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The Sorrowful Widow

September 17, 2011

I’m afraid that I am unable to post my episode concerning a house clearance that I did recently. The parties involved wish the story to remain undisclosed. I am respecting their wishes. However, I did recently have an encounter with a dark energy force that was far more powerful, and during the course of which I learned so much more about the process that it eclipses the first story anyway. Here is my story about a dark energy form at Gawsworth Church. The story involves my good friend Mike – a psychic healer of incredible bravery and talent, as you are about to see demonstrated yet again. You may remember our first encounter with dark energy together at The Bridestones recently.

It was a darkening evening with the sun just setting as Mike and I made our way to Gawsworth Hall with the intention of finally finding and eliminating the source of the dark energy that had plagued the hall for several years. Mike had first identified a sorrowful figure of a lady in the Solar Room of the hall years earlier. He had banished this depressing spirit energy from the hall only for us to find later that she had taken up residence at the dark energy spot in the corner of the grounds near the lake. On this occasion we thought we would be able to finally identify the source of the pitiful darkness that was still seeping into the hall’s grounds, and which the local yew trees were struggling to contain despite their size and undoubted grounding capabilities. Now on this night we hoped to discover whether this particular spirit was still in need of release, or whether something else was still haunting the small village of Gawsworth. Maybe, we hoped, it had all dissipated of its own accord and there was nothing to find?

We had a “new guy” in tow. His name was Joe, a local farm-hand who had recently been developing a burgeoning psychic talent. This was to be Joe’s first encounter with dowsing and dowsers at work, so it was to be something of a baptism of fire for him. Given the nature of the work we were about to do he did well not to freak out and run for the safety of the streetlights!

We approached the incoming darkness of the churchyard without a moment’s hesitation, despite not knowing what the strength of our adversary that night. As we entered the grounds Joe pulled up immediately, “There’s something dark in that corner over there.” he said. Both Mike and I confirmed that there was – I felt it –  but it was not the darkness we had come to deal with, and was not anything of a problem at this time. Maybe we would come back to look at it some other time, but for now we had a more challenging target.

I showed Joe how to dowse briefly, and we left him playing with his new-found talent. Every now and again we would hear a yelp as he discovered something new, which was delightful. However, as we ought to have expected, our own work would get regularly interrupted as he fired question after question towards us about how it worked, what could be located, whether his responses were genuine, and all the other beginner questions that always emerge when first the rods begin to react. We pitched in where we could, and were always polite, but our main focus was now turned towards the side of the churchyard nearest Gawsworth Hall itself. For something dark and fearful was looming in the shaded areas near to the tall brick wall.

Mike was the first to venture towards the eastern end of the church and he came to a sudden standstill. As Joe and I approached he addressed Joe, saying “I think it’s best if you don’t come any further than this path – not just at the moment, Joe.” I understood that Mike was picking something up that hadn’t yet touched the outer edges of my senses, but the moment I stepped onto the path I began to feel the dread cold emanations of something that was harbouring a great deal of fear and despair. I re-affirmed the warning and we gave Joe some tasks to do with the dowsing rods that might keep him occupied for a few minutes whilst we appraised the situation better. This felt like nothing that an innocent beginner should be exposing themselves to, especially one as honest and open as Joe was. We defined the path as a boundary.


Increasingly in my energy work I am adopting this concept of The Sanctuary. I was first made aware of it by the small rectangular space marked in low boulders within the stone circle at Castlerigg which is also called The Sanctuary. Since working out the purpose of this space [see post on Castlerigg] – to cleanse and revitalise the initiate, and to protect whoever was in it from external influence – I have begun to create such a space using some crystals that I have accumulated for this particular purpose [see How To Protect Yourself with Crystals]. I laid out the four crystals, and kept hold of the central quartz. As I stood in the layout calling upon the yews for their protective energies I could feel them drawing out the detritus from my energy body, and replacing that simultaneously with a trickle of bubbling positive energy. Ahhh…sanctuary. I put up protection around the space too, as an extra barrier.

