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Ouija boards – Wetting your appetite Part 1 of 2

February 19, 2012


OuiJa Board

The YesNo board

The other day I was asked about my thoughts on the Ouija board and using it. The asker knew about my explorations in the paranormal and that was the impetus for their question.

In my life I’ve had 3 experiences with an OuiJa board. Two of these were as a user (when Iwas a naive student) and the third was dealing with the consequences of someone else’s use. All 3 encounters had put me off for life, however, in answer to the questioner I said, give me a few days and I’ll let you know.

My problem is this, many people have used the OuiJa board and have reported a boring evening. Lot’s right? Derren Brown the famed (in the UK) illusionist has proclaimed that it is all to do with an idemotor effect. What I wanted to know (in a dowsing sense) was why were many encounters boring and others more interesting?

The question that immediately came to mind was…

  • is the Ouija board accessing the same Knowledge source as dowsing rods?”

That moved me to other questions…

  • “were we contacting the shades of dead people?”
  • Were we contacting entities?
  • Was there a reason as to why most of the time nothing exciting happened?
  • Was this to do with the energies of the place?
  • Was it to do with the energies of the people?
  • Did astronomical/astrological energies play a part?

Further questions were asked…

  • Was it safe to use an Ouija board?
  • Was it safe if we put protection up?
  • Could it be made safer?
  • Which of these was the key factor?

Still, this is all conjecture (I love that word) so against my own historical feelings. I decided to consider having another bash at this dangerous pastime.

This is a wet your appetite post…ask your intuition in whatever way you fancy. what do you think (feel) the answers are to the above questions?

Kal Malik – dangerous experiments

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  1. I had a rather bad experience with Ouja boards myself, I won’t go into it all as its a rather long story, but suffice to say I think all of us at the time got very carried away with the board. I think the subconscious mind plays a big part in moving that glass and the answers it gives, especially if anyone you’re sharing the glass with, has a powerful and controlling agenda as did one of the people I did this with. I think if you’re an experienced Medium/clairvoyant and put up protection, I daresay it works well, but unlike dowsing you need more than one person and unless you can be sure that other person’s/people’s energy is compatible with yours, I’d say leave well alone. Proceed with caution would be my advice 🙂

    1. Thanks Liz, I am not one for contacting the dead as such, wishing them all safe journeys whereever they are. However I am a one for exploration and this is just that, a quick dip in to see what is what. Your caution is duly noted and thank you for the reminder.

      Kal Malik

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