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Imbolc 2012 Part 4 St Helen and the Spiral

February 27, 2012

Some might accuse Gwas and I of embellishment when we write-up our post. In all honesty it is the reverse. Some experiences (or rather coincidences)we have are so bizarre that even we have difficulty believing them (and its us that they have happened to!) I digress. We had just left the wonderful Luds church and had arrived at a nearby well dedicated to St Helen.

Now if you recall, all the way back to last Imbolc. I was given my Knights Quest at a well dedicated to St Helen in Cumbria and here I was full spiral so to speak at another St Helens dedicated well. We had some difficulty in finding the well and when we did, it was disappointingly devoid of life and energy. Gwas and Mike wandered off to do their work and I was left to ponder this site.

crystal and incense layout

As Mike had observed, the well didn’t even have any water in it. Curiously however I had grabbed a full bottle of water from the car (parked some distance away) as I got out and had brought it with me. Was this an opportunity to seed the well with water and energy? The dowsing rods said Yes and I was clambering over the side of the well wall in an instant.

I asked what I needed and the answer pointed to crystals, again I had for some reason brought along a pouchful of crystals (which I don’t normally bring). So I had two of the three ingredients, crystals and water. The third was incense, which I had unfortunately used up at Luds church. I pondered going to look for Gwas when a blast of wind blew my pack of the wall and the empty packet of incense slid out. I looked at as a sign to go and get some, when my eye caught that there were two sticks that had slid out of what I had thought to be an empty pack. Coincidence.

I then reached into my pocket for the lighter and realised that I had given it to Mike earlier on. Again I was about to get up when coincidently Mike popped his head over the wall. I laughed and shouted for the lighter.

I sat besides this little energetic setup and conjured up energy from the earth. As I did I let the water fall over and around the site. I had a feeling to do this is all. After intending energy to flow from the well again. I wanted to know if there was now any energy in flow? Yes. Excellent! I followed the flow and it went along the downhill path that the water from the well would have taken if it hadn’t been dry. Wow!

I asked whether my work would last and got a response of no. It was temporary. I asked for help in maintaining this flow and was led to a nearby hawthorn tree. I asked whether the tree would/could be encouraged to main the energy flow? Yes. Excellent. I stood under the tree and guided its energies towards the well.

I was still not done however because even with the tree, the energy flow would not be sustained. I looked around at the surrounding landscape and noted the rise and fall of the land. Now I know that energy loves to follow these dips and curves so I asked whether I could direct the energies from this land to the well. Yes. Brilliant. I walked about the land herding the energies to the sacred well and after some time I knew the job was complete.

It is a lovely feeling when you get the sense of a job well done. I returned to the well and the crystal layout. I sat by it and just tuned out. I wasn’t meditating or indeed visualising. Just peaceful and contented rest. It was at this time that the same St Helen appeared to me (Okay I know, sounds weird right?) but she did so what can I say. Just as before she showed me the path of blue keys and invited me to follow it. Once more unto the breech I thought and stepped up to the challenge.

The day was turning into a sparkling occasion and more fun was to be had at the Bridestones Sacred site.

Kal Malik Knight Errant


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  1. Kal – I was really curious about Bridestones, so I’ve just googled about the area and then took a look on google map. I thought the name was familiar, so I scanned out to see where it was in relation to Sheffield, where I live. A few years ago (I think I mentioned this in an email) a friend asked me to investigate a disturbance in her house involoving a spectral nun. I then discovered a ley line which runs through Connisborough castle (Nr Rotherham) some tumuli, Wincobank Hill and my local cemetary (it goes through my house partially, which is why I have a lot of ‘visitors’-ha-ha!) and heads south west towards Staffordshire. My guides told me to name it ‘Celeste’ for some reason (maybe something to do with a star alignment?) Yes Bridestones is on that line, I thought it sounded familar! So looks like it connects with my house – which has really spooked me! I think I’m going to have to investigate this for myself, though I take on board your warnings about the energy. This is something I really feel compelled to look into, as its on my home grid as it were and Wincobank is deffinately a ‘sick’ site too. How extraordinary is that??? Honestly I don’t make this stuff up!

    A bit of a quest for me I feel – incidentally if you have any other bits of info on that area can you email me or ring if you like 🙂


  2. Sorry Kal – I think I was confusing Lud’s church with the Bridestons site where you encountered that dark energy, I was tired when I read the posts! Thank you for your friendship too 🙂

  3. I’ll admit it: sometimes, it does seem like the events you both recount seem a little farfetched. But it’s easier to understand if you look at it as they do happen, if not in our combined reality, then in your perception of such. In that respect, it’s much easier to understand it.

    Am I saying I don’t believe you? No. Am I saying I do? Not necessarily that, either. I do enjoy reading your experiences, though, and learning more about the events of your spiral. So keep writing. I encourage it, if that means anything.

    1. Hey Kaye,

      Thanks for your honesty. Just taking a quick review of my memory. I cannot think of a time when we have even embelished a tale. Quite the contrary, it is hard sometimes to convert the sheer splendour of an event (or more likely a series of events) into words.

      Whether we are shaped by the events or we shape their meaning is a question for the long nights (and tall beer glasses) of winter and we have often explored it in the quiet times.

      What we have striven for is a personally truthful account of our experiences, that is about as far as I would go.

      And yes, Kaye. It means a lot. Thank you.

      Kal Malik – following his bliss

  4. Hi Kal 🙂

    Wow your synchronicities are astonishing, especially the incence apearing like that! If you don’t already know – St Helen’s Pagan origins come from the Goddess ‘Elen’ the horned Elk/deer Goddess, she also happens to be the Goddess of ley lines, hence ‘Sarn Helen’ in Wales, which is an old straight track. She seems to be making herself known to a lot of people at the moment, so you having a vision of ‘St Helen’ makes perfect sense and can only serve to confirm that you and Gwas are blessed by powerful spirits 🙂 Things are certainly being pushed up a few notches for you guys – Lud’s church is obviously a site in much need of attention and healing. I’m curious about this site now, I wonder what happened historically to damage the land so much. Maybe it’s the site of an old battleground? It would be interesting to learn what research into the history would yield.


    1. Good day Liz,

      Yes indeed. St Helen has been a force for driving change in my life over the last year. It was last Imbolc, when Gwas and I were in Cumbria that we came across a well dedicated to St Helen. It was there that I was launched into a quest. Which is being completed as we speak.

      Lud’s church is a fascinatingly energetic place, with much history. My own interest in the place arose when, last year, I was directed to the sacred place by the ‘green’ knight. As it was to be the place where my quest would reach its conclusion.

      Gwas is more familiar with its historical significance perhaps he can shed some light on your query. As for me, the site was a fabulous place where I was entertained like an honoured guest.

      Thanks for your friendship,

      Kal Malik

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