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Ouija boards – the answers

March 17, 2012

The YesNo board

In a previous post on Ouija Boards I posed the questions below…without my answers. Time to compare notes…

The question that immediately came to mind was…

  • is the Ouija board accessing the same Knowledge source as dowsing rods?” No it isn’t although an Ouija board use is through our intuition (which is what I believe dowsing is).

That moved me to other questions…

  • “were we contacting the shades of dead people?” Sometimes (note, not their spirits I have to say.)
  • Were we contacting entities? Yes, Sometimes.
  • Was there a reason as to why most of the time nothing exciting happened?

    OuiJa Board

Okay, this gave an interesting result. In the case on an entity, geographical distance mattered. I started by asking was this distance in the 100’s of metres range and got a no. So I said 10’s No. Then I started at 10…9… and so on and the conclusion was that the entity had to be sitting (if not attached to one of the attendees). That was quite a surprising answer. My thoughts would have been that an entity had to be nearby at least, My assumption being that when one is using a Ouija board, one is shouting out into the world…”Is there anybody there?”

On the matter of connecting with a shade it was the opposite i.e. distance wasn’t a factor. After playing around with various questions around this arena the following conclusion was reached. The best way that one could connect with a Shade was to call it specifically by name AND be in an energetic alignment with that shade. Now then, what is energetic alignment in this instance? I don’t know. But it isn’t, being a relative or knowing its history.

  • Was this to do with the energies of the place?

Now then, the energies of the place had a significant factor. Here is a break down:

  • 46% is due to the energies of the place
  • 36% was due to the energies of the speaker (note the speaker not the attendees in general).
  • 18% (yes I dowsed for the 18) is to do with the energies of whatever is being contacted.

That last bit was surprising, my assumption would have been that it is a collective energy of the attendees (I wonder how that relates to other ceremonies?)

  • Did astronomical/astrological energies play a part? No. Fair enough!

Further questions were asked…

  • In general was it safe to use a Ouija board? No.

I did some further dowsing around this and found that it was obviously  only unsafe if it worked. This had something to do with thresholds which would need more exploration. I have a life you know.  Interestingly, I asked whether it would be safe for me to do it? No. Was this because it would work in my current place? Yes. Was this because there was an entity attached to me? Yes. Hmmm now then, upon hearing this I felt not worried about it. Normally I would kick butt. But I asked a funny question. Is this entity beneficial for me? Yes. Ah, okay. (Again further investigation needed to be done here) BUT here is the thing. If I used a Ouija board would this entity turn hostile? No. But if I used it then I would be more hmmm open to them. I think that what it meant was that know it has a feather touch on me, but if I used a ouija board that feather would be elevated to a baseball bat, not that it would change its just that it would be more present I guess.

  • Was it safe if we put protection up? No. It raised your protection (or mine from a 3 to 6).
  • Could it be made more safer? No. Ok – No crystals then.

Well, I’m sorry if you were expecting a Ouija board session. Frankly I was game, but this set of dowsing has put me off.

Kal Malik – playing it safe.

ps: re the entity.

  • how beneficial 1 (out of 10)
  • how much influence 0.5
  • if I used a ouija board what influence? 6 – SIX! Holy Zarquon!


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  1. I seldom comment here, but I just wanted to say how much I really appreciate your willingness to reveal the results of your experiments, regardless of their result or interpretation. You are one of the only druids out there who does this, and it is always a breath of fresh air.

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