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Imbolc 2012 Part 1 The cleansing

February 9, 2012
Timber Frame Church

I was looking forward to Imbolc with an anticipation that couldn’t be contained. What with such a fantastic start to last year I was expecting an equally fate-filled day. Our first stop was to be Lud’s Church, a place that has had some significance for me since my Knights Quest began. However Gwas had a Church in mind and so, being one to follow the flow on sacred days I was happy to tag along.

We picked up a friend of Gwas’s, Mike and headed to the very close by church. As I stepped up the steps and through the surrounding graveyard I got a funny feeling. There were no shades here. Dowsing confirmed this intuitive leap. I asked as to the reason why and was led to a beautiful Yew tree in the corner of the church-yard.

I pondered as to whether I could find a use for being in this bright and fresh church yard and got an answer of, Yes. I was led again to the very same Yew tree and decided to spend some time under its eaves. Several moments later I felt a wash of energy trickle down my back and into the ground. I knew I had been energetically cleansed. Again my dowsing rods confirmed this. Thanking the Yew tree for its help on my journey. We went on to Lud’s Church

Kal Malik – off to a cleansed start

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