Knights Pilgrimage 5 of 5 Shining one makes an appearance

April 18, 2012

Okay, just in case you haven’t got the other 4 related posts on this, here is a link (Knights Pilgrimage) to them. Excellent! Now continue….

Steps of the Pilgrims

Let’s start with a recap.

  1. I was waylayed by my Totem into going on a pilgrimage that I hadn’t needed or planned for, impromptu you might say.
  2. Then I found a couple who were lost in the Forest of Dean.
  3. I, with reluctance on their part, helped them find their way out.
  4. Only to find that, in all the forest, both our cars were parked within feet of each other.
  5. The importance was the fact that they had been lost.
  6. Then it was off to the Merry Maidens (only 5 hours away!) to have a dream about the Dragon and the Phoenix
  7. Then a realisation that this was something that I had lost from the quest, an opportunity to create a Knights Crest.
  8. The next day I was off to Tintagel, where a vision of Cailleach told me that I needed to accept help from a Knight.

    My personal spot

And now, I had just arrived at Glastonbury from Tintagel. It was 3.30pm in the afternoon and I was stiff from all that time in the car.  Grabbing some food I headed to the place I knew I wanted to be. The Chalice Well gardens. I get lucky with that place often, i.e. the whole garden to myself. This was no exception. I didn’t need to dowse for my power spot in here. It was beneath the hawthorn tree. I sat and meditated for a good half-hour. Feeling thoroughly relaxed and refreshed. I had closed my the whole time and when I finished them I looked in front of me and there were three people sat there facing me.

Okay… now that is freaky. Two ladies and a gent were sat in front of me, some ten feet away and meditating too. I kind-of gave a bit of a cough and one of the ladies, opened her eyes. She smiled at me (fortunately not one of those psycho-killer smiles) and I smiled back (un-encouragingly).

“We saw the energy coming out of you,” she said quietly, not disturbing the others. “Ah, okay,” I said, thinking, what energy? Her companions had also come out of their meditation now and were smiling disconcertingly at me. “Yes,” the other woman said. “You were radiating like the sun.” Er, ok, I replied, I didn’t notice.

The man asked me whether I was a healer, I replied that I occasionally dabbled. He told me that I had a gift for it and that I should share it. Seriously? Career advice?

“Thank you,” I told him, “but I think it was more the trees energy than mine.”

“Ah yes, of course it was, we are but the channel.”

“We are indeed,” I intoned as I hastened from the gardens.

The shining ones

Shining One

The path up to the Tor is just by the side of the wells garden and I decided to take a trip to the top. Why not. As I walked up I dowsed as to whether I had indeed been giving off a lot of energy? Yes. More than normal? Yes. On a scale of 1 to 10 (why are we always measuring!?!) how much more? 1…2…5…7. Wow that is a lot more. A seven! Had I ever given off this kind of energy before? Yes. Often? No. could I divine by month? Yes. Okay. Feb,Jan… it is a long walk up the tour and I finally got an answer. It was May a couple of years ago when we went to Ireland. In particular it was when I had used large quartz crystals to open up my 3rd eye. That was an awesome experience and certainly nothing like the simple meditation I had done at the Chalice garden. Strange.

I followed a pilgrim path up to the top of the Tor (i.e. I dowsed an energy path up). Upon reaching the top, I asked whether there was a beneficial spot for me and the rods took me just off to the side. Finally, a place where dowsing isn’t out of place. I sat down and let my thoughts wander. After only a few moments, my forehead became hot. I touched it to feel if it was hot and it wasn’t. I then felt something come up from the earth. I kept my eyes closed because I felt that I would be able to see better that way.

The earth stopped trembling and a light came out from it. Actually it wasn’t a light, it was a person surrounded by light and although at first I thought that it had come out of the ground, after some thought I felt more that it had slowly materialised. Very slowly. Or actually it could have been either. I was confused.

The guy, gal, it floated or stood before me for a few seconds and then faded/sunk back into the ground. Great!?! What the Zarquon did that mean? All of a sudden I felt totally drained. I just slid onto my back and fell asleep.

  • “Wake up, Wake up” I was dreaming of Don Juan shouting to Castaneda to wake up. It’s not safe here. Wake up.

I opened my eyes and tried to move. Couldn’t and closed my eyes again. The sun was nice and warm. Then, with amazing speed I shot up and moved down the Tor. It wasn’t me. Or rather it was some other part of me that had taken over and was making me leap and run down the Tor. Faster than I would have liked, I have to say. Several minutes later and completely physically shattered I was standing by the water pipes that come out of the Chalice Wells splashing myself with water. I was drenched. And it was at that point that I was me again.

What a feeling! Scary and elating too. I recall another similar experience that I had had with dark energy worker a few years ago. But what had happened? Was the shining one, A shining one? Or something else? Was it good or bad? Why was I drained? What took a hold (possessed) me? I tried to dowse the answers to these but couldn’t. I was too drained to even ask one question. With my knees shaking somewhat I headed back towards my car. It was parked outside the Abbey and as I walked passed it I recalled that there was a powerful healing centre that I had used last year in there.

I paid my entrance fee and made my way to St Dunstans chapel. I dropped onto the floor and curled up into a protective heap. I tried to visualise sucking energy into myself, but couldn’t so I just lay there. It was a good while before I managed to recover enough to dowse. And even then I could only manage to see if my pilgrimage was complete? No. What! Where to next? Avebury.

