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The world is changing

December 14, 2011
Wiccan Year

The world has changed.

Sacred calendars tell us of the seasons and festivals. The next one that is approaching is the winter solstice. It is at times such as these that people of old would gather in the fire-lit halls and celebrate or await the reawakening of the world.

These festivals mark the energy of the world as it traverses the sun, astral energies in there truest sense. But what the equation forgets is personal energies.

As Gwas and I have found over the last couple of years is that Earth days are not exact for us, rather what we often find is that alignment occurs for us on days that are out of the sacred calendar.

We put this down to the following reasons:

  • Sometimes we are more aligned with lunar energies and so that becomes the “best” time for us.
  • Also we feel that the sacred dates are on a sliding scale and so it’s “ok” for us to go about our work on days that are close to the sacred ones.

Both of these are excellent and valid explanations. In this post I would like to offer, not an alternative, but a complementary notion.

Personal Sacred Festivals

My idea is this. Sacred days are days that have to take into account the energetic state of the person celebrating them.

The energetic state of a person is holistic. It should take into account the current energy of the person, there astrological (birth time and place) energy and the energy of their current location i.e. where they are (intend) to celebrate the sacred day.

Given these criteria a sacred date becomes altogether personal doesn’t it? We can see how it got usurped by having a general date for the festival, right? After all such a date would have tremendous social value (protection, social conformity, news gathering and of course collation of energy)

But let’s go back to, what I’m going to call, personal sacred festivals.

First of all, if we examine the equation we note that the most powerful of these components is the Worlds Energy i.e. the sacred date as we know it. So it would make sense that our personal sacred date would be close to these. Second is the power of social energy. With every other Wiccan giving of celebrating energy on the calendrical sacred date, this would draw us to that date too.

Of the birthdate and the current energy of the person? I asked the dowsing rods as to which was the more potent and the answer was half and half – further investigation revealed the following:

  • Earth date 60%
  • Location 17%
  • Birth date 10%
  • Current energy 10%
  • Social 3%

Surprising results!

Why did I begin this investigation? Well, looking back to last year I felt that the turning point of the year was a couple of weeks earlier than the calendrical (Winter Solstice) date. This year it feels the same too. In fact it feels like today – the 5th of December is pretty close to it. Perhaps another couple of days.

Indeed, now that the Full Moon is upon us, I have complete confidence that today is the day. Time to journey the next rung of the spiral.

See you on the other side

Kal Malik

ps – would love to hear if you guys have had similar experiences or do you feel that the sacred days are the points of change for you?

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    1. That’s a very interesting point! I wonder how your energy body is affected by the date of conception as opposed to the date of birth? {goes off to do some investigation….}

      Anyone know already?

    2. Hi Arcanum,

      Thanks, that is an interesting suggestion. However the birth-date was the correct time to use. I just feel that there is something extra in that part of the equation that still needs figuring out. As with all these enquiries, each answer leads to another question.

      Kal Malik

      PS – I did ask whether birthdate was more relevant than conception date. The answer was yes. Birth-date is the more important. What are your thoughts/enquiries on this?

      1. Hi all,
        Interesting debate, I recently read a book by Judy Jacka which introduced to me the Vivaxis connection. This connection links you in to the earth’s energy. Very soon after you are born, I am speaking from memory now, but I think I have this right, ie not exactly on your birth date, but it maybe, but certainly within the first few weeks you make a connection with earth energy. This connection is usually permanent, but it is possible to move this connection. This connection affects your personal energy and when you align yourself with your birthplace/vivaxis connection it enhances your personal energy. The book states that this is part and parcel of astrology.

        Whilst I have read the book, I have not followed this avenue of research as I am on other paths at the moment. However it does seem to me to be linked to the ideas in this post.


        1. Interesting point, Serpenteer. I have that book too – Judy Jacka’s ‘Healing Through Earth Energies’ and whilst I started to read it once, I couldn’t connect with her Vivaxis concept – which is kind of ironic considering that’s exactly what her theory is all about – connection! I must get around to re-reading that bit and seeing how it relates to Kal’s concept.


