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House Energies…it’s all about you

January 19, 2012
  • If no one lives in a haunted house, is the house still haunted?

This question has perplexed physicists (in a way) and a paranormal investigator (me) for many moons. To add another piece of cheese to the pile of crumbs.

  • If a light starts to flicker in the bathroom (for no electronic reason) would it still flicker if there was no one there to see it? What if you put light recording equipment into the bathroom and left the house?

Those of you familiar with the observer effect from the realms of quantum physics will know that this is a dilemma that puzzles us still. As the joke goes…how many observers did it take for the universe to be created?

I digress slightly. This post is about a failure, as to whose failure it was, well you judge…

There is something in the house

Before I continue, I just want to point out that when people hear that I investigate sick houses there is the immediate statement that…”There is something wrong in my house” It’s inevitable. I have come to call this the Doctor in the house effect, since I recall from years previous when I used to hang with a doctor or two. Whenever someone found out that they were a doctor, ailments would appear from every corner. As the immortal axiom says…

  • As with Dr’s thus with Paranormal Investigators (I am loathed to say P.I.s)

Most of the time, there is nothing wrong with your house (certainly not in a way to drastically affect your life). In my experience there are more often more important concerns e.g. from a mental, emotional, physical and energetic perspective. After all GIGO (Garbage In Garbage Out). Again I digress slightly.

Thus here I was investigating another house. My first assumption is that there is nothing wrong with the house. So that is the first question I ask.

  • Is there nothing energetically significantly wrong with this house?

I have been questioned as to the importance of “the dowsing question”? i.e. does the phrasing of the question matter? Yes and no. Yes if you are trying to determine a cause or solution. No in general cases. What I mean here is that sometimes you know what you want to ask but can’t find an exact question that fits the bill. So you go for a close approximate. I have a theory about this (in another post). For Gwas’s theories see note at end. Anyway, the above question was fair to me as it kind of got to the crux of the matter. Also note that I can’t get the scientist out of me and like to mix up my methods a bit. Normally I would have asked “Is there anything wrong with this house?” Hmmm…the plumbing, the decor, the noise levels from neighbours…

Obviously the answer was yes.

  • What power centers where there: 9 and 7 black
  • 4 and 6 white
  • Was there an entity involved – yes.

O darn! Here we go again!. For illustration purposes I have created the video below so that you can see the layout of the room which contained the power centers.


The flickering energy on the left is the entity, the energy ball that is generated on the right is the level 7 power center. The energy then does a bit of loop and flows out of the room into the remainder of the apartment.

  • I have to say that the occupants of the apartment rarely if ever entered or stayed in that room, even though it was the main room of the house and that it had a big screen tv in it too.

Investigating the houses energies some more and the entity too I found that the seat that it was sitting on was a place that had seen some heavy emotional out-pourings. I queried the daughter (the occupants were a mother and daughter) and after some reluctance she told me that she had gone through a really bad emotional period some 8 years ago (the bad period was 3/4 years long). Most of this time she had spent in that room, on that sofa!

It was at this time that the entity had attached to her to gain a lift into the apartment and had settled on the place that had the most negative (depressive) energy.

Whose house is it anyway?

I have been studying thresholds increasingly over the last 8 months and have found it to be a significant factor when examining the dynamics of house energies. This case was no different, indeed what I found was that the entity had taken complete ownership of the house. It was its home! Again, questioning the owners confirmed that they didn’t feel at home in the apartment.

As I have learned, houses have thresholds. These thresholds can be owned (belong to). The person or persons who own the threshold have a much greater power in the house than someone who doesn’t. An interesting point is that thresholds can contain other thresholds to. For instance a house has a threshold, then within it a room can have a threshold too.

  • Have you or perhaps a family member that you know lived almost entirely in their room? Turning it into a sanctuary of a kind, even placing a sign on the door “My Room”.

This can create a threshold within the homes threshold. This is what happened in this case too. The daughter’s room had a threshold of its own. She owned it. Indeed, from the way the energies bounced of the door, it was besieged. Also the two positive power centers were in her room (the 6 was a place that the daughter regularly meditated).

The solution

Several questions revealed that this energy solution wasn’t going to be solved by the placing of crystals and burning of incense. Why? I don’t know. I do have a theory (but I’ve digressed enough times in this post). Anyway the solution for this problem came to this.

It was approaching Christmas and the shift in energy that would be needed to eject the entity was to have a family party in that room. Love, family, connection and the flavour of energy that only a Christmas type celebration can bring would give them ownership of the threshold. Once this was done,  I could instigate a kicking of ass via energetic items (yes, crystals, plants, candles etc.).

For several days, running up to Christmas, I tried to persuade the family to hold a celebration in that room, it failed. Christmas came and I asked them to move the dinning table into the offending room. They had invited me to celebrate Christmas with them and when I arrived I noted that the table had moved from another room. Alas though it had only moved to half-way into the room and half out.

  • In the video above, the table is just where the camera is positioned.

So, alas the saga remains the same. The daughter and mother, remain uncomfortable with the room in particular (and the house in general). Occasionally they ask me to look into it again and help them (I wonder how they overcome the s.e.p. field to do that, perhaps they have a higher energy state at that time. Worth investigating).

What is an energy worker to do?

Thanks for your time,

Kal Malik

ps: just to leave you with a mystery…the other power center in the daughter’s room has a whole avenue of investigation, remember it because I’ll be coming back to it.

pps: here is Gwas’s note on the dowsing question

I believe that whatever we are interacting with (higher self, helpful entities) is cleverer than we are in our everyday waking consciousness. When we are often unable to use language to specify our requirements that is not the end of our ability to ask questions. Our thought patterns may be quite clear about what we are asking, it is just that we have no language to express it.

When our thoughts are clear then our dowsing responses are more certain. There is no harm in asking an indistinct question, but don’t expect a clear response, that’s all! Sometimes, a stupid or indistinct question will lead you to formulate a better one when the answer comes back as unclear as well. It’s a process.

Often I find that where we make mistakes is in the interpretation of the response, not in the asking of the questions. In my experience, the clearer and more precise the question then the easier it is to understand and interpret the response.

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