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Autumn Equinox on Anglesey 2011 – Part 1

October 7, 2011

For the recent Autumn Equinox this Hedge Druid went back to a place of druidic significance – Ynys Môn, or the Island of Anglesey. There were several favourite sites that I wanted to visit, and given that I was seeking the solitude and sanctuary of enclosed sacred spaces I could think of no better examples of this form of megalithic sites than the wonderful chambers on that far western isle. With me on this journey I had my friend Mike who would be able to offer his psychic impressions of the sites – another perspective on the places that Kal and I had visited and dowsed so often.

Lligwy chamber

Our first destination was Lligwy Chamber which is to be found at the edge of the collection of sites just west of the town of Moelfre that comprise an ancient church, hut circle settlement and the chamber itself. We arrived in the late morning sunshine and the site seemed to be sparkling and playing with the available light. The capstone shone with a radiant limestone glare as we studied its flat form from the source of the energies that surround it, namely the two small outlier stones just outside of the main iron fence.

One of Wales' largest capstones - Lligwy chamber

As is usual I didn’t tell Mike anything about the place or what Kal and I had found here on previous occasions, but very quickly Mike picked up that the stones we were standing at had strong energies connected to the main site. Maybe not too difficult to work out, but as he walked their path I confirmed with the dowsing rods that he was walking the line of subtle energy that connected the stones to a circuit that surrounded the main site.

Mike’s next statement was another familiar one – there are some pools of strong energy at each of the corners, he said. I confirmed that there were four spirals to be found at the corners. We stopped analysing the site now, and began to talk about how it might be used. I told Mike about how Kal and I had worked out that walking around the site generated a meditative energy that could be used by the person inside the chamber to travel in spirit. We both went into the chamber whilst the other person walked around the exterior in a sun-wise direction, and we both reported having a “sinking” feeling of being drawn into the floor of the chamber as a result. Perhaps walking in the other direction might send your spirit off into the atmosphere? Something to be tested at a subsequent visit perhaps?

Both of us emerged from the experience completely “spaced out” after only lying in there for a few minutes. I could imagine that if the process was done by more people walking around and humming or singing and it was done for longer then the person inside could be drawn so deeply out of themselves that they would achieve a sort of “spirit flight” that is discussed by so many scholars of a shaman’s techniques.

Inside Lligwy chamber

When I emerged I felt grounded by sitting inside, but Mike who had been walking around felt energised. When I was walking around I too felt highly energised by the experience, but also felt that I was able to get into a rhythm with the walking where I too could lose myself in the physical process. I would definitely recommend you have a go at doing this yourself. This site in particular seems to be excellently attuned to this process. Let us know what you felt when doing it – we’d love to hear your results!

Equinoctial Offerings

The main reason why I had chosen this particular site to start off the Autumn Equinox was that I felt that its special capstone, pitted as it is with weather-worn puddles of fresh rainwater, would be the perfect place for me to place the several offerings I had brought with me to celebrate the end of the Summer harvest. Each offering was hand-picked as the finest specimens from my garden this year, and I wanted to offer this fine crop of fruits and flowers to Nature to thank her for the excellent harvest we have been enjoying all Summer long.

That morning I had picked a juicy tomato, the last courgette flower, a flower from our honeysuckle bush, and a wild strawberry. I climbed the roof of the chamber and chose to place the offerings in the symbolic gaping “mouth” of the face in the rock. Even though the wind was getting very strong at this point the water held the offerings in place, and they floated and swirled around as though alive with the very essence that had produced them in the first place, and now this life force was being allowed to seep back into the elements of Nature once more, with my blessings and thanks to travel with them to oblivion.

Offerings from my garden made at Lligwy chamber

We now set course towards the next site further along the northern coast of Ynys Mon – the small village of Llanfechell, where I knew that a trio of sleek stones awaited our discovery.

Llanfechell stones

The village of Llanfechell was in the midst of roadworks, but luckily we were able to park at the top of the hill just before getting snarled up in the chaos of a village having its arterial road ruined, sorry, “re-surfaced”. As we parked and I got my staff out of the car I felt slightly out-of-place amongst the residents of the sleepy village on the outskirts of civilisation. I must have struck a strange note as my white staff paced the tarmac to reach the path into the valley below the village.

