Imbolc 2012 part 5 Bridestones, Orbs and an Unexpected Guest

Our last stop on Imbolc was the Bridestones. Nothing particularly exciting happened for me at that site, or so I thought until the next day I was sorting through the images that I had taken and my eye was caught by this…


Intrigued by this mystery I did this set of dowsing in my room. And for the first time you will see (hear) how we have to go through several options before our intuition kicks in. Enjoy!

note: I don’t apologise for the length of the recording, it is how it ‘really’ is.


Dowsing audio clip

Kal Malik (appreciating the inane questions that Carlos Castaneda was always asking during his apprenticeship)

5 Responses to “Imbolc 2012 part 5 Bridestones, Orbs and an Unexpected Guest”

  • Bronzewing says:

    It was indeed worth it! I not only enjoyed it, but it taught me a great deal about dowsing as well!

  • Bronzewing says:

    I really enjoyed listening to the recording, thanks Kal!

    • kal says:

      Hey Bronzewing,

      Thanks, really appreciate that. I was so unsure as to whether it was worth recording and indeed posting.

      Thanks again, your comment has spurred me on!

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