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South Wales Part 2 – The Park Wood Hobgoblin

September 25, 2011

In the second part of the tale I tell of how Kal and I went looking for a cave that was in the Parc Le Breos site near Parkmill, Swansea in South Wales. The idea was to begin the process of consolidating the information we had learned so far this year. Caves are ideal for this purpose, I believe, and so I was going off to prove this to myself and to Kal. He was completely unaware of my dastardly plan.

As we walked up the main path we scanned the nearby shrubbery and tree-lined hillsides for caves. Within fifty feet of the burial chamber I saw a path going up the hill to the right. It looked narrow and rarely used. I walked on. My intuition rang a warning bell, but I ignored it. Overruled by my rational brain, I’m afraid. In another fifty yards there was a much wider and recently used path. It was muddier, but it looked like it led somewhere, so I called Kal’s attention to it and we went to inspect it. On arrival we found it to be quite muddy. Kal backed away, unsure. I persuaded him it would be fine. As we ascended he grumbled about slipperiness and I made comments about inappropriate footwear. The path got steeper and muddier. As we reached the top we saw our destination only a few feet away – it was a chicken coop! Damn!! We turned around and went back down the slippy, treacherous path. I cursed my rational brain.

We marched onwards, but now the sky was closing in on us and threatening rain. In another hundred yards we felt the first spots of rain and ran for the shelter of the trees at a crossroads. Had it not rained I’m sure we would have picked one of the adjoining paths and carried on walking, but now we were pinned to the spot by a torrential downpour that would have soaked us in seconds. After five minutes the rain eased and we decided to head back to the car instead of continuing our foolish quest for the cave.

Find a cave, any cave

As we walked back past the wide track up the hill I cursed it again for being so wrong. As we passed the narrow track minutes later I felt my intuition tug again. This was the one! I should have gone there the first time I passed it – I could have saved us so much time! I positively ran to the path, and Kal was a bit surprised, I think. “Are you sure this is the right way?” he asked again. Of course I was, but not by any means that I could explain. I assured him this was the path. Definitely the cave was up here. I knew it now.

As we rounded the first bend in the path there was a cave entrance. A small cave, and it had an aluminium grill over the entrance and a sign telling us that it was for our own good that we were prevented from accessing this dangerous natural feature. Hmmm..of course. As though we were unable to judge that for ourselves. The Gods save us from insurance companies!

Kal bounced off up the hill past the first cave while I stayed to take some photographs of our wondrous but disappointing find. As I looked around I saw a small crab apple next to the grille and I picked it up. I felt it would be important soon. Suddenly I heard an exclamation of joy so I raced up the slope to join Kal. He had found the “cave proper” as they say. And it was open and unobstructed! I took more photographs to record this marvellous event, and then we settled in to do some work.

The larger cave at Park Wood

Hobgoblin of the deepest darkest reaches

In the cave we got our bearings and felt around for the energetic atmosphere of the space. I felt like I could work here, and that it felt very pleasant in the cave. Kal seemed to feel the same, and became particularly interested in a section where a hole in the roof was acting as a skylight and threatening to let some daylight through. Not as yet though.

My attention was taken by the back of the cave. I walked to the back and felt a presence in the darkest region of one side. At this point where I felt something there was a deep dark blackness, an inky darkness that didn’t seem to have any end to it. Of course it was impossible for me to see this – I just felt it. I also felt that something was lurking in that darkness – something with an intelligence and a hunger! I went back to my coat and picked out the small sour apple that I had just got from the nearby smaller cave. I informed Kal that I was about to sate the hunger of the local hobgoblin, and he laughed. I returned to the back of the cave and threw the apple into the invisible nothingness….

…a few seconds passed then I heard the apple bounce, and bounce again from somewhere deep down! It was a long hole! I said a little something to the spirit of the deep darkness and offered it the apple in return for leaving us undisturbed while we worked in his cave. There was a nice feeling emanating from the hole, and no sense of dread or fear. Perhaps it had worked just like at Hob’s Thirst Cave?

We sat in our respective power centres – Kal in his sun-spot and I on my moon-base, and together we went into our own worlds. Just to seed his thoughts I mentioned that perhaps the cave might be capable of containing and shaping the aura. I left him with that and we drifted off into our own heads…

Kal meditates in a cave at Park Wood

The result of my meditation was that I had the impression that the cave was not only shaping the aura in terms of defining a boundary for it, but that this was also squeezing the size of the energy field that the aura delineated. I felt that the crystals in the cave roof and walls were actually condensing the knowledge that was held in my energy field, and that this knowledge was being forced inwards, condensing INTO me, and being integrated as part of my “knowing” – a gnostic chemistry, if you like.

We decided that it was time to move on and head to some other place. So many sites to see and only a day in which to see them! We headed back to the car having had a wonderful series of experiences at this great place. Park Wood will live long in the memory.


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