Checklist for dowsing sites – 2012

January 9, 2012

I have been compiling a list of questions to ask at sites where the dowsing researcher may wish to explore. To assist in this process I offer you my latest list of questions which has been compiled from the fragments of various lists that were hanging around from years ago. Here is my current 2012 list of dowsing question which you may find useful in your own work.

If you spot any logical flaws, or things that I have missed (of which I’m sure there are many) then feel free to add a comment and I will try to keep the list up to date this year with everyone’s contributions. Most of the terminology used can be found in the Glossary page if they don’t make sense to you straight away.


Is the energy at this site affected by:-

  • the site’s alignment with The Moon

  • the site’s alignment with The Sun

  • the site’s alignment with specific planets

  • the type of rock used in the construction

  • the size of the stones, the site and the number of stones used

  • the underlying geology and water systems of the site

  • the living energy of nearby trees

  • the time of day

  • the time of year


Are there any sentient energies present at this site?

  • genius loci

  • nature spirits

  • elementals

  • energetic shrouds

  • something else


  • Is there an energetic formation that is the signature of the genius loci of the site? (i.e. a sigil)

  • Is there an energetic formation that is the signature of the astrological alignment(s) of the site?

  • Show me the formation that shows the time of year when

                       a) the strongest energies can be found here

                       b) the most energetic time for me occurs

  • Does any of the energy form a distinguishable pattern? If so, show me the pattern.

  • Has the pattern been changed by our presence?

  • Has the pattern been changed by our dowsing?

  • Can the pattern be fed by our intent?

  • Can we create our own pattern using this energy?

  • Is there another place linked to this place whose energies can be affected by this pattern?

  • Has the site been enhanced energetically by this pattern?

  • What is the purpose of any existing form?


  • Is the site’s geometry based upon a specific number? If so, what is that number?

  • Is there more than one number involved in its construction?


  • Are the energies of this site beneficial to me?

  • Are the energies of this site able to teach me something I have not known about before?

  • Can I be energised by the power centre? Or will I be balanced? Or cleansed? (i.e. is the motion inward, stabilising, or outward)

  • Show me the location of the strongest power centre that I am aligned to.

  • Is there a power centre here that is aligned with anyone else in particular?

  • Is the power centre naturally-occurring, natural but corralled or was it entirely human-created?


Show me the flow of energies of the following types:-

  • power centres

  • flowing water

  • male energy lines

  • female energy lines

  • neutral energy lines

  • blind spring

  • coloured energy lines (black, white, silver, gold, rainbow colours)

  • stress lines or faults

  • animal tracks


  • Show me the boundary of the aura of this site.

  • What is the strength of this aura?

  • In which direction does the aura flow?


  • Is the colour of subtle energy related to its resonant frequency?

  • Is the colour of subtle energy a form of light?

  • Are there any colours of subtle energy that have only one consistent effect upon a human?

  • Does the effect of a coloured energy line depend on the human who interacts with it?

  • Can a human affect the colour of subtle energy?


  • Is this site aligned to a star that is visible now?

  • What is the original star that this site was built to align to, or be affected by?

  • What is the current star that this site was built to align to, or be affected by?

  • Which elements of the site are affected by this star’s energy?

  • At what time of year was the site built to be most effective?

  • At what time of year was the site now most effective?

  • Is there a cup-marked stone at this site that shows the original star to which the site is aligned?


  • Is the subtle energy at this site connected or attracted to a place where that energy sinks into the earth?

  • Is this spot draining energy into the earth?

  • Is the energy that is being drained at this spot flowing outwards from this spot in any particular direction, or in all directions?


  • Is this site capable of helping me find one of the frequencies that I need to open a chakra?

  • Which chakra is it most beneficial for working with?

  • Take me to something at the site that assists with finding the right sound.

  • Is this aspect of the site always useful for this particular chakra?

  • Does any of the energy of this place respond to human-created sound? If so, where? And which frequency?


  • Is there anything else energetically of interest to me that is specific to this site alone?

Enjoy your dowsing year,


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  1. Thanks for that Gwas, it has certainly given me a few more ideas to try next time I visit a site! I think doing the whole list is a bit beyond me at the moment so I will start small and work up 🙂

    I’m a bit confused about one point – could you explain what you mean by an energy formation or sigil? Is it some sort of(three dimensional?)symbol created by energy?


    1. Hi Fi,

      Regarding “Sigils” – yes, your interpretation was correct first time. It’s a 2-D (if you dowse only on the ground) or 3-D (if you can dowse in the air – much harder) formation, often with a geometrical content (but not necessarily).

      If you do a search of the site for the word “sigil” you will find many stories of times when we have found shapes (I’m thinking particularly of an episode at Slane Castle, but there are lots).

      I used to dowse for them a lot, but have kind of forgotten about them recently. This year I will pick that up again and start recording them in the site. I have a page ready for them, but recording, transferring and publishing them is time-consuming. I’ll try to provide some examples in the near future.

      You can dowse for the sigils of particular spirits present at places, or you can simply dowse the formations of energy themselves. I like to differentiate the two by saying that a sigil is an energy signature of a particular spirit entity. Kind of like its signature.

      The use of sigils? Well, they allow you to recognise a parituclar spirit form, they provide a kind of “pass” to quickly re-establish contact (or ‘conjure’ if you prefer that term) a spirit form, and they can offer an insight into the nature and state of the spirit who displays their creativity and beauty through their ‘work’.


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