progress. I knew what failure meant – another turn on the Wheel of the Year to go around in a circle rather than a corkscrew movement upwards. I was taking every opportunity I could to do my homework.

As I passed the trees that line the lower part of the route up the hill I asked them about their energies. Are they male if the tree is male, and so on? The answer was that trees have no gender, they are both male, female and neutral, and so they can create living energy lines that are of any of these “flavours” depending on what the tree wishes to harmonise with, draw from, or support. Its own intent creates the required alignment.

With all my physical training I found that I didn’t need to stop once going up the hill. At the top I was breathing deeply, but not out of breath for once, nor tired or leg-weary. My calf muscles were also intact for once. Amazing result! But nowhere near as amazing as the view that I was about to be presented with as the clouds that had dogged my ascent began to part letting through the rays of the setting sun over the Conwy Mountains. In the picture below, look for the unusual photographic artefact of the sun converging to a turquoise point! Or is it something from the ground opening a hole in the clouds?

The sun appears over Llandrillo - view from Moel Ty Uchaf

I ate my Co-Op convenience catered tea at the King Stone and began to introduce myself once more to the Genius Loci, asking for permission to work with her to ask questions about healing. Using my rods I determined that she would co-operate with that, but I felt that I would have to offer her something in return. Intuitively I was given the sense that there was some earth energy healing that I would have to put into practise here. This wasn’t going to just be a one-way theoretical lesson!


I got out my piece of paper – an aide memoire – and checklisted the five colours I wanted to know about: pink, white, turquoise, black and light red. I asked to be lead to a place where I could learn about the first one – pink. As I walked in the direction that the dowsing rods were pointing they began to gently curve around the lower side of the stone circle’s edge before spiralling above a snapped and fallen thistle. What was the message here? That Pink energy breaks plants, or comes from thistles? Then I realised. The thistle’s delicate small flowers were pink. I was being taken to something that was of the same colour as the energy I was seeking to learn about. The intention hit me suddenly – I was being shown that to call upon the power of the pink energy I should only fix upon something of the same colour. This would invoke the healing frequency I needed. Think Pink! See pink and its energy is available to you. I tested this theory with the dowsing rods. I asked, “If I see the colour pink can I draw pink energy from it?” – the rods swung together firmly. “If I only mentally project the colour pink can I draw from that?” I tested. The rods swung together only slightly – a faintly positive response. I re-tested with other configurations of the same question, using different comparisons until I had narrowed down a few scenarios.

Pink energy is an attractive, bring towards, unifying, centre of attention energy. Find something pink to concentrate on (easy there, tiger – be gentle!) and you can call upon these magnetic, attractive healing forces. I can imagine using such energy for pulling out or extracting unhelpful energies – like vacuuming up a bad smell. I wondered to myself whether the use of such energy might leave The Healer with unhelpful energies surrounding or attached to him? Indeed so. Cleansing or dissipating such energies after working with pink energy would seem to be a wise precaution, say at the end of a healing session using this Pink frequency. This is to be wholly verified yet, and I refer you to the Black energy that I will be discussing soon.

The final thought I had on pink energy was that I had something to invoke the colour pink – a rose quartz crystal. Handy. Perhaps this should be the first crystal to join a new working set of crystals which I hope to use to assist me in invoking colour frequencies – like some three-dimensional Dulux colour chart.


White energy was next to be examined. “Please rods, guided by the Spirit of Place, take me to a location where I can understand the white healing energy ray.” I hoped I said. The question may have been worse than that. Of course dowsing is a wonderful interpreter of our intentions when we ask questions, amazingly tolerant of our endless fumbling for the most unambiguous terminology, yet even that concept was stretched to snapping by my rubbish request of the rods: “Take me to the white place thingy.….!” I asked them. The blanks were filled into that concept by images in my mind of what I was wanting. The dowsing rods hesitated a moment, as though translating this, replaying the longer and better form of the question on the back of my skull in a quiet voice, and then beginning to move as I began to walk. Alll in an instant.

I was taken to the back of the circle to enter it’s edge at an entrance I recognised from previous visits, and seconds later to curl around a flat square rock laying obtusely within one side of the standing stones adjoining it. This was The Female Stone, as I called it with all the poetry of a charmless man. This was The Female Stone – a transformer stone, was one of its other terms I coined for its ability to draw down and store both sun and moon energies. In this case I had thought that it was only a Moon energy transformer, but then I had usually visited the circle in the evening or late at night. Clearly “moon time” really. Now, in the fading but strong patch of sunlight shining square onto it, I begin to wonder if it transformed sunlight too? I noticed a white circular stain on the rock. A mere coincidence.

