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The Circle and The Spiral

December 20, 2011
Changes with The Moon

My wife had a friend. She has worked with this friend a long time ago and they used to have happy times, but then her friend began to succumb to the stresses and strains of working in the mental health profession, and rapidly began to suffer from the very symptoms she was trying to cure. Friendship became strained. Honestly, her friend has never really recovered properly. and now, perhaps cruelly, her name is often accompanied by the prefix “Mad…” Everyone who knows her expects a whirlwind visit near to a full moon. Oh yes, despite what sceptics say, experience has taught me that this so-called myth is very true – people affected by the moon are prone to lunacy when the moon is full.

One night I heard a knock at the door. My wife was away and it was 8pm. I opened the door and Mad Lady walked straight in, chattering about seeing our cats, and 101 other topics within a ten-second burst. Definitely “hyper”! She is a buddhist and spotting an ornamental buddha perched on our fish tank she began to bow to it in little fast bows, hands clasped in prayer, and muttering incomprehensible mantras to herself and her deity. I calmly asked whether she would like a cup of tea, if she was staying? To my surprise she said yes, so I began to prepare the necessaries. All sorts of thoughts were going through my head. Mostly, “What am I going to do now?“. To be honest I had always let me wife take the brunt of her behaviour and had taken every excuse possible to slip away.

Sounds harsh, bur this lady has a lot of issues and she is a vortex of negative energies. She is a “taker”, but when well is equally a “giver”, so you just have to know when to catch her right. Sadly, she visits people most often when she’s in need, and in “take mode”. Tonight was clearly such an occasion, and this time there as no escape. this time I would have to deal with her on my own. The test was obvious to me. She was going around in circles with grief, stuck in a time loop, weighed down by the grief and guilt that accompanied the suicide of a former lover. She is spiritually and intellectually active but I know that very few of the people that she encounters are prepared to deal with her frantic and overpowering curiosity combined with such a strong neediness. People often are willing to help, but she is like a vortex of neediness that people get quickly depleted.

This time, however, the test was mine and mine alone. I prepared myself.

The Circle and The Spiral

In my home environment, with all my protection up, I offered a helping hand. I let her speak for hours, listening, giving her occasional feedback but letting her ostensibly have her say. Once she began to go around in circles I stopped her, pointing out the circular nature of the conversation. At one point she began to cry, telling me how she felt trapped in the circular nature of the situation. This was my opportunity to help. I told her about the circle and the spiral. How we often travel in circles re-visiting the same places, people and episodes from our lives with no way out of the path that we are on. We become stale and trapped. Locked into a mode of being and behaving.

There is a way out, though. But she wasn’t ready to hear that just yet.

Newgrange's Entrance Stone illustrates the importance of the spiral

The Nature of Suffering

I described our natural path as being like a thread slinking its way through the tapestry of the Universe – I was trying to describe the Flow of the Universe. As a buddhist she is heavily into the concepts that this religion offers, and so I adapted my concepts to fit her knowledge. She asked how she could escape her suffering, because the Buddha had said that suffering was a part of life. I explained to her my concept of suffering – that suffering is the friction we feel when we do not conform to the path that we are naturally meant to flow along. The friction and strain of pulling away from our natural path, of deviating from our true course, is what we experience as suffering.

The solution to this problem is to move upwards, out of the circle and into the spiral. To do this requires a two-step approach: first the release and then the accumulation of energy. Let go and gather again. We need to release our attachments to the things that are weighing us down and holding us to the level we are currently on, the things that are making us circle around. Then, we need to gather enough energy to propel ourselves into the next level of the movement and upwards into a spiral motion, to elevate ourselves to the next level of the path around that spiral form. Sometimes, simple dropping the weight of accumulated psychological or ritualistic baggage is enough to lift us upwards. Sometimes, we need to gather energy towards us, attract it, power ourselves up, in order to have the strength to lift ourselves out of the deep rut and circular groove into which we have let ourselves circle around.

How to Move From Circle to Spiral

The way to move from the circle to the spiral is to let go of attachment to the weights that hold you down. If you are following a spiritual path then you have probably been tasked with achieving something, or you imagine that it is you who “wants” to do something – perhaps a charitable act, to learn some new skill, ritual or devotion, whatever it may be. Material objects and life events can interfere with making progress in this work. Feelings of guilt, regret or some other negative emotion can drag you down. You need to free yourself.

So, the first step is to remove the attachment – to neutralise yourself, free yourself from the weights. You can do this in any number of ways, but on this blog the suggested methods are:-

  • visiting a sacred site to balance your chakras
  • calling upon your spirit guides to release any energetic attachment you may have acquired (attracted)
  • cleansing yourself using a ritual involving water and light, and possibly crystals
Move up the spiral

Once you are neutralised and balanced then you can begin to reclaim the energy that you have dissipated, changing the charge from antithetical to beneficial. You can re-fill your energy body with positive emotions and energy in order to prepare yourself for the uplift into the next level of spiritual working on the spiral path towards self-improvement and increased usefulness to the Universe. You will be moving yourself more fully into the tidal force of the Flow of the Universe.

The energising step may involve such processes as:-

  • visiting a power centre to recharge your energy body
  • asking your spirit guides or energy worker to let love and light flow into your energy body (a method suggested by a friend, I don’t do this often)
  • re-charging yourself using a crystal layout to gather and focus positive energies into your energy body

Of course this all sounds “New Agey”. Calling upon spirit guides and using crystal layouts to recharge. But you know me by now – I don’t say these things because I think they sound good – I say them because I KNOW they work. Even that suggested method of recharging that is a friend’s suggestion – I know it works because I’ve measured his energies before and after he did it. It has all been tested and confirmed using the only measuring tool I have that works reliably for such things – dowsing.

