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Egypt – The Power of the Pyramids

May 15, 2012

Pyramids and Pyramyths

The only question I needed to answer when faced with the gigantic step facade of the Great Pyramid was whether I wanted to pay to go inside the structure. Of course I did! I hadn’t come all this way not to take an opportunity like that. We escaped the afternoon sun and the pesky traders who swarmed like sand-flies around the pyramid’s lengthy base. As we stepped inside a frisson of excitement and awe pulsed through us and we exchanged glances – yes, we really were inside the Great Pyramid of antiquity.

We climbed the steep wooden-runged ramp with heads kept low until we reached one of the vaulted inclined chambers. There we caught our breath in the humid and close stale air before continuing another steep climb up to the King’s Chamber. Once inside we were pounced upon by a local man of overwhelming insistence who ‘guided’ us through some basic facts and figures, dragging a different lady to each point in the chamber before performing a very physical demonstration of the chamber’s position inside the pyramid’s structure, making us feel the inside of the remaining sarcophagus, and shining a torch so that we could see the vents and shafts at various points around the room. Then he flattened his hand in a gesture anticipating kind donations, Few were forthcoming, and most people escaped his avid attentions and the stifling closeness of the air as they exited the room. We lingered for a while because M could see that I wanted to check some things out. However, I didn’t do any dowsing – I just ‘felt’ around using my senses and my intuitive responses.

Why didn’t I take the opportunity to dowse in there? Did I feel anything? Were there incredible energies in that chamber? There was nothing. No feeling of any energy at all. Whatever that chamber’s previous or current purpose or activity there was none of it going on when I was there. The chamber was devoid of subtle life, only tourists. I wondered at this point whether the idea that this chamber might seal off energies from outside could be true? I tested the seals between the stones in the walls and found that I couldn’t even put my fingernail between the stones. Why would this degree of perfect fit be necessary for such a room unless it served some function? Nowhere else in my subsequent travels to temples would I find anything like this kind of perfection in the remains of temples. It certainly begs the question!

Sonic experimentation

Trying to avoid the attentions of a pesky “guide” who was angling for money off anyone lingering in the chamber I tried an experiment that came to mind. I began to hum to see what the effect was of sound made within the chamber. I was expecting an intense resonance off the sleek and tight-fitting walls but instead what I got back was a dulling of the sound, almost an absorption. It felt like I was humming slightly in my own head. My sound was not ‘bouncing off the walls’ in a ‘sonic cathedral of sound’, but instead it was being pushed away by the angles of the chamber until it almost cancelled itself out! The effect was quite disturbing, and I stopped any further humming, not knowing what to try next. The ‘guide’ became insistent upon payment for his meagre services in a most leering manner, and I decided to get M out of the small space before something untoward occurred in this special place.

As we re-emerged sweating from the humidity inside I turned my attention to some of the other tales I had heard about the pyramids.

On The Edge

As we stood outside our guide drew us to one side and we went to stand at one corner of the pyramid. This was a photo opportunity, he told us, but I had other ideas. I had heard that subtle energy from the pyramids emerged from the edges of the pyramid. Was there anything emerging from the pyramid now? I felt a slight stream of energy. Slight. I have felt more energy coming out of much smaller ancient structures. I was expecting something more obvious and which would have more of an impact. It was slight – weak – vague. This was without the dowsing rods, but I have been getting better at detecting subtle energy without the rods, so I was confident that I would be able to feel whatever energy was there.

We were driven up past the other pyramids. Past the pyramid of Khafre and then past the one dedicated to Menkaura. On the way past I tried to feel something as we passed the edges of the pyramids. Nothing, Perhaps the car was shielding the effect? After we had taken photos from a good viewing point I asked that we stop off at the Menkaura pyramid – the smallest but the easiest to get around and therefore the quickest to test the four corners for energy. I set off around the base to feel for any energy emerging at any point from the base of this pyramid.

I put my ‘detectors’ on and felt for the lines that I could easily sense in my own country, At each corner I felt a slight difference. There was a band of energy only six to ten feet wide, but it was quite weak. I asked myself to judge the strength of the line and the figure that came back was 5-6 out of 10. Not strong at all. Certainly nowhere near what I expected it to be. I dowsed to discover whether this figure was due to the time of day and the time of year, and what effect that might have on the strength. I got the following chart of strengths for the day and year combinations:-

WINTER – no energy at all during the Winter months from November to February
SPRING – very weak from March until May
SUMMER – growing in strength from May to July
AUTUMN – maximum between August and September (Lammas to Autumn Equinox)

DAWN – weak in the morning
NOON- getting stronger
SUNSET – peak at sunset
MIDNIGHT – declining during the darkness hours

So, you can see that if you wanted to work with the pyramid energies at their strongest you would need to go there at sunset in the autumn months in the Northern Hemisphere.

As for the most energetic place within the Great Pyramid, I dowsed this subsequently to be The Queen’s Chamber. The King’s Chamber also registered as being energetic, but nowhere near as strong as the Queen’s Chamber. The capstone or pyramidion, despite what some may say, has no energetic output, likewise the base or entrances. Energy may emerge from these points, but they are not the places to be in the pyramid to feel its subtle energy power.

