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In some cultures, particularly those classified by ethnographers as being “primitive”, there is a wide-ranging and long-lasting reported idea (often interpreted as being a belief) that a photograph captures the soul of a person (related article). I do not believe that this is an accurate reflection (pardon the pun) of the situation regarding human energy fields and photographs. I think it has been mis-interpreted or changed through the ages in popular mythology.

In my investigations into the concept of energy being in any way related to photographs I have come to the following conclusions:-

  • No part of the soul is removed with the taking of a photograph?
  • Any realistic depiction can be used to direct energy towards
  • Unless the recipient has taken precautions then the energy will find its target, and the intention of the energy will be unleashed.

Suddenly this makes the reluctance to be photographed seem a little less “primitive” and a lot more sensible. In the wrong hands you just don’t know what intentions are going to be directed toward you and from whom!

How photographs act as connection points

Photographs can only act as a focus for intent for directing the psychic energy of living humans. In other words, no ghost, spirit, deceased human, or any other form of intelligent entity can use a photograph for the direction of intent. People, living people, can use photographs to act as the destination for their intended energy. The result of this is that this visualisation creates a psychic bridge – a sort of tunnel – through which the projector can transfer energy to the intended recipient who is depicted in the picture.

We can see how this works by choosing a picture that contains several people. The intended energy will only be received by the people to whom the energy has been directed. Within any group the whole or any single member may be selected and the result will be that the recipient of the intended energy was the target selected by the sender when the photograph was used. Thus, we should perhaps think more carefully when we allow photographs of ourselves to circulate. Amongst friends this is good, but amongst the wider community this may invite unwanted attention.

The degree to which the energy sent will affect the target depends on the status of the energy field of the targeted person. Someone with a strong energy field or who is protected by forces that connect to their field may be completely unaffected by any attempt to connect to them. Other people’s energy fields may actually attract this type of connection whether intentionally or otherwise. Some people’s energy field is so weak that attachments of all sorts can occur quite readily. I recommend Sue Allen’s book “Spirit Rescue” which discusses these forms of attachment and how to prepare and repair your energy field.

I have found that it is only possible to direct energy to your your target in its current state. In other words, it is not possible to attempt to heal a past trauma by directing healing energy to a photograph of someone when they were younger (in the past). Only the present can be used as a focal point for this kind of energy work. This technique has no value for trying to do things like soul retrieval, or anything like that. It is very much a technique of the moment, even if it makes distance no object.

I’m sure you can think of some ways in which this is a positive thing, and others in which this quality of photographs could be used negatively. As with any knowledge, it is the intent and activity surrounding the knowledge that determines its value. It is possible to use a photograph of yourself to direct positive intentions and healing that will reflect back on yourself! Here is one other suggestion for making a positive use of photographs to direct energy.

A fun experiment with photographs

  1. Go find a recent photograph of a friend who you know may be having a hard time recently. Perhaps they have lost their job, or are struggling financially. Perhaps they are in ill-health or have recently lost a loved one.
  2. Gather the photograph that shows this person and light a candle next to it.
  3. Using the flame of the candle, begin to gather within yourself some positive emotions – think of moments in your own life where you felt happiness, success, the feeling of winning, pride in a job well done, the emotion that accompanied a charitable act.
  4. Gather these feelings and turn them into a whirlwind, a twisting pulsating maelstrom of brightly-coloured strands of energy.
  5. Once they are mustered, direct them towards the photograph of your friend and send your intention for these energies to reach that person and to be of use to them as your friend sees fit. (If you use spirit guides to assist you with work like that then you may ask them to help you to ensure that the energy reaches the intended recipient, and that it is received in the most useful form that it could be).
  6. Now spend a moment looking into the candle flame again and gather some of that light into yourself to replenish the energy that you have sent out. When you feel content and whole again, blow the candle out to signify the closing down of the connection.

If you worked through this procedure then think no more about it. This form of energy work achieves its best results if left to its own devices. Your concentration on the outcome will detract from its efficacy and intent. Maybe soon you will hear your friend has better news? Time will tell.