The Results

I have to wait until our next encounter before I will find out the results of my advice to this lady. I suspect that may be some time around the next full moon – sounds like a safe bet, huh?


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  1. Not relevant to this post as such, but just wanted to let you know I’ve been having good success using a pendulum to dowse for what supplements I should take on a day to day basis. Since I have a condition that means I sometimes react to things I was ok with before, this is really useful! I can even ask my pendulum to tell me if it is the supp itself or, say, the filler in the capsule that is the problem. I learned it from someone else online ho does the same, and there are many who do it. Just another way folks out there are using dowsing!

    1. Maybe not directly relevant, but the process of healing has been the major topic of my year in 2011, so I am happy that you have found something that works for you. I have been listening to the Elizabeth Brown lecture available on the British Society of Dowsers podcast page. I would really strongly recommend that you go and listen to that lecture. It talks about a process of dowsing for health that you will immediately recognise, because your own methodology is similar.

      Kal also did something similar when he diagnosed his own diabetes and how to cure it. If you search the posts you should find that, but I have a feeling he may post much more about that next year when he has the full story on how he cured it.

      See also: http://www.gentlepowers.com/


        1. PS, a friend read this and mentioned that this poor lady sounds rather like she has late stage Lyme Disease, or she might also have high copper from a condition known as Pyroluria. I know you probably aren’t close enough to her yourself to talk to her about it, but thought it was worth getting it out there. A lot of what goes on in the body can cause these sorts of symptoms, and some of it is reversible. XXX

          1. Andrew and I both listened and it was just what we needed. A new pathway to follow in working out what the heck went wrong with us both in the same way at the same time!

          2. Well, that definitely sounds like some kind of environmental or food factor then. Good luck with your researches, and keep us up to date on any findings, because I’m sure other people would benefit from your methods and findings.


          3. Thanks Bronzewing – I’ll do some research into the diseases you mentioned. I only see this lady once in a blue (full) moon, but I’ll mention it to a qualified nurse I know to see what she thinks. Cheers,

  2. Hi Gwas,

    A fascinating article and one that I have eagerly awaited publication of. A lot of points that I agree with here, particularly the nature of spirals. I love that theory which has been proven again and again in my experience.

    Rather than push some of the above theories further I’d like to drop a few conjectures of my own and ask how you see them in light of the above.

    Firstly, my opinion is that energy, like water finds its own level. Thus a boundary, say a room, or house, has a certain orchestra of energies all trying competing to create a balanced rythm. When a new set of energies (e.g. your friend) enters the boundary then the energies again try and find a harmonious ‘level’. This might require the existing energies to change (go lower) thus comes the term…energy vampires.

    Secondly, my opinion is that the word “suffering” has been mis-translated. It should have been something on the lines of…”Life is flux (or change)”. The fact that most of this change feels like suffering is us humans overlaying an emotional context upon it. Oh I am not saying that there isn’t any suffering in the world, quite the contrary. What I am saying though is that “life” isn’t suffering.

    Combining the above two together, one might come to the conclusion that one of the areas in which life is in constant flux is that of our personal energy. What say you?

    Also an intersting idea emerged whilst reading this post. I agree absolutely that visiting an energeticly significant (power center, sacred site) will alter ones energetic balance (change it). But returning to the same (energetic) environment will recreate the original energies within you. Rather like a drug addict that is placed in a rehab center to recover, may do so. Only to lapse when returned to his habitual environment.

    I feel that this ‘recreation’ of our original energies is why energy therapies are often only temporarily effective, because once the recipient continues with their normal days habits their previous energy state returns. What say you?

    A fabulous article, which, as always creates more questions.

    Kal Malik

    1. OK. Lots to look at there, so let’s go through each.

      1. “Energy find its own level” – don’t disagree with that. A re-balancing process would account for the push-pull effects, certainly.

      2. “Life is flux/change” – this was exactly how I described the suffering to the lady. I too disagreed with her “life is suffering” edict, and instead offered her the replacement concept that suffering is the friction caused by not being in the flow of the change. Like a boat on a sea the only suffering occurs when one is overwhelmed by the water (the flood of emotion), or encounter the rocks that bar the natural path of the flow (friction or blockage).

      3. “Our personal energy is constantly in flux” – of course. How could it not be? Our auras or nemetons, our personal space, our energetic body, is always being suffused with other overlapping and intruding energies – both subtle and more material. When we allow this energy to pass through the energy body by keeping the field “light and airy” then little other energy collides and sticks. When our energy body is condensed, when it is “dense and concentrated” then energies that pass through will attach to the field and linger for longer. Holding on to harmful, unharmonious, incompatible frequencies within our energy body will cause us harm, whereas letting them go will release the harmful frequencies. This is the essence of aura cleansing, I feel. To release harmful frequencies that are lingering, and to attract resonant frequencies which we might wish to hold on to whilst they are useful to us. Going to sacred sites enhances our power to lighten or condense our energy fields, thus either releasing frequencies that we no longer need or retaining ones that are useful to us.

      4. How temporary is this “fix”? Oh, quite, I would agree. But introducing the possibility of using those spaces, of performing such a cleansing and regenerating process, that is something that we can learn and then make useful in our own locality. Also, we have the power to change our environment, so once we understand how to harmonise with beneficial frequencies and re-balance ourselves, then we have the knowledge and strength to try that within our local environment. Another way that power places are like schools – teaching us about how our own energy body interacts with subtle energy forces.

      I also recommended that the lady release her unwanted energies, rebalance, and then gather together sufficient energy to make the transition to the next spiral. On that round of the spiral (or circle again) I am pretty sure that she will fall back into old patterns. But the possibility to change to another level may be learned, and thus the possibility of continuous change may be learned by this process. She will know how to self-heal. Gotta be worth a shot?


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