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Seeing through the Eyes of Bran

May 12, 2012

Following on from Kal’s strange tale of the disappearing citrine cluster, here is the story of the things that happened to me on Dinas Bran that peculiar evening.

As he mentioned I was eager to test out some of the supposed powers that my staff had seemingly acquired. In the event I never got to do much with the staff as other events overtook my original intentions – we must always expect to give in to the Flow of the Universe, I feel. I now go with whatever I feel is right, not with what I plan. I would get my chance to play with the staff soon enough.

My first question on the top of the hillfort was where the spirit of the place – Bran himself – could be located at this time of year. I had become accustomed to finding the spirit in one particular place, but earlier in the year I was surprised to find the location had moved to the far west end of the hilltop. On this evening the spirit was to be found in another new location – behind one of the western outer walls.

I felt I should use the crystals I had brought and so laid them out around me, holding the ‘spirit’ quartz stone to form the central point, the spoke in the wheel of the elemental cross. As I began to commune with the spirit of Bran I felt like I was able to ask him some questions. I thought about what to ask and came up with a question about the purpose of the hill as a sacred place – what made it sacred – its properties? With the question launched I sat back to receive the answer.

The view from the other side

The answer came back as a visual composite in which I saw images of various viewpoints around the hill from an aerial perspective. Then, just as I was about to ask why I was being shown this my vision was shifted into a vision of my body sat at one of these points on the edge of the hilltop. I could see the distant hillside opposite through my new perspective. Then I could feel that I was being asked to pick a point on the hilltop opposite. I opened my eyes in reality and picked what looked like a standing stone on the far hillside. I was back in the “vision body” and saw the stone on the opposite hillside through those eyes. Then an astonishing thing happened. My vision switched to the hillside opposite – exactly where the stone would be! I was looking back at myself sitting in the edge of Dinas Bran, meditating, and I could see myself sitting there with my eyes closed. I was seeing the view from the opposite side of the valley – from the point I had chosen just moments ago! This was remote viewing, I knew. And I was doing it. Bran was telling me that such a thing was possible, nay easy to do on this special hilltop.

Seeing through the eyes of Bran the Raven

Almost as soon as the question as to how this was possible was nascent in my brain it was being answered. I was being shown that wherever I sat around the hilltop I would be able to direct my attention away from the hill in a straight line and send it to any point along that line. Once it “landed” then I could view what was there. This was the concept that I was beginning to understand, and I had been given an example of how that would work already.

Vision of Bran as the Hill

I marvelled at the prospect. Imagine – being able to use the hill for remote viewing? I wondered if this was a special property of Bran himself? Again, no sooner considered than images were beginning to coalesce on the film-screen of my third eye. I sat back to enjoy the show. What I was shown was a short sequence where accompanied by a sort of narrator who gave me instructions on how to direct the sequence. The conversation went something like this:-

Picture the whole of the hill…” said The Narrator. An image duly appeared. “This is the body of Bran.” he said. The image began to fluctuate between being a hill and being a body in an earthen-coloured tunic, much as one would imagine a mediaeval peasant to wear. The feet of Bran were stuck in the earth below the hill, I noticed. The hill had no head. No, Bran had no head! I noticed that too.

Where is Bran’s head?” taunted The Narrator. “It is anywhere he wants it to be!” came to immediate and triumphant response. The image in my mind now included Bran’s smiling and dark-haired head, but the head was sliding around on the horizontal plane, able to move off in any direction away from the hill.

Suddenly I was seeing through Bran’s eyes and with only a moment’s thought he was seeing through mine. That was an unusual feeling! As though I was watching someone using my eyes to observe from my seated position. I understood the lesson. Having allowed Bran to see through my eyes recently, now the favour was being returned ‘three fold‘. Dinas Bran is a special place, and my relationship with the spirit of Bran has become such that I am being permitted to share the use of his legendary abilities. This is at once humbling and slightly daunting. I endeavour to remain worthy of such experiences.


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