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2011 amazing times

December 29, 2011

In one sentence…

“The universe sings the song but you provide the song title”

Ok, I can see from the draft posts that Gwas is beginning his 2011 round up and since (see The World is Changing) the new spiral has already begun for me I thought I’d get my update in first!

In complete honesty 2011 has only one word that can describe it, amazing!

Where to begin? Of course this year has been dominated by my Knights Quest. So that is a good a place as  to start as any…

Knights Quest

It all came to the fore at Imbolc festival when, quite innocently, Gwas and I were venturing out to several sites. Our first stop was at a site we, incorrectly, identified as St Helen’s well. At this site I had a vision of that infamous entity Caileach. She directed me on a quest to fulfill the achievement of nine blue keys. Once this was achieved I would be knighted. I know, I still have to laugh when I think of it. But that adventure led me across the Atlantic on an improbable.

Although I tried to follow this questing path with courage and aplomb. It was late this Autumn that I was informed that the quest remained incomplete and that a tighter spiral would have to be journeyed. I am rather disappointed at that but understand now why it has to be thus. See? Sometimes you just need to be told twice!

Some of the more salient points (as determined by me) were:

  • Journeying 3,500 miles to the States
  • Personal physical healing
  • Creating a Knights Code to live by (which I have so far)

Then the there are the sites that I visited across Devon and Cornwall


Having abruptly moved 250 miles (a far cry in the UK) to a place of no mates and family. I had the pleasure of visiting some of the best sites in the UK. The most amazing of which has to be Tintagel, which became a kind of second home for me. What more could an aspiring Knight ask for?

Another aspect of the year, from this perspective, was being a good 10 hour (round-trip) from our good friend Gwas. How would our explorations suffer because of it? Fortunately, adventure is in both of our hearts and this proved an inconsequential fear. As demonstrated by the continued posts of our sallying forth. And although I am currently calling New York City home. Fear not, I will be back in Albion upon the New Years freezing wind.

Although we see the winter solstice as a time of endings. It doesn’t seem to be the case with energetic pursuits. As my tussles with my energy double illustrated.


Particle Soup

Energy Double

I guess that normal people tussle over finances, relationships and health. I certainly did a lot of that earlier in life. These days, it is weird. My girlfriend occasionally pops the question…”What are you thinking about?” How am I supposed to answer?

“…Well dear, I was just wondering what my energy double is up to and whether I am going to be heading to the Southern areas of America since that’s where it called me from when I was sat one windy night upon the hill that houses the Druids Circle. The point being that it had also picked me up and dropped me at the South-West edge of the UK and literally 3 weeks later I ended up moving there for a year…”

Is it any good wishing to be someone we’re not? I wish sometimes that I was a bit more focused and could pursue an angle down to the edge. But the world is filled with so many mysteries, how can one resist? How can one sit down in a corner of it and continue a depth of exploration whilst the vista of it stares you in the face?

Of course it’s an illusion. Depth and Vista are the same thing. There are as many mysteries going deeper as there are going wider. Consider a simile from Physics…

  • elements…earth air fire water spirit
  • … A grain of sand…
  • molecues…atoms…
  • protons…neutrons…electrons
  • quarks…strange…
  • strings…membranes…

It’s frightening…What is frightening? That having come to this magnificent reality, you might miss seeing something. You can have a wow moment every day, nay every hour. Easy!


By far this year has been dominated by my interactions with the energy being Caileach.


What is she? I have no idea! Here are some options…

  1. The Goddess as wrote of for aeons(ish)
  2. An energetic entity (awareness) that is messing with my life
  3. God (enter own definition here)
  4. My higher self (again enter own definition(s))
  5. Something made up by my excited imagination (to justify my weird actions)

Why does it matter? The only thing to consider is…are you a slave or a practitioner of free will (perceived as this might be)? Caileach is a suggester (entice?) of ideas and paths. It is “I” that chooses to pursue them or not. Thus responsiblity always lies with me. Indeed I obtain one of the most enlightening messages from this divine creature atop the mount of Dinas Bran. The message that heads this post.

You bring me the topic of learning and I teach it to you

One of the areas where I have felt that I have grown considerably is that of environmental dowsing i.e. house dowsing.


The infamous loony bin

House Dowsing

An area where I have been able to bring the knowledge gained in the field so to speak to the lives of others. Here is a great example of the going deeper provides more questions than answers. I truly feel that I have only scratched the surface of the dynamics of house energies. Which is odd because I have chatted with so-called experts and found my knowledge equal to theirs. Does that qualify me as an expert too?

Fascinating! Is the word that constantly escapes my lips when I am engaged with Geomancy. Every experience has its nuances. I confess that I attempted a book on the matter. But it lies unfinished, or rather updated to high heaven. I guess that’s why people write some books when they retire. With no more knowledge coming in, one can write an account that wont shift with further experiences.

One of the reasons for my  fascination, is that every time this area of exploration explodes my expectations and reasoning. As you may know Gwas and I have this abstract concept we call the loony bin. A few years ago this was filled to the brim with every topic that this blog contains. Now it is virtually empty. For me, many of the escapees have been due to my exploration of house energies.

The later part of the year has been spent in foreign parts i.e. New York and being so far away from Albion’s sacred sites, I have had to do some research on energies and humans

Energy Homo sapiens

With the quest for personal healing, mentioned earlier, and my sojourn to the big apple I have had to resort to working with homo-sapien energies. It has been scary! Why? Because some of the stuff I have learned has twisted my established beliefs. Prepare to have some really old wisdom overturned. That’s what you get when you hang with a native american shamans shade!

And so 2012…Plans are afoot as we speak, more soon.

Kal Malik

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