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The Apporting Ring

October 23, 2011

I have talked before about how, when you are on The Path, the path that you are meant to be following, Life comes along and gives you a few signs and opportunities to speed you along and help you. Now, these don’t always feel like opportunities and signs, sometimes they feel like a nudge in the ribs, or a poke in the eye (Kal knows all about that from his narrow escape at Nine Ladies once, when an oak tree nearly had his eye out). Nevertheless, I have found that it pays to re-align yourself with your True Path and get back to work if you are being nudged in this way. You’ll know what I mean when it happens to you, and each nudge is individual and only has significance for you. Even so, I will try to explain a rather obvious and special poke in the eye that happened to me recently and see if its significance translates through the page.

The Original Book on Mediums

Sometimes a book that I should read suggests itself to me, other times I go in search of one using my dowsing rods. I had a couple of books in mind to read, but I wanted the dowsing rods to back me up on my choice, so I asked them to choose a book for me from my collection. They chose a book that I didn’t want to read at that time! I was directed to Allan Kardec‘s “The Book on Mediums“. I had flicked through the book when I had bought it and always meant to begin reading it but the language is so out-of-date that I found it difficult to devote enough attention to it to get around the style, so it went on the “rainy day” list. Well, that was until the dowsing rods insisted that it was the book I should read. So I began to immerse myself in it.

I started the book again but really found its introductory chapters hard going. I have read a lot of “hard going” texts over the years, having studied Philosophy and English Literature, but I have become far less tolerant of difficult writing since my university days. I was struggling. I went back to the dowsing rods. Was this really the book I should be reading, I enquired? YES. Damn. Do I have to start at the beginning? NO. Oh! So, which chapter could I start at, I asked? The Second Part, Chapter 1, entitled “Actions of Spirits on Matter“. Ok, well that helped me somewhat. I could dive right into the action without all the pre-amble. So I began to read.

Soon I was reading about apports. I have heard my Spiritist friend Mike talk about events where apports happened whilst he was present, and he has told me the tale of an apport that happened to him. In fact, one of the first things that he wanted me to try to ‘read’ psychometrically was a flower that had been brought to him by a spirit to prove its existence to him. He keeps it in a special box as a reminder of the wonders of this world and others that overlay it.

Losing My Wedding Ring

I think one of the most unsettling things that can happen to a married person is to lose their wedding ring. When measured against the weight of the world’s woes it is such a small thing to lose a piece of jewellery, yet when you mis-place or downright lose your wedding ring then it leaves a gap in so many small but unnerving ways that it really starts to get to you. You feel as though you are suddenly quite vulnerable, that you have let your spouse down by being so careless with something of such significance to each other, and you feel stupid for losing something of value but mainly of symbolism and imbued with such affection. To lose your wedding ring is a big deal. I lost mine.

At first I thought to myself, well, it will make an appearance when it’s ready. I’ve just put it down somewhere and once I check all the usual places that I leave it then I will find it. So you check all the usual places, and it’s not there. So, you begin to check the unusual places, the places you wouldn’t normally leave it, but which you might have left it this time. It’s not there. So, you begin to systematically go around your haunts turning them over and checking them twice. It’s not there. Now panic sets in. You re-check all the usual places, all the unusual places, some completely ludicrous places, and everywhere else that it might have been possible that you spent time at. It’s not there, and no-one else has seen it. Now you wonder what and when you should tell your spouse. How will they take it? How should you tell them?

When I told my wife she was remarkably calm. She looked me in the eye and could see that I was genuinely upset about it, and she was calm and cool. She did the list of expected places to check, and we re-checked them. All the pockets of my trousers and jeans. All the coats I may have possibly worn. All the bags I use. All the drawers and nooks and crannies that I usually leave the ring. Then she helped me do another systematic search. It went on and on. We didn’t find it. Now what?

Why didn’t you just dowse for it?” I can hear you say. Oh, dear readers! I have such strong dowsing talents that they often still amaze me, but I have one dowsing weakness that I just can’t overcome, and that is that I simply cannot dowse for the location of lost objects. Truly – it’s that specific! I can locate all sorts of things with dowsing – precious metals, water, underground chambers and pipes, depths of things, specific types of materials. You name it, I can dowse for it’s location. I can’t dowse for lost objects. Whether they be mine or anyone else’s And I have no idea why this restriction has been placed upon my dowsing, but it has, and so I accept it. Of course I’ve challenged it many times over the years. Every now and then I test it out to see if I have overcome it, outgrown it, or just learned enough to be able to do it now. Always a negative.

The Feeling of The Ring

My wedding ring is one of those Russian-style rings with the three loose bands. When it is off my finger it jingles when it is moved. This usually makes it very easy to locate because if I have left it inside of something else then I only have to move slightly and the ring makes its presence known with a tell-tale sound. I was beginning to miss that sound, and to miss fiddling with the ring on my finger by sliding the bands over each other whenever I was thinking. I also felt “undressed” without it.

Russian-style wedding ring

One morning M and I had been talking again about a replacement. Gold is so expensive at the moment (because governments have been selling off the gold reserves to someone – who has all the gold, by the way?). Nevertheless I set my head to buying another ring no matter what the cost. It had been my fault and I would replace it, even if it could never be the same. That morning as I left M gave me a curious look, which I though no more about.

