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Buried alive!

December 18, 2011

There are some people with whom I have a special connection. Kal is obviously one – whenever we work together or even just at the same location, something interesting, even life-changing, always happens. Another special person is my friend Mike. Mike’s psychic abilities always give a totally different slant on the work we do. Lately we have taken to clearing psychic blockages, or clearing away dark areas of energy from sites, in particular at churches. So when Mike came to visit at the beginning of December I knew that something interesting was likely to happen. And I was not disappointed.

I had been investigating a new energy ley that I believe exists between The Wirral and Derbyshire. Due to the location of the ley and the types of sites that it goes through I have been provisionally calling the line The Royal Line. When I come to reveal it in due course then this will all make sense. This weekend in December was my first outing along the line to determine whether it really existed at the locations that I had theorised that it would. My first stop was a nearby village with its St.John the Evangelist church. Such churches are a common recurring theme along this ley.

St John's Church, Kingsley, Cheshire

Mike and I spent a short while on the car park side of the church noticing a “dark patch” emanating from the corner of the car park. We decided to come back to that later. I wanted to find the ley line, if it existed, and the investigate the church’s exterior. I was drawn to a white birch tree with peeling paper bark, the like of which I had rarely seen. It was an outstandingly beautiful contrast to the leaden grey skies all around us, and we admired its beauty before I began to dowse for the ley. Within minutes I had located it. It was easy to find – it ran the entire length of the church and the width of the church was the width of the energy ley. The ley was balanced at this point and needed no work doing to it to harmonise it. Great. Time to move on.

Near Miss Black Spots

As we peered into the road from the churchyard I pointed out a specific spot in the road where I had seen several cars have near misses, and which always made me feel uncomfortable when I drove over it. Mike noticed that there was some red tarmac at that point – an indicator that the local council also thought that this was a place to drive cautiously. In fact, there was a solar-powered “30” sign there too which flashes at anyone doing in excess of this speed, despite the fact that they are at the lower end of a long downhill stretch, making 30mph pretty difficult to attain.

Mike said that he felt that the line of holly bushes that marked the end of the church’s boundary, and which coincided with the accident blackspot, was hiding a flow of negative energies. We tracked back into the grounds and found that the negative energy was being emitted from a house on the other side of the holly barrier. Hmmm…someone in that house was giving out bad vibes, and this was being drawn along the hedge and into the point in the road where the near misses were happening. Interesting! I was about to dowse some more when Mike began to get psychic impressions about the person in the house. Then suddenly I was getting them too! I knew things about this person – felt how they felt, knew things about their life – it was all very strange to suddenly begin to describe this as though the person themselves were speaking this out loud. Between us we diagnosed the situation. I won’t divulge any more, except to say that the saving grace was that someone else was counteracting the negativity with some positive energies, and this was leaving the energy ley in a balanced state. Yet, the negativity was still feeding into the road and its vulnerable black spot. We decided to take a different tack and see if there was anything we could do on the other side of the road.

The Other Graveyard

I had driven past St.John’s Church many times, and given the positioning of the building itself the graveyard was very small and limited. Hence, someone had decided that in order to accommodate the newer graves a cemetery needed to be built on the opposite side of the road. I asked Mike if he wanted to go and take a look at this graveyard. His response was, “Do we have to? He wasn’t joking either. I insisted we did. I had walked up into the graveyard the previous day when I was doing a reconnaissance of the area and what was there. Yesterday I had only managed to get half way into the graveyard before I felt I was literally pushed to a standstill by some opposing force. Today, with Mike in tow, I really wanted to find out what was causing this strange phenomenon. I had told Mike nothing about this, however, because I never want to skew his intuitive findings. I thought it was significant that he was at the least hesitant, and even openly discouraging from entering. He seemed to be sensing some opposing dark force in the area to which we now headed.

We entered past the japanned wrought iron gates and began the short walk up to the cemetery. As a regular hill-walker I know how my body feels when it tackles a steep incline. The path up to the graves was short and only vaguely steep. I would call it a very manageable incline for an able-bodied fit person. It should have been barely noticeable. Instead, both Mike and I felt like we were fighting against a torrent or current of opposing energy that was washing down in a tirade against us as we walked up the small hill. I could see Mike hunched over and pushing hard with his legs to propel himself forward. The wind was behind us too, yet still we pushed hard to move forwards. After fifteen paces we stopped for breath and to assess our feelings. We clearly both felt the same opposing force. Our hackles were raised. We knew there was something that needed to be investigated in this area, that was for sure. But where was it coming from?