  1. Hi Kal,

    I sort of know what you mean by your categories, but for the sake of making it clearer, coudl you tell us exactly what you had in mind for a definition of the following elements?

    Earth date – sidereal, calendrical, astrological?
    Location – does it matter how close you are to the ‘centre’ of the energies?
    Birth date – astrologically in terms of the positions of planets, past or present?
    Current energy – which energy – physical, emotional, mental, psychic, subtle?
    Social – do you mean the more people gathered the stronger the energies?


    1. Thanks Gwas,

      Let me see where we go with this. Ok. Let’s ask the question. When is the winter solstice? 21st December right? We could say that a a particular time that day (sunrise/set?) is 100% the Winter Solstice. However that doesn’t seem to be the equation.

      So what is the equation?

      Earth Time:
      Well, 60% depends on Earth time. Like for me, on the 10 December (the full moon) was giving me the whole 60%. Thus Earth time is the best location for the earth to be in the heavens. For winter solstice energies, for me this was the 10 December.

      Whatever we are celebrating (in terms of the Wiccan calendar) the date isn’t absolute and its relevance can only max out at 60%. For instance, I could have all the other 40% of the energies right and do a Beltane ceremony on the 21st December. In this case I would have 0% of Earth Time energies to play with thus my ritual would be calling on 40% (as a maximum).

      This is your geographic location and the energies that it provides (if any). For instance being in one of the sacred sites that is aligned to the winter solstice would provide at best 17% of the energy. Being in New York City provided me with less than 1 of that 17%. Although I could have enhanced this (to 2%) by going to a forest rather than the sea!

      Birth Date:
      Aparently the astrology of our birth date matters. So some (10%) of the reason for me celebrating the solstice on the 10th was because I was born under certain stars.

      Current Energy:
      This refers to our (or mine) current energy. If my energies are in alignment with Winter Solstice energies then this provides a maximum of 10%

      Yes, this basically means other people celebrating with you. Thus if I could have persuaded a bunch of people to celebrate the Solstice on the 10th December then I would have gained an extra 3%.

      How did this pan out for me?

      Well I was able to confirm by dowsing that the 10th was the right time for me. Thus that nailed 60%. I also dowsed that if I had celebrated on the 21st then I would have got 53% of the available energies.

      Location alas, being in NYC I opted for by the beach which netted me 0% of the 17% possible. I dowsed as to which location (by going through them in my head) and New Grange would have given me 17%!

      Birth Date was built in to my dowsing i.e. by dowsing for the best time to celebrate I also got the best (7%) What I dont understand is why this wasn’t 10%?

      My current energy was at 6% (out of a possible 10%) I could have enhanced this % with crystals (if I had any)

      Since only my girlfriend was with me, and she isn’t much of a pagan celebration gal. This amounted to 0%.

      So in total I have 60 + 7 + 6 = 73% which means that the conditions were 75% of optimum for me to do a winter celebration.

      Wow! Hope that makes sense. Please add more if not.

      Kal Malik

      1. That’s absolutely clear, thank you. Apart from one little thing (there’s always one little thing, isn’t there?). The current energy.

        You talked of your energies being aligned, but which energies – I mean bio-rhythmically speaking? Physical, mental, spiritual, all three, sutble energy body, psychic energy? Or some combination of the whole lot?

        I suspect it’s all of them as a single measure, but do you simply need to ask the question like this>:
        “What is the current level of my energies on a scale of 1 to 10?”, and then dowse for whether they are aligned with the location/date/time?

        Can you explain your method a bit more, please?


        1. Again, interesting questions. You have to remember that I asked these questions after the fact. So I knew that the best day for me to celebrate the Winter Solstice was the 10th. Then I asked why. The personal energy is my current state, energetically. I guess it is a holistic mind-body thing.

          No. It wasn’t a level of energy as in the 1…10. It was…

          1) How much percentage does personal energy account for when celebrating sacred days 1..2..3… 10
          2) what percent is my current state in alignment with the sacred days energies? 1..2..3.. 10

          note the “10” is purely a coincidence to the “scale of energy” you are refering to. It just so happens that it was 10%

          Hope that clears up this. I will consider a follow up post which will go through the questions as I posed them.

          Kal Malik

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