Understanding Megalithic Sites Presentation

October 27, 2011

I have prepared a presentation on the subject of “Understanding Megalithic Sites” and I am inviting anyone who wishes me to come and do a talk on this subject to let me know.

These ancient structures are of continued and growing fascination for us, and yet many of these mysterious places are still under threat of extinction even before we have a clear understanding of their purposes and uses for us today.

In this presentation I theorise about some of the uses and purposes that I have discovered through research, by dowsing and by spending time in deep meditation at these sacred places. I explain some of the way in which we can utilise the special energies of these places for our own spiritual growth, and to appreciate the uniqueness of the sites, recovering valuable information about their structure, and the way they interact with the world around them.

New presentation - Understanding Megalithic Sites

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The duration of the presentation is approximately one and a half hours long, but can be shortened to suit the occasion or the audience. Some people may want to spend time on particular topics, and because the presentation is quite wide-ranging there is ample opportunity to emphasise whatever aspects the audience may find interesting.

The topics include:-

  • What is a megalithic site?
  • Who built these sites?
  • How were they built?
  • How were the sites used?
  • Concepts of subtle energy
  • Ways to rediscover these sacred spaces
  • Q&A discussion
Gwas with dowsing rods

If you are interested in having me come along to speak at a venue near to you, then you can e-mail me to discuss a booking. You can reach me at this e-mail address:

Rates are very reasonable and negotiable, subject to venue size and length of presentation. Please contact me if you are interested in hosting such a presentation.


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    1. You know I hadn’t considered that? Now that you mention it, I will look into how this could be done. Lots of people do it, so it can’t be that difficult to host! I’ll make it my Winter Project to find out. Thanks for the suggestion!


  1. Gwas,
    sorry to post here but couldn’t find any other way to contact you. I have had a spiritual commune with my guide and he revealed several things to me. I am confused on some of them and in particular think you might be able to help me with the green dragon image. If you could spare a minute to have a look and share any ideas you have.


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