We put up our respective protective bubbles to shield ourselves from whatever was sending these waves of nauseating bad energy. Immediately we felt better, yet the pressure of the force was still very much evident – the shielding had merely reduced the nausea and overwhelming sickness that came with the energy, making it feel bearable at least. Looking around I put my “pigeon senses” on.

PIGEON SENSE: This is a kind of direction detection sense that allows me to feel for a ‘thickness’, or a difference in pressure on my temples. As I move my head around I can feel the point at which the pressure is greatest and so I know where the source of the pressure is coming from. Then I simply follow that feeling until I get to the source. Try it yourself – it’s easy! All you need to do is let yourself go into a dowsing state of mind – relaxed, intuitive, no thoughts, and asking to feel the sensation of pressure around your head. It works for me!

I could identify that the source was ahead and somewhere in the middle of the graveyard. Mike interrupted my silent sensing at that point – “I’m getting a feeling that it’s somewhere in the middle there” and pointing exactly where I was sensing the source. Good – we agreed. We girded our loins and pressed onwards towards trouble.

Sensing the source

Finding the source of the unpleasant energies was not really too hard as we got nearer. Imagine wading towards a water spout – you just walk towards the point of the highest force and pressure and when it’s almost overwhelming then you’re at the source. We moved towards an old grave with worn markings that couldn’t be read. As we got within touching distance of it neither of us could go any closer. Really – it was such a physical phenomenon that we were both prevented from actually touching the gravestone itself by the sheer force of the nauseating wave of repulsion!

Having identified the source we now wanted to know more about it. Re-doubling our protection we agreed to let ourselves open up to whatever psychic impressions we might be able to obtain about the reason for the strong dark force here. We both felt it was linked to something human. Mike had a feeling that the spirit of this person was attached to this grave in a way he had not encountered before.

As I stood lapping in the tide of revulsion, part of my brain was able to begin to sift and divide these feelings into separate frequencies. Suddenly I knew what the reason for this tidal wave of anger and horror was caused by. This person had been buried alive! It was definitely a man, and I was seeing images of his pallid and gaunt body. He had been very ill, possibly with few signs of life and hope left, yet he had not been dead when he was placed in the coffin. We took a moment to realise the horror of the situation, and the energies began to make sense. In a way, just to realise this, to have this empathic understanding of the situation seemed to cause the energies to ease off a little.

Buried alive - an outburst of anger and horror

With this understanding came a responsibility to try to cleanse this place of the dark energy that pervaded it. It was up to us to try to neutralise this dissonant force, to harmonize this anger and horror – to placate the spirit of this man’s pent up emotions that had been flash-fried into the land like an energetic atom bomb of negative feeling. I put up crystal protection and got ready. Almost before I had prepared myself Mike walked to the grave and embraced the energy calling upon his spirit guides to assist with the release. I called upon mine too, quickly! I fed energy into him to ground him, to centre him and keep a continuous flow of positive energies going through him. I called upon my Spirit Guides to lend their craft and power to the occasion, as I felt this was going to need everything we had to deal with it.

A few moments later I saw Mike raise his hands, palms up, and two orbs of light appeared to hover above his hands. The orbs lifted the darkness out of Mike, drawing the negativity out of him as though lifting a dark shroud from him, and then the two orbs of light ascended skywards, taking the negativity upwards until they melded with the background greyness of the sky. At that exact moment Mike lifted his hands fully outwards into a cross shape and opened his eyes, smiling at last! He was feeling what I was seeing. And it was incredible!

The tension in the air dissipated almost at once. The need for the protective crystal formation around me became redundant and the overwhelming throb of the dark energy was gone! It still felt like there was energy that lingered like a damp patch after a sharp summer shower – you felt that it would only be minutes before it evaporated completely to nothing. I lit incense to dissipate that remainder of energy, and the air became fresh, scented, and calm. Even the wind seemed to still for a few moments in recognition of the change. I thanked my guides for their help, and for making the process such a wonderful experience. I felt genuinely pleased at this invisible act we had performed – all of us.