When I returned in the evening I tool my everyday coat off and hung it up. M said hello but then went into the cloakroom and fiddled with my coat. Seconds later she re-appeared brandishing – my wedding ring! Of course I asked where she had found it. In the inside pocket of my coat, she said. I was flabbergasted. Not only had I been wearing that coat every day for the past three weeks while the ring had been missing, but when I replaced the ring inside the pocket and jiggled the coat a little the ring made its distinctive jingling noise and it was unmistakable and clear. How on earth had it been possible for me to have walked around for three weeks without hearing that noise? On top of that, both M and I had checked ALL the coat pockets several times during our searches. Also, the coat had been flung into the back of my car so many times that if the ring had been loose in the pocket it would surely have fallen out into the car at some point? I was totally dumbstruck, not only at how impossible that discovery seemed, but also that it had been such a simple find in the end.

Once the relief had flooded my system and the ring was safely back on my finger some thoughts began to pop into my head. How had M known that the ring was in the coat, I asked? She said that in the morning she had been thinking about the ring, and that as I left the house to go to work she was felt that the ring had left the house too. She had tried to locate the ring that day with her pendulum, but the answer had been that the ring was not in the house. When I returned she said that she felt like the ring had some back with me, and so she felt that she should check my coat again. And there it was.

OK, you say, an odd coincidence, but hardly an “apport” from the spirit world! You are so right. The tale is odd, but hardly worth telling to anyone except our family and friends. However, here’s where it gets interesting.

That Deja Vu Moment

M made me promise that now I had got the ring back that I wouldn’t be so careless with it again. I promised that I would keep a good eye on it, and when I took it off I would keep it in the same place each time so that I could easily know where it was. I have been doing a lot of fitness training recently so it was especially important for me to keep track of it, and after this scare I wasn’t going to let such a thing happen again so easily.

A fortnight later I noticed that my ring wasn’t on my finger. No problem, I had probably just left it in a jeans pocket as usual, and it would be in the jeans that I wore last. It wasn’t. The search routine that followed the previous episode was invoked and soon I was turning the whole house upside down again. It had gone – again! This time I told M much sooner. I knew she would be angry and she was – much angrier than last time. I got all the verbal abuse that I deserved and expected with phrases such as “..and after all the pain we went through last time…” and “...didn’t I tell you to keep a special eye out for it…” and worst of all, “I’m beginning to think you don’t care about our marriage!“. That one hurt the most. Now I was really annoyed with myself. How could I have possibly let this happen again? I was so careful with it after the last episode. I only ever put it into my jeans pocket, or on the shelf in the shower room at work. Those were the only places it could be.

We searched all my clothes and coats again. Not there. I searched the car. Not there. Work? Not there. Literally everywhere we could think. Missing. I plopped onto the sofa in exhaustion and frustration. Where the hell was it this time? M walked into the cloakroom and fiddled with my coats a second time. I snorted in derision – it wasn’t going to be in that coat again – not a second time! She walked back into the room holding the ring aloft, just like the last time! WHAT…? HOW…? Shock! Just shock. It had been in the same coat. A different pocket, but the same coat. Loose. When she had jolted the coat it had jingled. The coat I wore every day now that the weather was getting cooler.

Heed The Message

What was the message from spirit?

To say I was amazed is a gross understatement. I was totally and utterly shocked, and I mean proper to-the-core shock. Something had done this. This was not your ordinary “losing a ring” situation. That ring could not possibly have been in that pocket. I am ashamed to say that for a moment I turned to M and asked her if she had put it in there to teach me a lesson. Her appalled face showed me that I was hopelessly scratching around to make rational sense of something that had no human involvement in it. This was a message. A strong message for me. And I knew only one man who could help interpret it for me.

I phoned Mike. He was completely blasé about it all when I told him the story. He had heard similar stories many times, and simply said, “It’s an apport, and it has been done to teach you a lesson. Something it trying to get your attention.” No kidding. Consider my attention well and truly got!

So, after all that frantic searching and the finding, what was the message in the end? As usual, it took the dowsing rods to tease out the finer points of the lesson for me.

The ring had been “removed” from my attention and apported into a place where it could be found again by one of a guiding spirit that I have recently begun to work with. The spirit, whom I will not name because it is not important to anyone except me, believed that I had been neglecting to pay it any attention. As a spirit who is keen to get some particular types of work done using my co-operation it was frustrated at my lack of initiative in this work, and so decided to “wake me up” with a powerful message that would not only catch my attention, but also ensure that I would comply unless I wanted the same thing to happen again. This may seem like a cruel way to go about your business, but I sort of understand the gesture, and I agree. I have been neglecting this spirit’s path and my own part in that work.

The outcome is that I am already thinking about my next outing and things are once again beginning to “fall into place” to make the events happen. So, dear readers, you can be assured that I will be getting involved in some interesting work soon, and of course, I will keep you up to date on “our” progress. When we walk The Path we sometimes get distracted and need a prod! Heed my cautionary tale, or recount your own!



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