Alignments and Astrology

The next idea I wanted to test out was whether any of the pyramids were truly aligned with any stars or planets. The answer was that the pyramids themselves were not. They are not, for example, a reflection of the Orion’s Belt constellation. I found this to be quite a disappointment, because I had been quite convinced by Robert Bauval‘s Orion Correlation Theory, and the “as above, so below” principle seemed to make sense. Yet, the dowsing rods refused to back this idea up. I asked if the pyramids were aligned with these Orion at any time in history – still the answer was ‘NO’. I then asked if they were ever aligned with the constellation of Leo – one of the other parts of the Correlation Theory. To this I got a positive response – YES, the pyramids of Giza are in some way connected or aligned to the stars in the constellation of Leo the Lion. This is the same with the Sphinx, which for a long time has been seen as a representation of the Leo/Lion symbolism.

APOLOGY: Don’t ask me how this all works out. I’m not clever enough to work it out. I don’t wish to discredit any good scientific work done by proper scholars – I’m simply reporting the divination work that I have done, paltry and meagre and dubious it may be.

The stars in the constellation of Leo (source:Wikipedia)

Of course, one man’s dowsing does not disprove a well-documented theory, but it was my finding nonetheless. However, when it came to the alignment of the various “air vents” or sloping shafts within the pyramid’s structure, these DID dowse as being aligned to the star Sirius. I don’t understand why one finding relating to the Correlation Theory would be true, but not the other, but there you have it.

Finally, there is some discussion about whether the pyramids are really the navel of the World. As John Michell has written many times in various books the pyramids are one of the places that are supposed to have been situated due to them being the centre of a geographical space, but some take this further and say that, in addition to being one of the Earth Chakras, this site is also THE centre for earth energies. It is THE Axis Mundi, supposedly. I am not convinced by my visit. I have been to many places that have no such associations and they are far more powerful in terms of earth energies. Perhaps this is something entirely geographical in nature, because I didn’t feel like any kind of centre in terms of the energetic output.

Let me tell you, folks, that it was difficult for me to appreciate this because I was here at the wrong time of the year to feel the true strength of the energies at this site. However, even allowing for this factor I have been to many many places in my search for powerful energy centres and the two places that simply do not like up to their reputations are Stonehenge and the Pyramids of Giza. These sites are quite weak energetically when I visited them. This may be due to the sheer number of tourists that visit these energy centres, but if the value of the places is measured by their subtle energy ratings, then I rate these places as totally average in my experience. I will have to return when they are at their supposed peak in order to finalize this statement.

Despite the relative weakness of the energies I experienced the Giza pyramids are an enduring monuments to the incredible abilities of human beings to construct fabulous monuments out of sheer devotion to a divine source of power. If the construction of the pyramids was done for some other purpose, such as to construct an initiation chamber with a particular ability to focus subtle energy to a point inside the construction, then I would need more time inside to experience this for myself. At the moment I am undecided on the idea that this was its function. Yet, the idea that the great Pyramid was an initiation chamber seems to fit the scant subtle energy findings and the sound dampening experience that I acquired on my first visit to these incredible structures.


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  1. You are correct in that the sphinx was lined up with the constellation of Leo… in the year 10,500 BC, on the morning of the summer solstice, Leo rises directly in the east just before the sun.

    Now, the path leading from the middle pyramid to the sphinx is approx 14 degrees south of true east. Looking directly from the east on the morning of the summer solstice in the year 2,500 BC, you will see Orion rising with the stars of his belt at approximately 14 degrees south of true east.

    Download the free program Stellarium and plug in the geo-coordinates and dates for yourself to check it out.

  2. And I thought I was the only one who feels that there is very little at Stonehenge (for me anyway) and I’m old enough to remember being able to access the Stones. I have also thought for quite some time that the energies may have been ‘diluted’ by the sheer number of visitors, some of whom can be very disrespectful. Avebury is, I feel, much more energised and powerful.

    1. Hi Alicea,

      Yes, I totally agree. Avebury is much more powerful, and I suspect that the issue with Stonehenge has many factors that contribute to the weak feeling – primarily it is the number of visitors that are herded around it in a single direction, many of whom may be ‘taking’ rather than ‘giving’ energy. I also think that Stonehange is very much a place whose energies are linked with a specific timing, and that most visitors miss this element when they visit.


