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2012 Expectations

January 4, 2012

I am a great believer in setting up expectations. Here are two reasons…

  • Yes, there is the talk of setting them up will only lead to a bigger fall. But expectations to me are our gesture to the Universe. It’s like kids before Christmas hinting to their parents about what they want. Not that I am saying that the universe is our creator…er…or am I?
  • Fulfilment of expectations are a great way to get a sense that the universe is in our favour, which of course it is, but it’s nice to get a confirmation once and while.

Okay, so what are my expectations from the Mayan end of the cycle year?

Hedge druid goes global

I seem to have recovered my erstwhile lost sense of globe trotting and so my expectations are to fulfill a few global sacred site visits. On the list as potentials are…Egyptian pyramids, Peruvian cities, Bosnian pyramids, Easter Island statues, Maori sacred sites, native american holy places. And of course many of the home (UK) grown sites we still have to explore.

2012 Phenomena

Okay, I will never be jumping on this bandwagon. If anything I am a 2012 denier, there you go, feel free to tell me I was wrong while the world falls apart. I am a psychological explorer however and am very interested in the psychology of such beliefs so from that perspective expect a post or two.

Active Enlightenment

Guys! 2012 is the year that the audio-visual-written sensation that is Active Enlightenment will be launched. I have to say the personal and energetic development program is looking good. I don’t want to say too much about it at the moment (thus creating a sense of mystery and anticipation).

Knights Quest

Will I ever get my knighthood? Yes! This year there is nothing stopping me from fulfilling the edicts of this quest. Bring on the blue keys! Imbolc is when it will all fall into the next spiral.

Energy Double

I really want to explore this phenomena more, but it is so darned intangible that I don’t even know if I am exploring it. Hope to get to grips (possibly literally) with this.

House Energies

Okay, I am getting quite good at this (thus spake Kal’s ego) so please expect more of these. Indeed there are a couple of posts being created in draft. One of them was a failure from which a lot can be (was) learned.

And more…

Tarot, wand making (remember that one?) human energies, courses exploring the paranormal and holistic healing. Note…Gwas has already put forward his exciting sacred site course.


I expect to be providing some audios and videos of our explorations having got hold of After-Effects and other editing software. So I’m looking forward to sharing that with you.

Last word…

I have to laugh, I just read Gwas’s expectations and wrote an email to him saying, “Isn’t it strange that the year turns out more exciting than our expectations of them”

Kal Malik

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