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Going Native in America P2

April 30, 2012

This is a continuation of the tale from part one.

I was sat outside the event venue on a patch of grass, just relaxing, when a fella came up to me and said, “you are shining so bright”.

Really? I thought, I wasn’t doing anything in particular. No visualizations, no energy work that I could speak of and yet here I was, apparently shining. I smiled up at the guy and we got into conversation.

His name was Sam and he was at the conference along with a couple of his friends. Sam is a Native American, who along with his friends had successfully merged ancient heritage with a modern life. The next (and final) day of the event I met with his other two friends Tom and Jenni.

Because of the event our chats were curtailed but they had impressed upon me that they were workers of energy and that much profit could be gained from our connection. To be honest I was amazed by their stories and professed accomplishments. Were they genuine or just filled with the bravado. More was revealed over the three days we spent together.

Meeting the trio

Of the three Jenni was the on who did most of the talking. She was a striking lady to be sure. Her features had a hint of Mexican about them (or South American anyway). Although they didn’t say at any time over the 3 days, I am sure that Jenni was the leader and the more proficient in Energy work and when I say energy work I really mean it. These three were so far ahead of what Gwas and I do that it felt like I was in kinder garden school.

Having said that however they were as interested in my stories as I was in their knowledge. And that is in an interesting distinction to make. From me they would ask for stories of my energy experiences. They however didn’t relate a single story (as far as I can remember). They did however impart plenty of knowledge.

Exchanging stories for Knowledge

In terms of discussion it is interesting to relate what particular stories of mine they seemed more keen on. For example they were fascinated by my Caileach experiences, in particular how I had refused her teachings to begin with in Ireland a couple of years ago. After I had told them this, and how I had been tricked back into her tutelage, they eagerly spoke to one another in what I am guessing was some southern american tongue. When I asked they just laughed it away and asked me more questions about my adventures.

Another thing I found funny was that they weren’t the slightest bit interested in Gwas’s experiences that I (on a few occasions) tried to relate. At one point, (Tom I think) said that Gwas isn’t here you are.

Other adventures that they drew out of me were concerning my experiences with the Ancient Yew tree. In particular the episode where I had tried to cross the boundary of life and death.

On their part they (I say they, but as mentioned Jenni was the talker) corrected, explained and expanded on my knowledge and added a couple of amazing experiences. I will relate them in the coming posts.

A optional Pact

On that first meeting with all three there came a time about 3 hours in to our discussions when Jenni turned with a questioning eye to her two friends. Who both nodded. Then she turned to me and said “We have a request.”

Her tone of voice had changed and in honesty I got a bit scared, not because her voice was scary but I just suddenly got a feeling that I didn’t know these three at all. It was a truly spooky feeling.

I asked what the request was, and she replied that, “It will only be a request, you can decline if you want to.” I asked again what it was and she said, “I only want to mention that we will make a request of you and that you can refuse.” She smiled, “But know this that we share our knowledge with you in the hopes that you will accept our request.”

Talk about mysterious. I had everything from secret initiations to drug trafficking in mind. I had had enough. There are some rabbit holes that I wont jump down, no matter how enticing. I was about to say as much when Jenni smiled and asked me, “would you like to see me vanish?”

Jenni Vanishing

What the flock? Vanishing? What? I exclaimed. We were sat on the beach and had been there for some hours. The sun was still quite high (maybe 5pm) and there was a warm breeze.

“Vanish?” I exclaimed again. “Yes,” Jenni replied.

“You can vanish?” I am certain I had raised my eyebrow ala Spock style. “Yes,” she replied. “Would you like to see?”

Guys, my expression must have been the most cynical ever worn when I said to her, Yes, go ahead, vanish.

She looked at me accusingly and told me to sit on my knees, I had been cross-legged. Then she moved some 15 feet away from me and sat down. Her friends where both sat to the left of me.

“Watch.” She said and I did, trying not to blink. Then two things happened at the same time.

Kal Malik

ps – stay tuned for part-3

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