With Harry Potter accompanying me I drove off for the biggest stone circle in Europe.


Avebury Chapel

Shades cannot forgive and Spirits don’t need to

It was around 7 when I got to Avebury, the sun had set but there was still a bit of light in the sky. As I walked through the village my eye was caught by an olde worlde lantern hanging in the church yard. I went around the back to take a look at what was going on and saw a lady sat on a seat at the back. If you ever visit Avebury then you have to go and sit in the back yard of hat chapel. It is an amazingly peaceful feeling.

You know something, self knowledge is an amazing thing isn’t it? I am a self-confessed (see i’m confessing) nosey person. I just can’t help it (and indeed don’t want to help it) The number of times I have stuck my oar in, and had it chopped off is unbelievable. Has that stopped me? Hell No! So I sauntered into the small chapel grave yard and sat down on the bench. After a few seconds of peace I realised that the lady was crying. O boy! Here is another fine mess I got myself into.

Excuse me,” I said, “Can I help.” The woman didn’t appear to have heard me and I didn’t push it either. On another occasion I would have silently sent some comforting energy her way, but with the drain from the Tor still affecting me, I didn’t think I could muster any.

  • Channelling my Arse! If I had been channeling the energy why was I knackered?

So, I sat in silence, taking in the fading light. Finally, the woman came out of her reverie and noticed I was there. “Oh, sorry,” She said, surprised. “That’s okay.” I returned, “Nice evening isn’t it?” She replied that it was and fell silent.

“Do you have relatives here?” I asked, “Oh, no. It just reminded me of someplace else.”

“Ah ok, it is peaceful here isn’t it?” She didn’t respond.

Hmmm I thought to myself. Two closed questions, time for an open one. “What does it remind you off?” See? I told you I’m nosey (though I like to call it interfering).

“Oh, something that happened a few years ago.” she replied after a while. “I thought I had got over it, but it seems I haven’t”.

She turned towards me, “do you think they can hear you?”

“I believe they can, yes.”

She was silent for a while, then she asked, “Can they forgive you?”

I sighed internally and was about to say something comforting, when I lost control of my voice, and heard myself saying,

  • “Shades cannot forgive you and the dead don’t need to”

What the heck was that! She looked at me weird, and to be honest, I was looking at myself weird too. Where did that come from? “What do you mean?” She said. A good question! What did I mean? Then I started to talk…Have you ever heard of automatic writing? Where you get a pen and just doodle until your hand starts to write? Well, I was automatically talking. Where your mouth starts moving of its own volition.

  • “Shades are the remnants of people that are left behind.They have no power to forgive any acts done to them whilst alive. The spirits of those who have passed on have no need to forgive us, they cannot hold grievances. You only need to forgive yourself.”

That’s a pretty accurate memory, though perhaps not word for word. But wow! What a piece of wisdom. I wonder if it’s new or am I repeating well known wisdom that I didn’t consciously know? In either case. Wow! The lady looked at me strange (or it seems so in the dark). I smiled at her, “You’ll be okay.” I said and left for the stone circle.

A new story begins

My dowsing had switched back on again now. Phew and I dowsed for a place to be energised. I found it at the top of the henge that surrounds the circle. I sat down there but it didn’t feel energising so after a moment I left and began to dowse the answers to several zillion puzzling questions…

  • Had I encountered a shining one? No. What????
  • Was it a spirit of some kind? No?
  • Was it an energy entity of some kind? Yes.
  • Was it beneficial for me? Half and half
  • Was it harmful? Half and half.

What!? I had to dowse to see whether my dowsing was working okay, the answer was yes. But what does that mean? It’s like the old seances…“Is there anybody there? Knock once for yes and twice for no”

  • Had I been drained? Yes.
  • Did my inner-self protect me and get me up and out of there? Yes

Wow! What was going on? Then an insight came to me?

  • Was it my energy double? Yes
  • Was I drained because I hadn’t prepared to meet it? No. Oh I was expecting a yes to that.
  • Was it because I had released lots of energy at the Chalice wells. Yes.
  • Was I energetically different from before? Yes.
  • Did what I say to the woman on the bench hold any significance? Yes
  • Was I possessed? No. Phew!
  • Was I being guided by an external to me intelligence? No.
  • Was it my innate inner self? Yes.
  • Was I able to do this because of my experiences of earlier today? Yes.
  • Would I now be able to gain inner knowledge more easily? Yes.
  • Was this anything to do with the Knight who was going to help me? No.

And that about wrapped up that session. To say I was shattered is an understatement. I’ve never been so energetically tired. I hope to gain more understanding of this when I go out for the equinox. But for now. It is off to the nearest hotel and then home.

  • Has my knights pilgrimage been completed? Yes

Thank you and good night.

Kal Malik

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  1. Wonderful story and well done to you! Do not underestimate the ripples outward from your beneficial actions. That woman will most likely remember your words and her experience with them for the rest of her life AND you may have changed not only her path but her heart! Well done, indeed.

    1. Thanks BR. Appreciate your words a great deal. I was just watching your earth energies reading and loved the idea that you live by a creek where you can pick up such a fabulous Geode crystal. Awesome!

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