I hope this suggested an interesting avenue for your energy work. Perhaps you can add your own experiences of photos and their uses to the comments for other to learn from too?


Kal, here. An interesting post. Just thought I would drop a few comments and turn this into a conversation post if you like.

There are a few occasions when I have had an experience that involves images and energy. Let me see if I can recall them off the bat.

  1. I think the first time was when I was in the States a few years ago and had an awful nightmare filled night in a hotel room, remember that one? I dowsed for what could help to change the energies of that room and was directed to my bag and a book inside it. In the book was a post card with the image of Lakshmi. By placing this image in (what seems) an innocuous place the energies of the room changed dramatically. Here is the post that relates to that bit of dowsing (Nightmares, dowsing and the Tarot). Wow, I found that using Google!
  2. On another occasion I was doing a house dowse and found that the best place for a person to sleep was a small unused room,why? Because on the wall was an old painting of the persons mum. That painting was giving off positive, beneficial energy.
  3. The there was a house dowse I did and found a spot in a room that had been giving good energy but had stopped. The reason was because a picture of the owners folks was on a table on that spot. It had been moved.

As an aside I wonder what the difference is between a picture (photo) and a painting? There is some evidence to suggest that a painting would be more energetically connected than an image. Also what about focusing on a picture on a phone?

And I wonder whether a photo is a better connection than a personal item. Also a question that arises is, “Why? What makes this work? What do we know already that adds evidence to suggest something like this would work?“. I am not denying that it does work, but why?


Back with Gwas. Good questions, Kal. Let’s see if I can answer them:-

  • I wonder what the difference is between a photo and a painting?

A picture is a better means to connect to a person than a picture. The reason for this is that a photograph is so much faster than a picture to create. In the time of creation there is less opportunity for the people involved (subject and object) to create a mutual bond of trust (which is a two-way connection). A photograph usually creates only a one-way connection from the photographer to the subject, and not a reciprocal energy link. In this sense indigenous cultures are sensing the one-way energy link and are inherently protective of this type of connection. However, a painting done from a photograph of someone IS the same as taking a photograph if the depiction is realistic. The more abstract the image the less powerful the connection.

  • What about focusing on a picture on a phone?

A picture on a phone is just as viable as a picture developed onto photographic paper. It is not the medium with which the photograph is captured that determines the capability, rather it is the clarity of the photograph – it’s quality and likeness.

  • Is a photo a better connection than a personal item?

No. A personal item it better. The more the item is personal and invested with energy then the stronger the connection possible using that item.

  • What makes this mechanism work?

Good question! It has something to do with our ability to form a remote connection to a person’s consciousness through some form of interconnectedness that I don’t understand. Once connected via this energy bridge we can maintain that connection using will, and direct intention to the subject of the photograph using that mental link. Beyond that it’s a mystery at the moment.


One Response to “Working with photographs”

  • I have so many thoughts on photography in response to this, but I can’t get a handle on how to share them all.

    Let me start with this: I hate getting my photo taken, especially of my face. On the one hand, it’s a mundane thing – I don’t think I photograph well. On the other hand, it’s spiritual – I do not know what people are going to do with my image.

    If you are just introduced to the idea of a camera, it makes sense that it would instill an innate sense of terror upon seeing the image. Cameras capture everything about a scene, from the subject to the background and, if spirit photography is to be believed, even your aura and spirit. So this idea that cameras can steal one’s soul…it’s not exactly a bad one. As technology progresses, cameras are becoming more and more powerful. Who’s to say they won’t one day figure out a way to photograph the soul?

    There’s another sense of looking at this, too. If you follow a Pagan path and work with deity or spirit, then there is likely an icon on your altar or shrine. If you have an altar or shrine, then you are using a symbolic system. We can look at photos as symbolic items, as they only stand in for their contents. So if we equate a photograph of, say, yourself with a red candle, then it becomes easier to see how we might use a photograph in spellwork to affect others. And that is a terrifying thought, especially if cameras are able to capture more than the physical self. A photograph of someone or something could be just as strong as a lock of hair in spellwork.

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