Dinas Bran shows the way

March 15, 2012
Gorgeous Day

Well, well, well. Talk about mystical settings. You cannot get better than Dinas Bran. Gwas and I have visited this sacred hill-top site on many occasions and it has never disappointed. This fine late February day could have been mistaken for a summer’s day. The sun was bright and the the temp was nearer the twenties (centigrade). A day that literally could not be spent in doors. So by 10 a.m. I was itching to be out doors and decided to go to Llangollen and Dinas Bran.

Not being as fit as I was last year (I’m working on it) the climb up the hill was rather arduous but I knew it would be worth it since many a helpful vision had been had upon that magical hill-top. Let me see…

  • UFO sighting
  • Energy Double experience
  • Caileach audience

    Beneficial Place

Are ones that I can recall off-hand. So was this going to be another excellent experience? I reached the top and spent a few minutes gathering my breath and indeed drinking a litre or so of water. Phew! The sun was brilliant and I had the whole castle to myself. I dowsed for a beneficial energetic spot and found one near the twin windows (as I like to call them).  I sat in the window to the left and looked out upon the Welsh countryside. Peace is the word I would use to describe the feeling this morning.

I thought about the previous experiences I had had at this sacred site and whether any more would be fourth coming. Also in mind was the completion of my Knights Quest. Although I have 4 more weeks in which to do so, time was passing. I closed my eyes and let these thoughts play with themselves. As I let my mind open to the possibilities I heard music playing. It wasn’t in this world, it was in my mind. The music was familiar. It was a song that me Energetic Double had sung to me a year or so ago upon the Druids Circle one stormy night. At the time it had called me across the ocean to South America and a pyramid in the jungles. Where was it calling me this time?

As was the last time, I let the song pull me and it flew me south to a huge forest. I internally recognised it as the Forest of Dean some 200 miles south of where I currently was. I spotted my Energy Double sat amongst the trees and knew that it was indicating that this is where I should start with my Knights Quest completion pilgrimage. My eyes opened and I drew a deep relaxing breath. I didn’t know that not knowing where to start had been so stressful.

A few minutes later the dowsing rods had confirmed the knowledge gained and I did a quick gratitude ceremony and with a  final look around that wondrous place. I was off home.

Kal Malik – Following mysterious signs.

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