Spirals on the Knights Quest

April 26, 2012

(This post has been lost in a time warp and should have been published Oct 2011)

Wow! What a day (or night I should say) The tale is long and one has to follow my Knights Quest to get the gist of it but I would like to give you the next sting in the tale and demonstrate the spiral nature of life phenomena.

My American girlfriend was due to arrive at Heathrow airport on Monday night and I was so looking forward to her visit. In part because she was supposed to be giving me the conclusionary direction on my Knights Quest. Customs and Immigration had other ideas and because of some really regrettable planning on our part they sent her back to the States. Reasons…

  • Lack of return ticket
  • having packed all her stuff (we were intending to go to California together).
  • having a boyfriend here (apparently means that you are a flight risk).

Anyway, my point is this. I had made and was expecting some really good fortune but the plan all changed with this adverse turn of events.

double rainbow

I sat and pondered this unexpected event and wondered as to its meaning and nature when a thought came to mind… quite literally this time last year I had a similar experience. I had applied and got a job only to quit 3 hours into the first day. Then only days later a new opportunity arose and took me half-way across the country. An opportunity that led me on this quest.

At that time I didn’t know what would happen when I followed my instinct rather than my reason. But since the path seems so rich with wonder and magic I was ready to say YES to adventure. I spent the next day trying to figure a way to get to New York as soon possible but had issues of where to leave my car.

I had thought to return to my brothers and leave my car there but the tickets to NYC from Manchester where about £150 more expensive than from London. Also the available flights were a week away. Whilst I was thinking about alternatives I got in touch with a friend who lived nearby (40 miles away) and got a time to meet up with her (Julie) for coffee the next afternoon.

I met up with Julie, who is a truly inspirational soul. As we talked over coffee and cake and I related the devastation of the day before. Julie asked me, “Why don’t you go? You can leave your car here and get a ticket for tomorrow.” I am an impetus soul but even I need a few days to settle with a decision such as this. I told Julie that “I would think about it.” As we settled into our second coffee I was thinking that a sign would be nice. As if my girlfriend not being able to get into the country was enough of a sign.

We finished our coffee and I had pretty much decided to think on the matter for a few days at least. However when I exited the cafe I was greeted by a most wonderful double rainbow right before my eyes. Instantly my thoughts shifted. I turned to Julie and said. “I am going!”  We went back to her home and I used the computer to book a ticket for the next day. Wow! Again in barely an instant I was being led across the world.

If the spiral holds true this should be the beginning of an interesting set of events! The universe seems to be aligning.

Kal Malik  seeing hope in a rainbow

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  1. Hi Liz, excuse me for sticking my beak in here, you said I honestly don’t know how to get back to that place,
    Try searching YouTube for Spring Forest Qigong, it’s a version tailored for Westerners and it’s free but gives great results, alternatively, yoga – especially yoga nidra – tai chi, meditation – loads of free guided meditations online, just Google for the type you like best if you prefer those to going it alone. Also, research as much as you can about relaxation techniques and apply those, it really is as easy as breathing. Whichever you choose, set aside some time daily and keep practising, that’s how you get the results. Look how far Kal and Gwas have come in their energy-work since they started this blog, much of that is practise and familiarity with the techniques they use, it really does pay dividends.

    1. Thanks Rune – I know that physical and spiritual discipline really help with depression, I do try to go swimming when i can and I used to do yoga at my local gym once a week, but find other things less easy to follow, as I’m very undisciplined and scatty by nature! I also think that there is something energetically wrong with my local land and its ley system, it seems like there is something draining energy from people here and that is something I’m in the midst of researching. I also don’t protect myself very well because by nature I’m trusting and open, another thing, which could be causing the problems I have with stress and depression. Thanks for your advice anyway, its always nice to meet new people 🙂

  2. Hi Kal 🙂
    I’ve had times like this in my life, rare for me as I’m a wretched fear-filled pessimist by nature (!) but when I’ve aligned with positive energy, miracles have happened, but more than anything I’ve just felt that I connected to some kind of benign force, perhaps even a part of the self that isn’t tainted by bad experiences and disappointment. I really miss feeling good like this, having that purely innocent sense of trust in the universe, walking like the ‘fool’ in the tarot deck, into a wonderful unknown future, yes into adventure! I had a trip to America in 08 which was amazing and full of strange and wonderful events, twists and turns of fate, so I do understand where you’re coming from, and yes on both sides of the pond, I think the issues with so-called ‘security’ at airports is a bit over the top.

    Both my best friend and I, talk so much about wanting to be in this space of joy, we both miss it and really it’s so reminiscent of childhood isn’t it, of that sense of wonder in all things. I honestly don’t know how to get back to that place, as I say, I’m too dogged by a tendency towards depression and a number of anxiety issues, which I’ve inherited form both parents. I muse so much on these sorts of topics, its really interesting to read about your own take on it, you are a real inspiration Kal, that you have indeed surrendered to those forces, something very intrinsic in terms of Shamanism is complete trust in the universe.

    Liz 🙂

    1. Hi Liz,

      It is curious isn’t it. How can we trust the universe when it sometimes lets us down and we see it letting down others?

      I look back at my life and the challenges I have faced and come to the conclusion that it isn’t trusting the universe that is the issue.

      It is trusting oneself to be able to deal with anyting that the universe may cook up (or indeed if I may be brazen, cock up).

      If you have got to here (which you obviously have) then you have overcome all the challenges that are in the past. In 6 years time you will have overcome the current ones too.

      The problem is many fold, but lies on two pillars. The first is that we are averse to growth (change) which of course is a lack of trust in ourselves to deal with it.

      The second is that to resolve the trust issue requires us to trust ourselves.

      Catch 22.

      What is one to do?

      If I follow the path of a crow and it leads to an accident, did I misread the sign? Did the universe do me in? Or is it that if I had gone the other way something worse lay on the way?

      The world isn’t what it is, it’s what we think it is. Our history, experience and (in my case any other nutty thoughts) shapes our perception so that the world becomes what it is.

      If you talk about this kind of stuff then your world is surely amazing?

      If I may say, it isn’t our biography that makes who we are, it is our heart. Look from the heart and you will see…

      “In the world, a path for your heart”

      As for shamans, consider all the prodigious feats that shamans have been known to perform. All those are within our potential. Now consider how most people live. This isn’t a judgment, it is a peak at the mystery of life.


      “Each and every life, fulfills the purpose of that life. No exceptions.” Kal Malik 2009

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