Full moon and Knights quest completed – but why?

March 29, 2012
Gop Hill
Gop Hill

It was a full moon tonight and Gwas called me up about 4:30pm and suggested we go out. As always I was game and off we toodled to a spot that may seem innocuous but has been a place we have both found to energetically fruitful. The place being Gop Hill.

As an aside, on the way to Gwas’s abode I left the motorway (freeway) and came to a stop at the junction at the top. I was waiting. The sun had almost reached the horizon and it was a very cloudy day. I had a notion that if a spark of sunlight should escape before it set then the evening would be prosperous. So I waited. The car behind me honked his horn and then pulled up besides mine, “are you ok?” the man asked and I responded by gesturing at the setting sun. “I am waiting to see if the sun breaks the clouds.” He looked at me in annoyance and drove off at haste. A few seconds later the sun shone through a break in the clouds, a nice beam that shot off into the heavens. At last!

Gwas and I arrived at Gop hill an hour or so later and had just enough light to climb to the top of the hill. Although it was mild at the bottom, the top proved to have a ferociously cold wind blowing across it. Having to carry my dowsing rods in one hand had left me frozen to the bones.

As we walked up Gwas remarked that he hoped to get some signal/indication from Merlin this night, whilst I was curious to see the effects of a Moonstone that I coincidentally had pocketed the night before. When we got to the top we both dowsed for a position of power and ended up some 40 feet from each other. Trying to get out of the freezing blasts I lay down on my spot and instantly the cold vanished. Amazing! I heard Gwas remark to the same effect and we both got on with our own work.

I lay down on my power spot and relaxed into an open mind. After a while I felt a shadow on my left side. It was a vision  of course, not an actual shadow. Out of the corner of my eye, so to speak, I appraised the shadow and realised that it was a man in armour leaning on a sword. For some reason my mind got into a bit of a mixamatosis because I translated this guy into Merlin. With that translation, I ignored him, since he was obviously here for Gwas.

For the remainder of the 15 minutes or so this guy stood to my left facing me, with me ignoring him. I think at one point, I even shooed him towards Gwas. In hindsight my stupidity was amazing.

Some time later we both felt that our time there was done and arose into the howling wind. As we made our way down the wooded area, we exchanged tales of our experiences. I asked Gwas if he had seen the Merlin that was stood by me. No. I described him to Gwas and he exclaimed, “Why do you think it was Merlin, sounds more like a knight to me.”

Duh! This stopped me in my tracks! Of course it was a knight you idiot! We both stopped as this news took full hold of me. As Gwas laughed I took my rods and asked, was it a Knight? Yes. Had it been for me? Yes. Had it been to tell me that my quest was complete?Yes. Had I missed an opportunity here? Yes.

Fortunately, it wasn’t that important, though I felt like I had just missed my Knighting Ceremony. As we continued down the hill I posed questions to Gwas. How come? What about the pilgrimage? So many unanswered questions!

Gwas, laughed. “Sometimes it is like that

Kal Malik Knight Errant!

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  1. You know, he was probably only waiting there a few hundred years. No biggie. 😉 What’s time anyway? I say go back, bring a bit of mead as an apology and see if you can get caught up with him.

    1. Thanks BR. I had thought of that. However as the latest post shows. I was waylaid onto a pilgrimage anyway. I am still wondering if it was neccessary or not.
      Thanks for your comment.
      Kal Malik

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