Then, as before, I suddenly figured out what I was being told. White light – sunlight – is the source of white healing frequencies of energy, and The Sun’s subtle energy (and literal heat, of course) is being stored in the transformer stones often found in stone circles. These were the pieces I had been picking up about recently, and was understandable now that I had studied some standing stones in Brittany in France, and subsequently on Anglesey in Wales too.

So, this adds to the knowledge that a beech tree gave me recently. I can use white light energy from sunlight as a source for its powerful and energising properties. If I need to store them that I need to create or discover a transformer stone of my own so that I can ‘charge it up’ and use its energies when I need them. Only thinking small-scale at the time I thought about adding a quartz or smoky quartz to the set of healing stones I was feeling I should gather together.

Magical Moel Ty Uchaf stone circle in a shaft of breaking sunlight


Again the rods were my guide. I was aiming to find out about turquoise energy now – the next on my list. I was taken inside the circle to a spot where a familiar form of grass arrangement was lurking quietly – the faerie ring, as Kal and I call them. The accustomed eye can discern this form of grassy growing pattern more easily these days, and the crown of grass made itself know to my eyes and I said to myself, “Power centre!” The rods confirmed this, and added the answer that it was a male power centre. Alarm bells went off in my head – “Me? On a male power centre? Is that good for me?” The rods clinked together – apparently it was good for me.

The now-familiar feeling of dawning inspiration struck me a third time. I was being re-balanced. I was either lacking in masculine energy at the moment, or I had too much feminine-aligned energy. Was I being re-balanced, as I felt? I asked the rods and they confirmed this quickly and surely. I was. My chakras, I wondered – or some other mis-alignment or dis-harmony of frequencies in my energy body (or aura) I supposed. As always, a quick confirmation by the rods – my energy body’s spectrum of frequencies was being brought back to evenly distributed bands of vibration – whatever was the natural state for me. As is usual, I have left out several of the negative responses required to get to this stage for the sake of relative brevity, but believe me there were a few wayward ideas and questions to get through before emerging with such a linked chain of ‘right track’ thinking.

I asked to know the source of this turquoise energy, and through a series of questions to dissect space I found where this energy comes from. Turquoise energy is produced from Primal Energy. There is only one source for Primal Energy that I know of – and that is Spirit forms. It would seem that it is also limited to certain spirit forms, and not available from other types. For example, two of my allies are sources of primal energy, but the third is not. Oops – that sounds a bit loopy. Let me put it another way. Primal energy can be sourced from some types of invisible and thinking forms of energy. These energy forms may be other people’s thought-forms, that’s one theory. Another is that there is a whole lot more life outside of our sentience spectrum than we can comprehend, it’s just that dowsing, divination and communing can all interact with these forms. I have found that in time and with the right approach, some positive contacts and meaningful relationships can be established with mutual benefit to be had for all concerned. Such was the case between myself and my guides, and with what limited interactions I have with Spirits of Place. Other contact I keep to a minimum on the basis that I’m a humble visitor – it’s not my home turf, you know what I mean? I may not always be a welcome guest at all times and places I turn up, so I should show some humility when I cross the hedge. We should not always take those opportunities to stick our hands into dark holes out of mere curiosity….

Now I knew that turquoise energy – the most powerful and the most difficult to spell – is used to re-balance people and places. It is the frequency of re-alignment, re-attunement, and re-balance. It is the force that steadies.

Pink attracts. White emits. Turquoise stabilises. What next? The dreaded Black energy!


I paused. Did I really have to investigate black energy? What if it was harmful? What is it was really detrimental to me, and I got drained by it? What if….what if…..putting off…putting off….then I realised it was cold and lonely up on that hill late in the evening. Aha! I said to myself – that’s what you get for moving your attention to black energy. Best put up some protection against its worst effects and then plunge right in and get to know my enemy better (is it my enemy – I’m not so sure now?).

