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Venus, Neptune and Emotional Content

January 16, 2012

As I was travelling home from work last week I felt a strong connection with a star that wouldn’t leave my attention. It was Friday 13th, and although unlucky for some, it felt like a lucky occurence for me. I had that “Lucky Star” feeling – that this was a significant energy that I was feeling and that the star had a personal connection to me.

I decided that I shouldn’t ignore such a powerful emotion, and so I drove past my home exit and instead drove towards my nearest hill in order to get an unobstructed and unpolluted look at the star from height. Being January and cold there was no-one else around as I sat in my power centre gazing at the captivating star. Using my phone’s StarWalk application I was able to identify the celestial object as Venus in conjunction with Neptune.

Date Time UTC Planet Angle distance Planet Elongation to sun
January 13, 2012 07:07:30 Venus 1°10′ south of Neptune 36.4° East

(source: Wikipedia)
As I went into a light dazed state of mind, directing my unfocused attention to the twinkling pair of objects above, I felt an energetic connection on two parts of my body. I first felt a tug on my heart chakra, which I opened. A flood of gentle, clear and pure loving energy seemed to fill my being. Then there was a tug on my head, but I couldn’t identify which chakra point that was connected with exactly so I opened them all to its influence.
I felt like there was a direct connection with me and the planets – the shining star’s radiance was filling me with a distant but powerful light. The Venus connection almost made me cry with its strong emotional content.

The Neptune connection had a less identifiable influence. However I felt an incredible emotion of a pure love. I sort of expected this in as much as I knew this was Venus’ influence. It was nice to have this echoed back to me later when I read an astrologer’s interpretation of this conjunction:

“Venus conjunct Neptune invokes the principle of ‘higher love’ — the kind that’s not beset by jealousy or possessiveness but which has an egalitarian, humanitarian spirit” (source: PlanetWaves.net)

That was exactly how it felt. A pure love not connected with sexuality or a single relationship, but a wider feeling of love and kinship with all things. Very unlike my usual traits!

Here’s something else that struck me. I have been getting all sentimental in the last few weeks – buying old movies of Gene Kelly and Fred Astaire. I love their dancing in particular, but I must confess that my wife and I have been enjoying their old-fashioned romantic plot lines too. This is VERY MUCH not like me. So not like me that my wife has commented on how I must be going soft in my “old age” and even saying “What’s happened to you?“.

Here’s another astrologer’s interpretation of the Venus-Neptune alliance:-

“Sentimental and compassionate, natives with Venus conjunct Neptune are easily touched by others’ kindness, music, poetry, dance, and most any art that evokes emotion.” (source: CafeAstrology.com)

Research since then has led me to conclude the following:-

a) I am being strongly affected by the movement and position of the planet Venus this year. More so than any year previously.
b) Whilst I am developing a certain ‘vulnerability’ and sensitivity to Venus’ influence, I am also being shown that this is a means of tapping into an “emotional content” that will become a part of my energy-working and hedge druidry later in the year.

I have a feeling that emotional content is going to be an energy signature that pervades my work this year.


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  1. Ha-ha Gwas – I loved that clip of the Bruce Lee film! It so reminds me of my dear lovely spirit guide Adrha, always slapping me over the head and saying ‘what on earth do you think so and so was for!’ and such things. Sadly he left me, he told me I needed someone else for the journey I was going on, which has brought me to where I am now, my new guide seems to be female this time, but she rarely talks to me, well yes actually, she just communicates through feeling I suppose!

    I can’t imagine my old man EVER getting a romantic notion in his head! I think I’d faint if he ever suggested watching Gene Kelly (who I love too incidentally!) Joking aside, that great feeling of compassion, I know it from those wonderful times I too, have come into alignment with I guess my higher self. I don’t know if men are able to ‘meld’, I think it is possible, but you’ve all been conditioned to hold your feelings back, to keep a tight hold on the reigns and only allow logical content to dominate in the brain. Although I do think women are naturally more empathic because of our biological function, I know men once upon-a-time were able to let go more easily and experience the type of hyper ecstasy that now really only women seem able to tap into – its not peaceful, far from it, its like being struck by lightning and torn apart with love, like St Teresa the mystic describes her visits from ‘God’! I came close to it in Crete and I will never forget the magic of that holiday and what wonderful things unfolded:-)

  2. Nice post,

    I have been paying more attention to the night sky lately (: sky chart 🙂 as if now, and then, the stars are almost talking to me, calling to me, and I will talk to them, and wave my hands in further blessing, as to ancestors that are now gone, but never leave or die, seen as always in the stars, in the night sky, present, always One, without you or I.

  3. Hello from Montreal, Canada,
    I Am new to your blog, felicitations on a wonderful site, mindful and full of helpful energetic triggers.
    My life is a wirl right now with many serious challenges but I look forward to your good experiences and mindful insight to see beyond.
    Thank you.

    1. Hi Kara,

      Welcome to our humble blog. Glad you’re finding lots of information that is filtering into your life and hopefully helping you along your path. We update the site frequently with a variety of esoteric information and tales from our travels. Take what you find useful, and in applying it see if it doesn’t help stop that spinning feeling. But hey – that’s the world turning and the flow of the universe moving through you!


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