An Angel on my shoulder

Over the years I have had to adopt many unusual concepts based on my encounters with energy forms. Never in my years of experience had I yet to encounter any divine being that might be called an angel. It was one term that I swerved widely to avoid. Let me tell you why. We are small beings, you and I. In my opinion, if there existed such a being as an angel then I would assume that they are far from plentiful. I would also consider that they are likely to reserve their appearances for the most divine and revelatory of experiences. I would also say that I am hardly innocent, pure or unblemished as to attract or want their attentions. So, it was with a somewhat eyebrow-raised facial expression that I turned to face Mike when I heard him say to me: “I can see an angel at the back of the churchyard, and its blessing some graves there.” Hmm…I thought. Here we go – what’s all this about? I thought he knew I didn’t “do” Angel? It must be something that Mike has attracted. I’ll see where this goes.

A beautiful birch tree at Kingsley

I was somewhat curious to know what being in the presence of such a being might feel like, so I suggested we go over and see where this being might be exactly. With my dowsing rods at the ready I asked whether there was any angelic being within the confines of this churchyard. To my absolute shock the rods forcefully pulled into the “Yes” position. Oh no! What was going to happen now? This is one of the last items on my “Loony Bin”. I wasn’t prepared to take this concept out and have to adopt it!

I asked the rods to take me to the exact site of where the angelic being was now. They swung around to lead me towards the rear of the graveyard where the newer fresher graves were marked by shiny headstones, fresh flowers and clear gold lettering. On the way I sneakily threw in an extra question – were the yew trees in this graveyard managing to ground all the spirit energies that had not managed to free themselves at the point of death? “Yes” came the response. I should have asked that before we had grounded the dark energy we had discovered.

As we walked past the line of tall yew shrubs that lined the path on one side a small white light streaked out of the corner of my vision into the yew bush next to us. Mike saw it too and we initially identified it as a very fast light-coloured bird – maybe a small pigeon or dove. I put my head into the bush and looked for the bird. There was nothing there! Weird. No sound of any bird, no sight of one. Yet we both confirmed that we had seen a white light streak past us in our peripheral vision and into the bush. Odd. Maybe it was one of the orbs that Mike had used to ground the energy, I joked to myself. We carried on, reaching the back of the cemetery.

I looked at the line of new graves. As I stood there I felt … unusual. Comfortably unusual. Like I wanted to cry. As though I was happy, and full of pride, and….. odd. I turned to Mike for an explanation. He looked me straight in the eyes and said he saw and felt the angel thanking us for our work. I felt a divine angelic being all around me and wanted to weep with joy, it was so exhilarating. Mike said the angel was holding its hands over my shoulders. That was exactly where I was feeling this unusual sensation from – it was like the hands of a guru or father, someone who you really respected, were on my shoulders and filling me with pride and self-worth. I knew what this meant to me symbolically, and I accepted it.

There was more. A message. Mike said that whatever had changed by the angel’s healing touch would be something I would use next year in my spiritual work. Sounds good! Certainly felt good. We’ll see what that means next year. Remember this – I will.

We returned to the car park and simultaneously identified the tree in the corner as being responsible for the bad energy feeling in that area. As this was my “department” I went over and created a vortex sink for the bad energy to drain into, and gave the tree some love through my hands. I drained its hateful angry feelings and the whole area felt better. I called upon the surrounding trees and animals to help the tree to recover its good energy pattern in the coming weeks and months. This work felt like the culmination of many months of learning about healing – all brought together in a simple act of cleansing and re-balancing. Mike said he saw the tree thanking me. I stepped out of its nemeton – it’s aura – and felt the ‘dirt’ of its anger and bitterness clinging to me like stale sweat. I needed to get rid of this somehow.

I looked around and saw the angelic appearance of the white birch tree – standing alone and virtuous in the full flow of the energy ley that ran through the church. This was where I could cleanse myself – in the birch tree’s aura and the ley’s flow. I went back to the white birch tree and let all of the impurities wash away from me and be grounded, drawn down into the earth and dissipated by the beautiful birch’s angelic glow. Two angels in one day? I might even become a believer at this rate!

All in all a fascinating and powerful experience that will live with me for a long time.


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