The Llanfechell stones

Red for hot, blue for cold

As we walked down the slope towards the stones that sat on the top of the opposite hill Mike mentioned that my staff seemed to be giving off two streams of colour radiance – one red and one blue. I presumed that one emerged from one fork and the other from the second, but I didn’t ask for details. Five minutes later we were approaching the trio of standing stones, and Mike had another energy observation to make. He said that the stones themselves were coloured too – one of them was giving off a red energy and the other one was blue! I paused for a moment to contemplate what this might mean, but other than the idea that my staff might resonate with this site I didn’t know what to make of that information at that time.

We moved around the stones touching them, feeling for their energy, and getting familiar with the feel of the place. In my eyes the site was in two parts – there were the “portal stones” at what I would call the “entrance”, and then there was the neutral focal stone at the “back”. In the picture above my staff is placed along the line of energy that is coming between the portal stones and is going into the focal stone. The portal stones are acting like guides through which the energy ley (composed of male and female alternating energy lines) is being channelled towards the single stone at the rear of the formation.

Mike had been touching the stones for several minutes moving between them all and weighing up how they felt. Now he reported back his findings – one stone was hot and the other cold, he said. He invited me to touch the two portal stones, and he was right! One stone was definitely warm – it had warm patches. The other stone had a really cold line all down its ‘spine’. I checked to see if it was simply due to the coverage of moss, or lichen. No – the stones were cold underneath the lichen too, so it wasn’t due to coverage. What about the position of the stones in relation to the sun? Well, the sun was almost directly overhead at this time of day, so no one face of the stones was getting more sunlight than any other side at this point, and the warm patches occurred on all sides of the stone, whereas the other stone was cold in patches on all sides too. Most odd!

The third stone – the neutral central aligned stone – was neither warm nor cold. It was a much more even temperature all over. I asked Mike which stone he felt was “red” – the ‘hot’ one of course, and the cold one had the blue radiance. Well, if ever the symbolism of hot and cold meant anything it was evident to me now. The other third stone had no radiance of energy at all. Mike described it as a “functional” stone, whereas the two portal stones through which a neutral energy ley could be dowsed, these stones were radiating energy AND had physical characteristics to match the colour frequencies too.

Staff and stone

As I looked at my staff I could almost see the energies of the energy ley flowing through it. I concentrated on the staff and thought of using its balanced energies to bring balance to the site itself. My dowsing earlier had revealed to me that there was an energy ley coming between the two portal stones, flowing to the central neutral stone at the back, and this was the line along which I had lain my staff.

At first Mike was not able to stand in the path of the energy ley. I had placed my ash staff along the length of the energy path, touching the central focal stone. Initially I had felt the staff was channelling the energy through it, but after several minutes of it being in that position Mike mentioned that he felt that the energy flow had changed. I went to feel the staff – it felt warm, like a perfect mixture of hot and cold. Mike was still touching the two portal stones but now he asked me to check another finding – were there now warm AND cold patches on both stones, whereas previously the stones had been distinctly either hot or cold? I felt the patches he was finding – yes, here was a warm one next to a cold patch, and the same on the other stone too. Were they exchanging pockets of energy between them? What was happening here? The two types of energy seemed to be mingling the longer we stayed. Or maybe it was the action of the staff – had it brought balance to the site’s energies, being the catalyst for an exchange of energy frequencies between the stones? It was difficult to say what had happened, except that something had changed from our first findings.

Aligning my staff at Llanfechell's central neutral stone

As I picked up my now warm staff I felt it tingle to my touch. The charge, the surge of subtle energy went into my forearm and made me shiver slightly. Oh yes! This staff was definitely full of something wonderful. I wondered when I might be called upon to release this stored energy – today, soon, at an important moment? Having obtained the elemental energies of the four masters from my visit to Tinkinswood Chamber recently I was curious to know how my staff might play a part in forthcoming activities. Perhaps I would find out soon?


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