Knights Pilgrimage 1 of 5 waylayed onto a pilgrimage

April 3, 2012

After the evening at Gop Hill (see  nightly revelations) I had missed the message that my knights quest had completed, successfully I might add. As I said in that post I was rather disappointed at its conclusion as I had been looking forward to the challenge of completing a south-north pilgrimage. And indeed had been informed at Dinas Bran (see Dinas Bran shows the way) that my pilgrimage should start at the Forest of Dean.

Anyway a week had past since our visit to Gop Hill and I was beginning to accept the completion of my quest. You might “how did it feel?” Not any different I’m afraid. I have to say that I was/am looking forward to the Spring Equinox ( a week away) which being a sun person will, I feel be very enlightening.

It was a bright sunny morning and I had decided to go for a drive and a walk. I had plenty of work to do so did not feel the urge to go too far, perhaps an hours drive. North Wales seemed like a reasonable destination. A few minutes in the car however had me feeling that maybe the Wizards wood at Alderley Edge would be a better direction. So I took the relevant turn and off I went. Some 10 minutes later I came to a junction where the left would have taken me towards Alderley. I had a strange compulsion to take the right turn instead and so I did.

I pondered whether I should stop the car and determine a destination via the dowsing rods, since I was getting some intuitional urges. I left the matter for the moment and carried on driving, fortunately the night before I had filled the petrol tank to the max.

I drove along the motorway for some 40 minutes before deciding to pull into a service station. As I sat in the car pondering whether to get out a grab a coffee and sandwich a noticeable crow flew over my car, circled in a wide arc and flew off in the direction I had been driving. Okay, I thought, forgot the coffee and hit the highway again. I had driven along this particular stretch many times and knew that there was a distinct lack of sacred sites along it. Unless…

As I drove, I realised that this route would take me south and towards the Forest of Dean and beyond. But it was a 2.5 hour journey to the forest, not including the hour I had already driven. Surely not! I hadn’t prepared for such a long journey, and what if it continued on after that?

Well, I wasn’t going to make that journey without more concrete instructions than a Crow! So, again at another service station I stopped, this time at a quiet corner of the car park to do some surreptitious dowsing. But I didn’t get the chance. As soon as I got out of the car 3 Crows flew over squawking and in the direction of travel. Okay! So be it. I got in the car and set the Sat Nav for the Forest of Dean (which was to be the beginning of the adventure).

Kal Malik

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