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2011 – Summary of the Year by Gwas

December 30, 2011

Well, I see that Kal got his summary out first. Still, “if you can’t beat them…”

Generally, what type of year it has been? Dis-jointed, slower than last year’s breakneck speed, measured, with lots of deep synchronicities. When I come to review the year I realise that I still made lots of progress on the various tasks that I was lead to perform in order to progress along my path of Druidry.

Below are the main topics that I have picked out from this year’s blog posts. I have tried to keep the explanations to a minimum, so have included links back to the original postings if you want the detail for each of the topics. What I thought was a quiet year has actually turned out to be incredibly packed and busy. The topics are in no order whatsoever, which kind of fits with the way that the year’s learning has come about – seemingly haphazard, but all threading into and through itself like some kind of cat’s cradle whose overall pattern will only be known when the final moves have played out.

26 topics I have been involved in this year:-

a) Healing – Most of the year has been spent developing healing skills, whether that was using remote energies, balancing the chakras, healing with the hands, or with crystals. I have realised that I am more attuned to healing places than people currently, but that is changing. The healing energies can be attuned to different colours for particular effects. To work with these energies I need to understand which “colour” is missing from a site and then call upon the energies of the local living entities to gather together to create this missing colour and thus heal the site. [related posts: My Five Healing Rays, Healing Rays Explained]

Also, in conjunction with my friend Mike, we created a new healing centre at The Bridestones in Cheshire. [related posts: A New Healing Centre]

Chakra colours, energy frequencies and healing may be linked

b) Re-discovering the bard – Discovered great new music (and that I like the new forms of folk music) at The Green Man Festival, and saw Roy Harper in concert in London. This year music has really connected with my heart and stirred great emotions. I have written more poetry this year than in other years too. [related posts: Green Man Festival, Roy Harper]

c) Astrological links to Venus, Orion’s Belt and Sirius affirmed at almost every site. Also Scorpius, astrological links to Arthur and the Great Bear constellation. The constellations of Serpens, Corvus and Perseus have been especially meaningful to me this year, guiding me along a very meaningful path from one end of an energy ley to another. [related posts: Serpent at Castlerigg, Arthurian Archetypes of Corvus, The Berth and Death of Scorpius, The Three Stars of Fertility, Absorbing Orion at Lud’s Church]

d) Viewing figures – The blog started the year at 100,000 views, and by now that figure has risen to over 216,000. We have seen a 66% increase in readership this year! [related posts: 100,000 views this year]

e) Moving into the Druid stage – This year has seen me begin to get the knowledge I have gained out into the world to share with others. I have done presentations and courses, and taken a more overt local political stance on issues such as the selling off of the local woodlands and by clearing up litter. [related posts: Small Circle and Big Revelation, Understanding Megalithic Sites presentation]

f) Book writing – Possibly the one dismal failure of the year! I cannot seem to dedicate sufficient time and energy towards writing a book. I still feel I don’t know enough yet to make the book as good as I would want it to be.

g) Orbs – The debate seems to be that either ‘orbs’ might be entities, or they’re reflections of airborne debris that are reflecting via the camera’s flash (‘lens flare’). This year I have been excited about seeing them at significant place, but I know that they are only produced when the camera’s flash is on, thus making them a definite product of artificial light reflection. I now wonder whether the flash is required in order to make the orbs register on the lens. I am still intrigued that I am ‘called’ to take a photo of certain places, and that the orbs appear only in those specific places. [related posts: Just can’t dismiss them, Winter Solstice celebrations at Nine Ladies]

Light at the end of the tunnel for trapped shades

h) Spirit release at churches. In conjunction with my friend Mike we have worked together to discover and release spirit entities whose presence has been adversely affecting the locations that they have inhabited. With every experience we have got more experience, and we feel more confident about our work. [related posts: Spirit Release en masse, Buried Alive, The Sorrowful Widow]

i) Ancestor energies – Beginning this year at Vale Crucis Abbey in Llangollen I have found a link to my ancestors’ energies. Later in the year I was told by the spirit of my grandfather that it would be beneficial for me to discover and recover those energies. This seems a very shamanic process, and it intrigues me. [related posts: The Healing Helper, A Grandfather’s Message]

j) Chakras and sonics – finding the five chakras that are meaningful and useful for me, and how to activate them using vocal sounds [related posts: Vowels and Chakras]

k) Experimenting with magnetism and its effects on subtle energy. Discovered that magnetism strongly affects the direction and quality of subtle energy. This implies that electro-magnetic emissions from various sources would also affect subtle energy, and thus perhaps go towards explaining why sacred sites are adversely affected by overhead power cables and phone masts. [related posts: Bolton Abbey]

l) The importance of the double helix form – From Castlerigg stone circle and the Serpens constellation to Arthur’s Grave in Pembrokeshire the double helix formation has been prevalent this year. For me it symbolises the union of the red and white (female and male) subtle energies. Of course, the formation is also to be found in the structure of human DNA. I found that I was in some way affecting my own DNA using subtle energies when I was at a particular sacred site when a specific star’s energy was available in the sky. [related posts: Arthur’s Gave and the DNA Chamber, From Berth to Death]

m) Tracing the great North-South ley line from Arbor Low to Christchurch. This was part of my work to discover whether the energy leys that Kal and I had dowsed at Arbor Low were real, and if so how far they travelled. I found that there was a strong case for an energy formation travelling in a straight line due North-South from Arbor Low and terminating at Christchurch in Dorset. On a similar tack I traced an energy ley through Paris which linked several key monuments. [related posts: The Strange Attractor, A Spring Ritual at West KennetEncounters with an Earth Spirit, The Leys of Central Paris]