  3. …Just wanted to add… Nadine’s link is absolutely fascinating and ties in with what I’ve been mulling over since returning from Cornwall, I must admit I’m rather chuffed I sort of had an idea about this, but couldn’t pin the science, but I knew there was some kind of connection with the Schumann resonance field. I think infra-sound is a key element in inducing what people would call ‘hallucinations’ or what we might call, ‘tripping the switch’ into other levels of consciousness, I know I’ve read about this in my book ‘Fairy paths and spirit roads’. I know from what happened at Men-an-Tol with the (I think?) 182KH tuning fork and singing bowl, that sound really does change one’s perception, something definitely shifts in the brain or perhaps even in the DNA – I guess that’s perfectly plausible. Sound technology was certainly known to the ancients and maybe the energy from the pyramids is so small today because they’re not being used for the purposes they were built for – anyway I must pass that article on to my ladies – thanks Nadine 🙂 Yes – I wondered about that purple orb on your photo of the pyramid too Gwas, it looks very much like the one on your avatar pic, it may well be the colour of your aura, I always imagine your energy field to be coloured pale mauve or violet, I’m told mine has a not of that tint to it as well 🙂

  4. I have to say Gwas, I’m not at all surprised you had a somewhat disappointing trip to the Great pyramid and I completely concur with you over Stonehenge too (we even have a family joke, quoting from ‘Spinal tap’ – as in ‘we’re not doing ‘effing’ Stonehenge!) This sprung from the very fact, that the site was such a let-down when we visited, partly because you couldn’t get anywhere near the damned place thanks to the restrictions! I imagine a lot of these over-hyped spots are much the same, although I’m sure not all of them are. Yes – people place a lot of significance on Egypt as the centre of the universe in ley energy terms, to the Egyptians I’m sure it was, but I suspect that the real power centres of the Earth are hidden sites, which on the surface might seem paltry and insignificant, these are the spots I’m sure you and me are searching out – those lost hidden gems that lurk in the most unsuspecting of places! 😉 How curious about the effects of sounds though! I too would have expected some kind of resonance, unless the sound is made louder outside of the structure? The pyramids are such a conundrum, but on one level I do think they are a kind of evolution from the stepped ziggarats of Ur and Meso-America, and I think they were in turn designed to be a man-made sacred hill, much as Silbury Hill was, what I think Julian Cope calls – ‘A hill altar’. Did you notice if the pyramids were aligned with any natural landscape features?

    I liked your findings on the energy levels coming from the pyramid, I’ve never thought of considering fluctuations to that degree, especially the time of day – though I accept that such things as cross-quarter days and solstices make a difference. I think the fact that you weren’t blown away by Giza is really interesting and I do think some of it must be down to at least a century of tourism and plundering, I’m sure this is the case with Stonehenge too. My dad used to be in the army back in the days of conscription in the 1950’s and he used to be stationed in Salisbury, he told me back then you could only get to SH on foot and that it had the most eerie atmosphere (my dad was very sensitive to subtle energy) it really had an impact on him, not least the isolation of the place – how times have changed! So by way of saying, it might be worth considering the possibility that these sites have been drained over the years as people come to them now without the reverence they once had. The star alignments are interesting too, and I’ve read with great interest some of your posts where you’ve found stellar alignments on local sites – fascinating 🙂

    Nadine’s comments are very interesting too – I’ll take a look at that link myself! 🙂 Thanks for your condolences over our cat Gwas, she’s hiding under my bed, still very sorry for herself, but everyone has been marvelous in sending her love and good wishes – she really is such a sweet little thing, I hope we have her a little while longer to love.



  5. Hi Nadine,

    I heard Alex Putney talking on Red Ice Radio a while back. I visited his site then but it was way over my head. However, I will work my way through it again on your recommendation. I know there’s at least one article that Kal would be impressed with – the Knowth/Quartz/Levitation page.

    Thanks for your recommendation. Now I need to focus and concentrate to get all this new info into my small brain!


    1. Agreed, I do gloss over the quantum physics, it’s too much for me to compute. It is worth skimming through that to get to the bits that make sense though. If any of this makes sense!

      I noticed you didn’t make mention of the purple hue on your picture of the pyramid. I know it’s easy to put it down to the sunlight but I have a photo at the great pyramid with a very distinct rainbow orb. I’ve found similar answers on orbs to you (faeries!) but I think this is a different energy & maybe something wanting to connect or to let us know it’s there?

      I read recently that the Sphinx is operating at a very low percentage of energy at the moment but it is however higher than it was 10 years ago. I hope it’s energy lifts again, it’s sad to feel it’s emptiness.

      1. You-re right – I didn’t make mention of the purple colouration on the picture, although I did choose the picture that showed it deliberately. I think I’ve made mention of orbs and colours many times before, so hopefully people know my opinions on it by now. Those “in the know” will smile. Those who dismiss it all will ignore it – “lens artefact” or “sunlight distortion” will suffice for them, and I am not disagreeing with the physics of that.

        You noticed, then, that I didn’t talk about the Sphinx? For exactly the reason you mentioned. No energy, and you couldn’t get near it to touch it. It’s all fenced off now. I did a little bit of dowsing around it, but it was so weak that there was nothing to speak about. Interesting that you read the same information – that makes me feel happier about my findings. It was such a shame because I wanted it to be amazing, and it just wasn’t!

  6. Have you looked at Alexander Putney’s take on the previous & future role of the Pyramids?

    It’s difficult reading at times but I have had many signs & messages to back up many of his theories, not just about the pyramids but his research on water, 2012 & more. It’s fascinating. The man is genius (& Tesla’s reincarnation to boot!)

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