Gawsworth Church at night

I checked to make sure Mike was ready for the encounter. He was. As we spoke he remarked that my aura was flaming yellow and orange – burning with an intensity, and that I was surrounded by “soldiers”. I couldn’t see anything myself, but Mike often reports things that are beyond my perception. I just made a mental note in case it became relevant later. Oh, how relevant it was about to become!

As the last part of the cleansing, protecting and energising routine I lit two sticks of incense. One was to stay within the protection crystal layout, but one stick I decided to take with me. The smell of my frankincense sticks just transport me instantly to a meditative state of mind. I, too, was ready to begin. Joe was demanding our attention again, but Mike asked him to give us fifteen minutes to get some work done and then we would answer his dowsing question. For now we had to devote all attention to our intended work – identifying the nature and strength of the dreadful dark energy that Mike had felt was somewhere in this eastern part of the churchyard. I knew it was, even though I couldn’t yet feel it.

Touching The Void

We briefly outlined a plan of action. Mike would try to connect to the dark energy from where he was, gathering strength and calling on his spirit guides to assist him with the work. I would dowse where I ought to go. I followed the rods out of the protective space and was led towards the rear of the church, but then just at the corner of the building I was taken to an energy centre next to a gravestone and beneath the protective canopy of a holly tree. I like the space instantly. Was there anywhere I should go after that, I asked the rods? They swung away towards the darkest part of the graveyard – only ten feet away behind another clump of trees. As I walked towards the trees I could see that hidden behind a dense yew there was another gravestone that was positioned up against the tall brick wall that divided the churchyard from the hall’s grounds. I lifted my hand towards the gravestone intent on trying to gather some information from the stone like a form of psychometry – to read its information by touching it.

I didn’t get closer than a foot away from the stone when an almighty jolt of pure cold darkness engulfed my hand, wrist and up to my elbow. I withdrew as though I had received an electric shock! It felt awful! Now my lower arm was covered in this energetic slime – I could feel this coldness coating my arm like a covering of dense cold fog making the hairs on my arm prickle with their resistance to the feeling. I ran back to the sanctuary space and began a process of ‘cleaning’ my arm by wiping the energy off and neutralising it using the bubbling earth energies that arose form that protective space. When I explained what had happened to Mike he grimaced. This was going to be tricky. We clearly had some work to do.

Identity Discovered

We briefly discussed the plan again. I felt we should find out more about the energy force before trying to interact with it again on any level – physical or psychic. We knew now exactly where it was – it was attached to the gravestone against the wall behind the yew tree. We also had an idea of its strength and power now. But we had no idea what this energy force consisted of – what or who was it? We needed some guidance. I turned to Mike’s psychic abilities. He came back with the feeling that it was “sorrowful”. There was a strong feeling of sorrow. That wasn’t enough to risk another encounter yet, I felt.

I turned to the dowsing rods for help . “Is there something in the churchyard that would tell us more about this dark energy force we had just encountered“, I asked? YES. “Please take me to something that will give us the information we need to identify this dark energy“, I asked. The rods swung around towards the back of the church. We followed. The darkness was getting deeper now and we got a torch out to ensure that we didn’t trip over any skewed gravestones or clumps of grass. The rods guided us to the back of the church and twirled around on top of a gravestone that formed part of the path around the church. We shone the torch onto the gravestone but were dismayed to discover that it the writing was so weathered and covered in moss that it was completely illegible! We tried for a couple of minutes to piece together any of the words, but they were impossible. Only occasional letters were discernible!

Again I turned to the dowsing rods as a last resort. “Please show me the exact information that will identify the dark energy form we encountered” I asked, hoping that by being more specific the rods would come to our rescue. I began to scan the rods over the gravestone in the dark, waiting for any reaction. Suddenly the rods turned close to the end of the stone. I crouched down to make sure that I was directly over whatever writing the rods were pinpointing. We switched the torch back on and shone it on the stone. One clear word appeared in the small spotlight – “Widow”. I looked at Mike and he looked at me – our eyes revealed how shocked we were. “Well, that couldn’t be clearer?” I said.

