Map dowsing my recovery

March 1, 2012

lately I have been over-worked and exercising too much. I have had so little time left for updating the blog and doing any spiritual work that I have been left feeling disconnected and strained. I decided I needed a break. After a tense negotiation with my lovely wife she graciously accepted that it was in both our interests if I took a few days away to recover.

With this in mind I began the thought processes turning about where I should go. Somewhere with a spa, or healing waters, or a relaxing heated pool. Such visions filled my mind and my logical brain began to suggest some obvious places: Harrogate, or Bath, perhaps? Both sounded great, so I began to look for hotels. Despite a cursory search I couldn’t find what I was looking for! Something wasn’t right. I needed the dowsing rods to help me, and so I decided to do my own version of map dowsing, which is really more like “direction and distance finding”.

I cleared my mind, relaxed, and asked the important preliminary questions:-

  • was it alright for me to use the dowsing rods to ask about such a topic? YES.
  • would I be able to get a suitable response to my questions related to going on a break? YES.
  • was it right and proper for me to do this? YES.

All well and good, therefore I set my mind to finding what I was looking for. I had two stipulations:

  1. The place or hotel must have a pool and spa facilities (I really couldn’t shake the image of me relaxing in a jacuzzi)
  2. The place must have some energies that I can use to aid my recovery back to full spiritual strength.
  3. The place I visited must have a beneficial sacred site very close by (I wasn’t going to drive for an hour to visit a place, climb a steep hill, and then tramp over moorland when I’m supposed to be resting)

With these stipulation set in mind I called upon the rods to show me the direction I should head in. The rods swung around and stuck firmly in one direction. I moved left and right to try to pull them away (always a good test of whether the result is real). The rods didn’t move. I realised I didn’t have any compass to determine which direction I was being shown, so I had to put the rods down and go find one.

Head East, young man!

I did the dowsing again and the rods swung around to exactly the same direction as before. Good sign. Using the compass I found that the direction was due East. Exactly. Oh! How odd! From my part of the country there wasn’t really anything that I knew of that was of interest due East! North, South and West, yes, but due East? Due East is the rising ofthe light, the Sun’s first appearance. I have recently been informed that this year’s theme will be “more light”. I wonder if this is significant? I was puzzled, but decided to continue with more dowsing to get some definition.

Next question. How far away is the place that I should visit? I dowsed up in spans of ten miles, 0-10, 10-20, etc. The rods began to turn between one particular range. To be sure of the exact number I started at the bottom of this ten-mile range and moved up in one mile intervals until I reached the exact number. Now I had my co-ordinates. A bearing and a distance. Next I had to translate that onto a map.

This part was easy. Using Google Maps I simply used the ruler tool to measure out the distance across a map of the country, due East from my house. Of course, as you and I both would expect the result ended up being in the middle of nowhere, right? Wrong!! It ended up being right in the middle of a town whose name I recognised. More than that, there was a sacred site right in the heart of the town. And it was one that I had been recommended to visit by a friend several years ago. Since then I had imagined going to visit it several times. Now, my spirit guides had led me to this exact spot. How could I not go? I booked a hotel nearby.

Now let’s see what happens!


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  1. I have recently been informed that this year’s theme will be “more light”. I wonder if this is significant?

    Coincidence alert. Do you mind saying when this was, Gwas? For me January flew by in a blur and I achieved nada. At Imbolc, I had the strongest compulsion to ‘let the light in’ and on a physical level have been busy decorating my home, firstly I painted two east facing rooms white without thinking about it much but as they are so much brighter I’m now carrying on, eliminating any dingy spots and making them shine. Also, my inbox has been filled of late with white light meditations from several different sources which I’m happily working on. Shine on!

    1. Coincidence indeed! The fact that you had the same instruction adds to my feeling that this is a general projection going out to all energy workers as a directive for them to follow this year, although – instead of “directive” I might say rather that those who align to the motivation of the flow of the universe are finding that this year’s intention if to bring in more light energy onto The Earth.
      The timing was impeccable – Imbolc – February 1st was when I got this message. Like you, January flew past without anything of any interest happening at all. Then suddenly, at Imbolc, the doors flew open and the light began to flow in. I have recently moved around in my office (after 6 years of being in the same place) to a corner where there are three windows. There is now much more natural light, and it feels amazing! And in addition, I have convinced the boss to repaint the office in brighter colours.
      The theme of the year for all us energy workers seems to be “let there be light”!


    1. Oh the suspense! There are three posts coming up. Interesting things happened. In fact, I would say that each post in more and more intruiging. The last one is quite controversial. Coming your way in the next week!


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