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Even more powers of the staff

April 22, 2012

This is the final part of this tale that brings me up to Beltane. You may remember that my task from Spring Equinox to Beltane period was to discover the powers of my staff. I thought that I had done the majority of that work already, but when I did some checking to see whether there was anything remaining I was surprised to find that, with barely a week or so to go, I had more work to do. This particular evening I was called to go somewhere to discover one more power. That was an exciting prospect!

I let my mind roam to discover the location that would offer me the information about the staff. It was already late in the evening and so I hoped that the trek would not be too far. The picture I had was of a familiar place – it was Llangollen. I began to conjure up some of the usual sites – Dinas Bran? No. Vale Crucis? No. Carreg-Y-Big – the slanted standing stone that we had visited in March this year. This received a positive response – a warm feeling that flowed through the body. Yes, this was the place. I needed to visit again.

At first this was a surprising location – it is on a hilltop above Llangollen and it was 10 o’clock in the evening already! Perhaps I shouldn’t have been so surprised. When I looked back to my previous post on the subject I had said that the best time to visit it would be early April. Here I was in the middle of April, so I wasn’t far out. I got my dowsing rods out to help gauge the energetic suitability. I had missed the “high point” of April 9th, but a week later the site would still be energetically aligned for the purposes I needed it for. That was it, then. I was going, despite the lateness. At least the weather had been unseasonably dry for a while now and the ground would be firm in the dark.

I found my way with little trouble (one wrong turn) having been there before once in daylight. The car still struggled up the hill and the engine smelled of overworked oil when I parked by the roadside at the top of the hill overlooking the orange and white lights of the town below as they filtered through the conifer branches that lined the upper slopes. I found the stone straight away by navigating to the tallest specimen in the avenue of trees that define the old straight track atop the hill. How many times had I used a tree to navigate in the dark? They really are wonderful signposts.

Carreg Y Big and the portal trees

The Importance of an Entrance

I walked carefully up to the stone in the darkness and stood about ten feet away from it, looking around to judge whether I was going to be surprised by the ghostly figure of a late night sheep or something else. Everything was silent except for the distant rumble of a souped-up car buzzing the town in the valley below. Yet, something was wrong. Was it the biting wind? No. What was this sense of unease I had? Was there some spirit watching with malevolent eyes? … I felt not. I stopped my rational mind and let my intuition have a go at the problem. Seconds later I knew what the issue was. I hadn’t been through the right entrance to the site, having bypassed the two trees that form a portal in my haste to get to the stone itself. This was a rude entry! I needed to make amends, so I made my way at a respectable distance back around to the two trees and stood before them.

The first stage was to prepare myself. I had walked up to the stone bringing with me all the inharmonious energies that are produced by modern-day travel, and the general buzz that our energy fields accumulate from electronic equipment and our modern lifestyles. I needed to cleanse myself of these first – to re-frame my energy field so that I was no longer carrying and emmitting these frequencies. I did so with a few moments of attunement, meditation and visualising cleansing routines. I felt more prepared to enter now and so stood before the two hawthorn trees that barred my path to the stone.

Even in the darkness I could see the way that the left-hand tree twisted wildly in an anti-clockwise direction, whereas its counterpart opposite gently twisted in the other direction. Female and male! The trees were like an old married couple who had been looking after this monument for an age. I paid my respects and gently asked for entry to the stone. The decision took longer than usual, I have to say. A minute passed as I stood in the cold night wind waiting for their judgement on my intentions and suitability. I tapped my staff gently on the ground as though to indicate my reasons, and within moments of that I felt the tug that indicated entry was permitted, and suddenly the wind dropped off to nothing for the time it took me to slowly and carefully step through the portal. Nature’s signs. So clear to me now. What would have signified a rejection, I hear you ask? Oh many things – a drop of rain, an icy blast in the face, a feeling of being repulsed, a nausea or push in the stomach, the indignant jabber of a bird. It can be many things. You come to recognise them as you stand in limbo being hyper-aware of your surroundings.