Mike began to trace back in his mind the various people and their histories that he had heard mention of about Gawsworth Hall. Being a relatively local chap he knew quite a bit of local history, and soon he was throwing names at me asking me to test them with the dowsing rods. Every name he threw up got a negative response, until he said, “The sorrowful lady of the hall.” and the rods swung strongly together. “Ah..” he said resignedly, but I knew the story. He had told me how he had cleared a sorrowful lady’s presence from the hall many years ago, and subsequent to that we had re-discovered it still within the grounds. At that point we had successfully removed it from the grounds, but only as far as the church. Here, many months later, we had once again found the Sorrowful Widow’s energy form. It was time to release this energy once and for all.

I mentioned to Mike that I felt we should change from our usual “white” energy to do any work and instead switch to “black” energy. I explained that both energies did the same job, but that whilst white energy was better at healing, black energy was better at fighting dark energy. This was something that I had been researching on my own for a few weeks and now was a good time to prove if my theory was correct or not. It could go horribly wrong, I knew, but Mike trusted my instinct and was kind enough to agree to try it. Brave and confident. Such a good teacher, willing to let his pupils make mistakes in order to learn valuable lessons if need be. I felt the weight of responsibility not to let him down and to protect him from any fallout if I was wrong about this. Perhaps I needed  some back up at this point, I thought?

The Yews Join Our Army

As we reconvened in the sanctuary space we discussed what we knew. This was the widow of the hall, a lady whose despair was so deep that she had become a trapped spirit after her death. We had moved her into the churchyard away from the hall, but now she seemed stronger than ever. Why? I felt I knew. She was attracting to her all the dark energies in the area (and we knew there was at least one more of those that we had identified). She was now a seething mass of dark energy, pity mixed with despair and perhaps a longing for release.

I felt that we had to do our best to tackle this problem that we had contributed to by pushing it away from its ‘home’ location, perhaps adding to the confusion. Mike agreed, but absolved us of so much blame by saying that she was too powerful for us to have dealt with on her home turf, and that by moving her to the churchyard we had unwittingly brought her into the domain of the yew trees. I had been waxing eloquent to Joe previously about the strong grounding effects of yew trees in moonlight, as Kal had been chatting to me about recently. Here, he said, we are surrounded by these strong grounding yew trees. Let’s use them! This was the extra help and protection I had been looking for!

We re-doubled our protection in the sanctuary space, and then Mike went to stand on his power centre while I attempted to commune with the yew trees. Would they help us with our work, I asked? The answer was clear and swift – yes they would, it was their nature, and we were taking the burden from them. They would be pleased to help. Ah, trees are so fantastic. We really shouldn’t underestimate their wonderful usefulness and should do more to cultivate our friendship with these magnificent beings.

I felt the tentacles of energy filaments feeling their way into the sanctuary space and wrapping themselves around me in a ‘wicker cage’ of energy strands that made me feel protected and strengthened. We were ready.

The Good Knight

There was one more helper and protector that I hadn’t bargained for, and couknd’t have known about before we began. I walked over to the first far gravestone with the positive power centre. I sat there as Mike stood by the church on his power centre. We began to gather our energies and get ready mentally for the work we were about to do. I knew that Mike was gathering his spirit guides, so I began to call upon those guides that I knew were suitable for this work. I called only for my teacher spirit and felt her dark cowled fugre appear alongside me. I felt better straight away.

Then, unexpectedly, another figure appeared right in the corner of my eye on the right-hand side of my vision. As clear as if he were projected onto the nearby wall I saw next to me a knight in a white tabard with a long red cross adorning it. In his hand he held a huge broadsword. As though in some kind of clichéd ghost story he was glowing all around with a phosphorescent luminescence that identified him immediately as not-of-this-world. Behind him were others too, but I couldn’t see them properly – I just knew they were there, like oyu know a crowd is around the corner. As I felt his presence so I also felt some knowledge about him – I knew he was Knights Templar, a crusader, and that he was here to help release this dark energy form. And I knew how he would do it, and how I would have to help him by performing out the action.

