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Star Song

September 29, 2011

As you may know, a recent visit to Lud’s Church. Gave me another blue key towards achieving my Knights Quest. This key was to gain confidence in my voice. A curious key because I would have thought that I was quite confident in voicing my opinion or indeed in writing of my experiences (see this blog).

However, further meditation revealed that this confidence was literally related to my voice. Taking up the challenge and seeing how I could use my voice in this new light I decided to pull my knightly finger out and get to the task.

Star Song

Many years ago, I discovered a fabulous secret in plain sight. One of those things that is missed again and again. It took modern science to understand it and yet ancient people experienced.

Thousands of years ago people have stared up at the stars and created images of Gods out of them. The modern take on this is that they saw the mystery of the stars and being in awe of them they patterned Gods out of them. The other more fanciful notion is that the ancients had visitors from the stars and then in some kind of worshipfulness and they venerated the stars.

Arrant nonsense in my view! These two make the assumption that ancient people  were neither wise nor intelligent.

As we look from today back in time to those “dark ages” we find that the light of reason fades. However the resonance of intuition increases. Thus we can speculate (which is evidenced if you read material on Shamanic history) that in that time, heightened intuition was the norm.Let’s tie this with some modern knowledge about stars.

 As you know stars are suns that are a phenomenal distance away. Light from these stars sets out billions of years before we are born and heads off on a journey. The eventual culmination of this star trek is to fall through our night sky into the eye of a person looking up in awe.

Now lets take a 4000 year perspective. A person of today, filled with the rational noise of the world has scant chance to connect with his intuitive sense to “feel” this marvellous connection with the universe. A person from 4000 years ago. Who is living by intuition has no such noise to foil his intuitional senses. As Gwas and I continue to learn, star energy/light has properties that we are continuing to explore.

Combining all of this together, then surely it was the case that ancient people, when looking up at the night sky, truly felt and connected with the universe, in an utterly visceral way. Surely the were monumentally correct when they pattern the stars into Gods. Because for them, they were literally being touched by the light of the Gods.

In my humble way, I created a recording, kind of like a meditation that takes one on a journey to explore the above truth. It is/will be available on this site along with many other gifts when you purchase my friend Tam’s new book Cultivating Radiance.  Also this completed one of my Blue Keys on my Knights Quest in a truly fabulous way.

Thanks again for visiting with us,

Kal Malik – Star Touched.

ps: You can get Tamara Gerlach’s book from her site

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  1. What a very polished meditation this is, taking the listener across the vast expanses of time and space to a particular point and then back to a glint in their eye.

    Thanks Kal.

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