Careg-y-big pointing at the constellation of Pegasus in April

Stone, Staff and Stars

Having entered now I found myself lying atop the stone following its slant. My hands were rubbing along the surprisingly smooth skein of the stone in a rather too sensual manner, and I recoiled in surprise at my own sensual behaviour. I know no-one was around, but still! I hoped the stone enjoyed it as much as I did! Strange behaviour!

Still lying along its slanted slope there was just enough room to lay my staff along its length too. As I did so I realised that this was the correct thing to do – the staff needed to be aligned to the stone. That thought puzzled me. Why was it so right to lay the staff in alignment with the stone? The stone was pointing at a particular constellation at a specific time of the year – that I knew. And the reason for this alignment was so that the stone could draw down to earth the celestial energies given out by the stars in that constellation. Again, something I knew. My slow, tired and cold brain refused to allow the thoughts to connect any further and I stopped thinking about it. This was important, and that’s all I needed to know at this stage.

I felt like I couldn’t learn what the power was here at the stone. I had only been given clues that I had to piece together at the nearby tall tree. I left the stone by going back through the portal trees and went to see the big tree. The tree was calling to me as though it was inviting me to solve the puzzle of the stone, the staff and the stars.

After a brief re-introduction to the tree, with all the usual niceties, I was deep in meditation with the tree. It did indeed have something for me to learn, but I felt a reluctance to simply divulge the information. Was there a quid pro quo situation here? Did I need to reciprocate in some way for this important information? I offered the tree a reward – the only power I had with me. I used my staff’s water powers to promote the energies within and around the tree, the ensure that it had enough water to grow properly in the coming year and to provide an abundant energy field for it to feed off for however long that energy would last. Little did I know that the very next day would begin a few weeks of continuous downpours of rain that would see the whole land getting a proper soaking after a long and sustained period of very little rainfall – so much so that droughts had been declared in parts of the country!

With this energy gift given I sat back to see if I would receive any information – it came to me like a bolt of lightning! The staff’s final power is to be be able to call down celestial energies. “Simply point the staff to the constellation and draw down the energy” was the thought that was placed into my mind. Like I had been shown at the sloping stone, where I had been aligning the staff with the constellation that that stone was pointing to. So too could I use the staff to have a portable equivalent of what this stone was doing – I would be able to call upon the staff to drawn down the energies of any star or constellation that I pointed it to.

I stood up and thanked the tree – somewhat in shock. I went through the motions of removing my protection, disconnecting and thanking the entities that had guided me to this information. I said goodbye to the tree, the portal trees and the stone’s spirit, and then began to trek back across the field in a daze. My head was buzzing with this revelation. What did it mean? How could it be used? Was it true? How could I test it? What if it was true? How amazing was that power? I shivered in the noticeable cold. From excitement or for warmth I couldn’t tell, but there was a comforting feeling flowing through my body. This staff was becoming the most amazing thing I had ever known. From a bit of recovered branch to the most important magickal tool I had ever known. Something is happening this year, and it was something big!


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  1. It’s interesting Gwas that you were with the tree around the time I was at Men-an-Tol, I was also really worried about our dry March weather and then after using the singing bowl, as you know, the rain clouds gathered – is this where you sent us power from? I’m wondering if Garreg-Y-Big is on this Canterbury ley line that I’m looking into just now – I think that Tikersley wood is as well, I recall it passed through there on google map, which was a bit of an odd ‘eek’ moment! Oh while I’m here!! (LOL) I was discussing Wincobank with my best friend last night and we’ve decided to go there next Tuesday on Beltaine, in the meantime I need to go and commune a bit with my locale and see if I can figure out more about this missing spirit of place. Wish us luck and if you’ve got anymore insights into Wincobank or damaged Sheffield in general, please let me know 🙂


  2. Hi Gwas,

    An amazing series of posts on your staff. Makes me think of Kal and his wandmaker posts and website. Perhaps witches and wizards wands, and Gandalf’s staff are all powerful. I am warming very much to these posts and the inherent possibilities. Keep the posts coming, they are very informative.


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