Knights Templar standard issue kit?

Fight darkness with darkness

Before continuing we discussed what would happen from our relative positions. I told Mike about the knight’s presence and he smiled. “I guess this is the soldier you were mentioning before?” He nodded. “He’s got some more with him too!” I said. Mike responded, “Yes, I know.” I supposed he did. The plan was simple. Mike would go in and absorb the darkness, me feeding him energy. Then I said I would use the knight’s sword to cut through the energy and destroy it. Sounded like a plan, and that was as much as we discussed.

He walked bravely towards the dark spot and on arrival he shuddered. I saw him begin to take on and draw in the darkness. I could see him convulsing with the shock of it and the horror. I knew how that felt having had my arm in it!

Then I saw a dark shadow engulf him. In shock I began to feed more dark energy into his energy field with a positive intention, concerned that he might be engulfed and overwhelmed by the horror! Suddenly I felt the Knight that was beside me move into position inside me, taking up the same physical space, but on a different layer of reality. I moved forwards, holding my stick of incense like a sword. In one reality I could see that I was brandishing a thin lit incense stick, in another I could see a glowing tall and broad steel sword. The darkness seemed to emerge from Mike as a flowing slick, like an evil tide turning towards me and flowing out from his body along his outstretched arm that was pointing right at me. The knight and I stepped forward to meet it and with a two-handed downward swipe of the sword we cut through the dark entity in a single convulsive slash.

Everything went stiller and brighter. All sound seemed to return to normal. The dark night seemed deep blue rather than black now. Stars twinkled above us, and the yew trees were silent witnesses to our mute shadow play.

We dared to venture towards the place we had once feared – the almost hidden grave near to the wall. As we approached I got a jolt – a physical jolt – but this time it was a positive feeling! The polarity of the energy field had been reversed! What had been dark was now light. What had been despair was now joy. The lady had been freed of her grief at last.


We rescued Joe from his curiosity and checked that we were still protected and energised. Mike said he felt drained, so we decided to get him home and do some work on him to fill him back up with energy. At Mike’s house we chatted about the work. Both Joe and Mike said that the knight was now here in the room with us all. They said his name was Bernard and that he was wearing ragged chainmail with a tabard bearing a red cross on a white background. Knights Templar! Mike said the helpful knight had been with me for a while but that I had not noticed his help before. He also said he felt that the knight was connected to the Knights of the Round Table. I laughed if only to slough off a remark that I felt might lead me further into a world that I was only beginning to understand.

The Dark Lady of Gawsworth was no more. Released from her torment, and re-polarised into a positive energy centre.


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      1. It is a projection of something inside of you. The Knight symbolises a potential power within you that all of us have. It comes from those who have awoken themselves with their energy. To me it is not such a coincidence as both you and Kal are walking a spiritual path, exploring the navitus within you and encountering beings. The knight is you Gwas, it is the strength you possess both morally and spiritually to challenge and overcome the other realms.


        1. That’s an interesting take on it. Last year I was pursuing the Spirit of Merlin. At the end of things I merged with the magician’s form and felt it was an awakening of something inside of me. This year I have noticed that I have been pursuing the Spirit of Arthur. I wonder if the knight figure is related to this as another form of archetype – the warrior? If so, I wonder what next year will bring!? Let’s wait and see.

          Thanks for your insights,

          1. funny you should say that. I awoke through an ascension and summoning of the power of St Michael. After this I became obsessed with Excalibur and Arthur, Tintagel etc, searching for that connection. It leads to wonderful paths and enriching developments. All the best on your journey Gwas.


    1. Hi Andy,

      You are right. One aspect of myself that is sadly lacking at the moment is the daring to deal with these energetic errants on my own terms, but then that’s what I believe working with Mike is all about – gaining the confidence to tackle the difficult work.

      I find it strange though, that Kal was been given the Knight’s Quest work, and yet I am having experiences along those lines. Very odd.

      Thanks for your comment.


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