n) Dealing with ghosts, shades, psychic attacks and dark energies. This year has seen a move from relative skepticism to near conviction about the existence of sentient invisible entities. I have had dealings with remnant human energies and non-human entities whose energy forms I can only dream of. These entities have manifested themselves in my consciousness as thoughts distinct from anything I recognise as my own, but more tellingly they have manifested as physically-felt symptoms such as visible movements, light forms, feelings of pressure and movement, and even as far as nausea or cranial tension in their presence. These can always be explained away as something else using complex and tenuous explanations, but the simplest explanation is that such entities exist. [related posts: Bamburgh Castle ghost, Vampire Shades, Ghosts,Shades and Spirits, Hexham and the Psychic Attack]

Psychic attacks cause sleep disruption

o) Re-Connecting with my elementals – this year saw very little interaction with the Elementals, yet it was important for me to “check in” with them, and reconnect in order to maintain the relationship I had established with these Nature Spirit forces. This involved me choosing the right crystals to work with them as well (e.g. work at Ennerdale Water and at The Rollrights) [related posts: Juggling with Water Spirits, Receiving the Elements at The Rollrights]

p) The blooming flower. During the Spring Equinox in Cumbria I was given the image of the flower unfurling. At the time I took this to mean that I needed to work on obtaining the ability to grow plants better, but it was subsequently pointed out to me that it could signify my own blossoming spiritual progress. I think the latter explanation turned out to be the correct one. [related posts: Water Spirit of the River Esk]

q) The Hawk of May – this year I met with and gained the assistance of two new spirit forms. One appears in the form of a hawk and appears whenever I am on the correct path to spiritual progress. The other is a Celtic healer who is guiding me through the process of learning healing of the landscape and now the healing of people too. The discovery of The Hawk in the Landscape – a landscape figure that became a reality for me when I traced it over a map of Cheshire was one of the more interesting finds of the year, especially as I had dismissed the Glastonbury Zodiac landscape figures as having no use for me. I have now had to re-evaluate the concept and realised that the landscape figures are only meaningful to the person who makes them appear, and who quests to find them. [related posts: Remote Dreaming at Lud’s Church, Meeting the Hawk of May, Cheshire Hawk Landscape Figure, Hunting the Hawk of MayThe Yew Tree Speaks, Connection With The Hawk]

r) Arthur – instead of Merlin (so last year!). What are the differences between these archetypes? Merlin is a symbol of taking on magickal power. Arthur is a symbol of taking on responsibility and leadership skills. This year I have been primarily involved in taking responsibility for my work, and in turning my work outwards to face the public instead of working within myself. [related posts: Arthur’s Seat, Berth to Death, The Samson Stone, Arthur’s StoneCamelot, The Tor and the Healing Thorn, The DNA Chamber, Arthurian Archetypes]

s) Animal totems for this year – Hawk, fox, seagull and badger. Each has been a guide along my path this year, showing me the way at various times. [related posts: Connection With The Hawk, Meeting the Hawk of May, The Lost Mound, Lammas 2011 on Anglesey]

t) Learning psychometry – the art of psychically interacting with the energy within objects to obtain information from them. [related posts: Druid Divination, Psychometry and Deviceless Dowsing]

u) Understanding the way that standing stones work with ley lines to split them out into male and female energy forms. The male is then directed towards a particular site that requires male energy such as a hill, fort, or some other male feature. [related posts: Clulow Cross, Anglesey Autumn Equinox, Samson Stone, Lammas on Anglesey]

v) Caves and hobgoblins – Finding that a cave shapes the aura and condense the information held within the aura such that it is more easily absorbed and retained. I also found that there are deep earth energy spirits in some caves that can be appeased by feeding them! [related posts: Closure at Thor’s Cave, The Park Wood Hobgoblin, Hobs Thirst Cave]

w) Green Man Festival and its links with The Rose Line from Edinburgh. This needs further investigation to definitively prove its existence energetically. There are clear historical links, but I want to find out to what degree the energy ley line is still active today. The festival is right on the line, and I intend to go back to the festival next year to dowse the line’s influence in the festival, or vice versa. [related posts: Arthur’s Seat and The Rose Line, Green Man Festival]

Green Man on Rose Line

x) Creating wards and glyphs in Alderley Edge. I will find out soon how successful my protection work has been for the tree that I worked with. [related posts: Parc Le Breos, Creating a Ward]

y) Apports as a means of teaching the energy student a lesson in focusing on their work! I was taught a lesson when my wedding ring went missing twice and ended back up in the same coat pocket. A definite lesson in paying spirit forms attention! [related posts: The Apporting Ring]

z) The Elemental Masters of Tinkinswood – Finding their presence at a sacred site was interesting enough, but dowsing how they worked together taught me a valuable lesson about the way that sacred sites may have been used in ancient times. [related posts: Elemental Masters at Tinkinswood]


Looking back, even though the year has felt dis-jointed and slower than usual, I have actually done an amazing amount of work and have progressed far further than I had imagined. Looking forward to next year now with renewed vigour! I have had several messages from different sources who are all anticipating that my work with healing sites and people will be called into use in 2012. Of course, if that happens, then I will be blogging it all for you to read.

Thank you all for spending your precious time with us this year. We look forward to another intriguing year of learning, living and loving.


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