Kerry Hill – Small circle and big revelation

Although we set off in the early afternoon Kal and I intended to pack as much as we possibly could into our day out in Shropshire. Our intention was to visit one of the few remaining megalithic circles in the county – Kerry Hill, close to the small village of Kerry (or ‘Ceri’, in Welsh). The site is also called Kerry Pole, which is good to know because that is the name of the hill on which it lies.

A signpost for Ceri Wood on Kerry Pole hill

Sadly, most of Shropshire’s megalithic history has been lost to the farmers of many centuries. When you drive through the rolling hills and lush pasture land you can perhaps understand why, yet many of the stone circles now listed as destroyed were in existence within the last hundred years, and we have hardly been on the brink of starvation as a nation at any time during those hundred year. Such a shame we have destroyed our heritage for the sake of a few measly ploughable acres. It can only be greed, ignorance or dis-respect that drove such destruction, none of which is an estimable human quality.

Back to the action. We followed the satellite navigation that brought us to the ‘back’ of the site – in other words we would approach the circle from the top of the hill instead of climbing up to reach it. Having visited before we knew approximately where the circle could be found, which is just as well because there are no signs to guide you, no indicators of any sort, and the stones that constitute the circle are very small making it difficult to spot. As with our first visit we were almost on top of the circle before we spotted it, hidden amid a herd of Herefordshire cattle. From the look on Kal’s face I could tell he was looking at the stocky black cattle and thinking “Bullocks!“.

Being watched at Kerry Hill stone circle

When we had dispersed the cattle we settled into the circle. Kal dowsed as to who was due to do any work here and found that it was for me, this trip. Before I would launch into my work I did some videos of my dowsing the unusual arcing neutral energies that flow from each of the stones into the central stone. The few other circles that remain in Shropshire have similar central stones, however this is the only one that we have found has these arcing energies into the centre.

Next I would prepare myself for interacting with the circle and seeing whether I could learn anything from it.

The Big Revelation

I began my work by introducing myself to the site. To walk around a site, inside a site, without any intention of engaging with it is to be a tourist. The site reacts very little to such activity. However, when one turns ones attention to it, and begins to interact with the site treating it as a living entity, and containing living organisms, then the site reacts very differently. SO, I began by telling the circle who I was, and why I was here. I prepared the site for the entry of a druid. As I asked for permission to enter I felt the site’s nemeton field open up a gap to allow me to enter into its numinous sphere, and I knew that I was now entering a different level of reality.

Having got Kal to move from the powerful female stone that also looks like a handy seat I began to ask about my healing quest. I had previously learned that I would need to physically shape or mould the energy that I could use to heal sacred sites, but I wanted more information about this process before I set about doing it. I didn’t know where to get the energy from – was it coming from me or from somewhere else? Was I moulding my own energy, and how was I supposed to shape it exactly? Into what form?

View from Kerry Hill stone circle

I sat on the female stone with my staff. As Kal sat on the central stone I sent my energies deep into the earth and out up to the sun and moon (which happened to be simultaneously in the sky that day). When I got a firm and fluid connection between these poles I began to expand outwards over the site. From there the male energies were sent spiralling clockwise whilst the female energies were sent spinning anti-clockwise. Together these energies formed a sphere of energy flowing around, up and down the site simultaneously. I sent out a set of energetic threads to feel around for the presence of the Spirit of Place at this site. Moments later they latched onto something in the energetic sphere and I began to ask the spirit some questions about my current healing quest. “Please provide me with some more information about the quest!”, I pleaded.

What I saw was a two-stage process. Firstly I needed to assess what the “flavour” or frequency of the missing energy was. What was the energy signature of the ailing site? How did it feel and what kind of energy vibration would be required to heal it? Once I knew that then I could begin to extract energies or vibrations from the living energies close to the site itself. I could see myself understanding the vibration of a coloured flower, or a blade of grass, for example. Once I understood what this frequency was for this living energy, then I could blend it with other vibrations from other living sources, and call upon these living energies to come together to began to heal the sacred site or earth grid node.

Now I understood what was required of me. Like an apothecarist, I needed to understand the vibrations, the inner soul and frequency of each living thing, how to read it and know it. With this insight I could call upon these forces to blend their signatures or souls together as a living energy input that would fill the gap that existed in the sacred site, or which would harmonise with the negative energy to neutralise its bad effects.

This was what I had seen myself doing at Bryn Celli Ddu. There I had assumed that the vision I saw was me moulding energy physically into a form. That wasn’t true. What I had seen myself doing was calling forth the living local energies and vibrations to combine together and form a healing mixture that would enhance the healing process, or neutralise the ill effects of other environmental stresses and pollutants.

Wow! I breathed a sigh. This was a major revelation and a relief. This was something that I felt I could achieve, and that I could truly engage with. I offered the spirits and the circle itself my heartfelt warmth, love and gratitude for its gift. I returned my aura back to its normal size and quality, and retracted my luminous threads of attention. With that, I left in peace and content.


2 Responses to “Kerry Hill – Small circle and big revelation”

  • Andrea Phillips says:

    Is Kerry hill or Ceri Hill in what was montgomeryshire now Powys or Shropshire? do you have the co ordinates?
    Andrea Phillips

    • Gwas says:

      Yes, Kerry Hill is indeed now in Powys. Don’t know how it feels about that move, but there you go. Politics and gerrymandering, eh?

      I do have the co-ordinates for that very same circle. Know where I got them from? They’re in two places that you might have heard of:

      1) On the ‘Wales’ site page in this very blog! WALES sites page
      2) On the Megalithic Portal

      Easy, see? We do try to provide you with everything you need on this site! ;-)

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