First information obtained – Black energy is created by humans. Well, that fitted with the tarot reading at least. It is human-generated, and created by our darker thoughts. With that confirmed I switched my attentions to practicalities. “Take me to somewhere that I can learn about Black energy, please!” I politely asked. Perhaps over-politely if I was listening to myself. I was lead back outside the circle, walking around its perimeter at a distance from the stones of about seven or eight feet. I was looking down to the ground right in front of me and so didn’t see that lighter patch of dead grass until it appeared underneath a circling dowsing rods. I was taken aback. This spot looked like someone had just up-rooted a stone that had lain on that spot for years. Yet, it was a patch of dead and matted grass, not a bare patch of soil. I dowsed to try to find out more.

I find out that the patch is a nest of negative energies that are of four strength. (4/10). I wondered where the energies went from the black spot. They snaked around the black spot and then began an up-and-down movement like a curvy but straight zig-zag – an old oven’a heating element was what I liken it to. This zig-zag form was on top of a white stream power centre (male and female combined) which was being stifled or vampirised by the black spot drawing energy from it. I knew that this was something I needed to test my knowledge of healing on.

I asked the rods firstly to identify which of the five colours I would use to eliminate the black spot and allow the white spot to live. I ran through the colours in order waiting for the dowsing rods to respond to any of the names – pink, white, turquoise, black – the rods reacted and swung into a cross. Maybe I had got that wrong. I did it again. Same answer – black. Three times, Four. I guess it’s black then! I stopped a moment to think what to do next. Black energy to heal black energy? How is this possible?

Then I remembered that Black energy can be used for loads of positive things, it’s just that it’s sourced from ill-feeling and negative thought. Perhaps if I pushed my own negative thoughts into the black stream energy – but get this – with a positive outcome intentioned for that energy….then….could it reverse the effect of the black energy already in the ground? This would be an interesting experiment!

I summoned up all the worst aspects of myself, those deep dark thoughts that I have long since stopped feeling so guilty about, and I poured them out into the white power centre that I was standing on. I used my own black energy to push the existing black energy back into the black spot, pushing it out of the white stream power centre. Once the momentum was gained I left the flow going from white stream into black spot and waited. A few minutes later I ‘checked the pulse’ if you like. I dowsed that the black spot had gone down from a four strength to a two. Conversely, the white stream power centre had gone up to a four from a two. Situation reversed! I asked how long until equilibrium was restored in this system and the rods turned at five minutes. Of course I checked again five minutes later. White steam fully functioning. Black spot a mere speck. The circle as a whole – re-balanced. Amazing!

The enigmatic face on the King Stone at Moel Ty Uchaf


I turned my attention to the final healing rays colour – and possibly the most enigmatic – light red. I have heard other dowsers talk of “pink” energy being a good frequency to use to create a welcoming atmosphere, and I think that the frequency they may be describing is the one that I am calling “light red” – a kind of watered-down red energy, light and pale, which some might describe as “rose” coloured, but definitely distinct from “pink”.

I asked the rods to take me to something that would explain more about this light red energy, and how it could be used. I was led to one of the stones in the circle and then to the next, and the next, until I was walking around the circle with my rods hovering over the top of the stones. I walked fully around the inside of the circle, and when I came back to the start point again I realised what I was being shown.

The whole circle was the perimeter of the light red energy. This was the circle’s aura at this time – I dowsed to confirm this. In addition, this circular space that was being delineated was also the boundary of the Genius Loci’s nemeton space – a sacred space that defined the extent of the spirit’s influence. I realised that I was being shown that light red energy is concerned with an area, a space.

Knowing this it didn’t take me long to fill in the rest of the information about how to use light red energy. Firstly, I needed to create or identify an existing boundary space – a nemeton space – a sacred space. Once done I should protect that space from external influence. Then I should prepare the space using incense, music, loving vibes, the introduction of spiritual guides – whatever it takes to create a relaxed vibration within the space that is suitable for healing. Finally, I would need to fill the space with light red energy by obtaining it from its source and letting it fill the designated space.

The wind was getting stronger and with the sun setting and the light fading it was growing much colder too. My hands were beginning to cramp up with cold, so I figured it was time to say my farewells and leave. I lit three incense sticks and placed them on the various power centres that I had worked in that evening. I thanked the Genius Loci for its co-operation, and hoped that my healing effort on the black spot had been enough to repay my debt for the knowledge I had gained. All told, a very worthwhile visit to a beautiful circle.


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