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Spiral Part 3: Nine Stones and a gift beyond measure

February 5, 2012
Welcoming Nine Stones Close

This post is preceded by Part One (A Call to the Nine Ladies) and Part Two (Doll Tor and the Hidden Gem).

A trip to Derbyshire isn’t complete without visiting the fabulous Nine Stones Close sacred site. I have to say that our first visit to this site wasn’t promising. We had felt that the energies were strong there but not aligned with us. We were young, we were foolish, we were unrecognising the beautiful but ill Oak tree in the adjacent (but close) field.

Fortunately we have learned. Nine Stones is now one of my favourite sites. There I have danced with Pan, healed a so grateful Oaks aura and been blessed with its protection. I owe the site a lot and as I approached it across the muddy fields I knew without communing that it was shouting a tally-ho across the fields. I know sounds like a lot of hubris, but in some cases, I am sorry guys, you just have to be there. Experiences are visceral.

This was the third sacred site that I visited and I felt I was on a wonderful role. With my meeting the Maori spirit singer at nine ladies, the energised Lapis at Doll Tor and now the welcoming nine stones close. Okay I was up to my ankles in mud, but hey, the sun had broken through the clouds and I was joyous.

Propping my bag on the stone wall between the tree and the stones I did some preliminary dowsing…

  • Was the Oak healthy? Yes. Good, that Oak is my friend.
  • Was there any work for me to do at the site? Yes.
  • Did the site need any healing? No. Good, since Gwas the Earth healer was absent.
  • Was the work on myself? Yes.
  • Did I need to meditate? No. O Okay.
  • Did I need to visualise? Yes. Ah…er…what’s the difference?
  • Did I need anything? Yes.

I asked to be taken to what I needed and was led to my bag. I opened the bag, which alas has so much clutter in it, it would make a Feng Shui practitioner scream. Anyway I asked which section of the bag I needed to look and was after a few more questions pointed at a folder of notes.

Side note: Having progressed along the path of getting my book published by Hay House (see Kals 3 Goals) I am in the process or rather beginning the process of creating an audio/visual version of it (Active Enlightenment). To that end I have been failing miserably at trying to order the book in accordance with its new form. The notes for this was contained in tha bove mentioned folder.

I have a theory, please let me know what you think in the comments. My theory is that if something is playing on your mind then dowsing and communing and visiting of sacred sites will take this obsessing into account in its direction – sometimes. What do you think? Why are we directed/guided as we are? For instance, what the heck is the Knights Quest all about? Would love your thoughts on this.

The beginning

And so I have been playing with this content for the last 3 weeks in attempt to bring order to chaos. Now, here I am with this pile of notes, in a muddy field, with four huge rocks in it. Question time…

  • Are these notes what I am being directed at? Yes.
  • Am I to read them to find what I am looking for? No
  • Is it the notes as a whole? Yes.
  • Should I do a visualisation on them? Yes

Okay, first thing is that there were a lot of questions – that in honesty I feel foolish in repeating, so I wont, secondly. I had no idea what “visualise on them” meant. The best I could manage was to sit on the stone wall under the oak facing the circle and look through my notes. And then it happened…

As I leafed through the notes, looking at all the permutations that the topics could go in, I saw what was needed. Not only did I see this but also the music from the Maori singer came to mind. She hadn’t been singing in a rhythm that went fast at all. She had been singing in a spiral. It was so clear that I saw the image float in 3D space in front of me. With the image came an unblocking, as if the mental gates had opened and the process could run freely. Honestly, I cried.

My purpose for the next few weeks is to create that vision,

Kal Malik

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  1. Hi Michele,

    I agree with Gwas absolutely and would like to add this curio…

    Often we ask to be led to a power center (or indeed to anything) why are we almost always led along a winding path? A path often very convuluted which ends up some ten feet away?

    My ‘working’ theory is that this path is one that we need to walk to get the power center.

    Perhaps it is so with other esotoria that we garner from our visions and quests gained at sacred sites? That we are guided along paths that are not ‘rationally’ seen but are intuitively towards our needs?

    Kal Malik

  2. Hi … I have experienced on several (maybe many now) occasions that a site or some aspects of a site will not be dowsed by me on a given visit – sometimes this is because I am not ready for the knowledge , sometimes it is my physicality/ spirituality are not operating at full strength and the place or its energies guard me – for which I am hugely grateful! but yes , things which are not clear become clear, insights which are nothing to do with my outer, conscious brain’s quest for that day come into my awareness. so I agree, at least sometimes, those things which we are dowsing (whether they be projection of our sub/un conscious selves OR not) are flexible in their response as to our receptiveness, our mood, our state of mind. Things are revealed only when we can handle them, or in a subtle way that fits with our progress in understanding. Thanks for the prompt to think carefully about this once again. x

    1. Hi Michelle,

      You raise an extremely useful argument here. Both Kal and I have remarked on many occasions (too many to mention and even to record) that we have been given the knowledge we need just when we need it and not before we were ready, or after it was useful. This is one of the most powerful aspects to the argument that some form of higher design or intelligence is guiding our progress in a spiritual sense (I believe we are largely responsible for our physical and mental selves).

      The difficulty in bringing such an argument into the wider discussion on guidance is that the “gifts” are extremely significant ONLY to the person to whom they are given. Sadly this makes explaining their significance very dubious to a sceptical mind. It’s easy to sound a bit mad trying to explain! So I don’t.

      Thanks for the reminder about this often overlooked part of our work,

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