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June 19, 2012
The WIldWood Tarot set

After my Ireland Ancestor Quest I had one obvious question: “Now that I have recovered them and successfully fought to keep them – what can I do with them?

Some tarot card readers say that they can’t do reading for themselves very well. I seem to be able to. In fact, my own readings are so spectacularly accurate that they really spook me out every time I draw the cards. So, when I did a tarot spread to try to discover the answers to this question I should have been ready for the unerringly accurate and uncanny cards that were drawn from the repeatedly shuffled and cut deck.

This tarot spread was the most unbelievably accurate and useful draw I have ever done. Of course it was using the wonderful Wildwood Tarot, a superb deck for druids. For me, it proves beyond any reasonable doubt that tarot is a means of interfacing with some form of intelligence that operates outside of perceived time, and with whose grace it is possible to obtain incredible occult knowledge of the past, the present and the future.

Before we examine the cards that answer this question, we must first re-visit the tarot card layout that I drew just before I went to Ireland to begin the quest. You will see how important this initial reading was, and how it correlates so much with the subsequent reading.


I asked for two cards to show which energies I was taking in to the quest, and three to show what would happen during the quest

  • Two energies in – Page of Bows (Stoat) + King of Vessels (Heron)
  • Three events that would occur – Queen of Vessels (Salmon) + Knight of Vessels (Eel) + The Shaman
My interpretation of these cards:
Firstly, note the occurrence of Vessel cards indicating a lot of emotion in the draw. There was a lot of emotional content to the cards – they meant   something precious to me, and their consequences would have a profound effect on my emotional state. So it proved to be. Note that they are both “court” cards too. These are indicators that the energies are related to my own self, but they also express a royal theme. How prescient this turned out to be as I was visiting the sites where Kings and Queens were ritually crowned and where they had their seats of power.  The Bows card is showing a high level of motivation, intention, and will.
  • The Stoat is showing me, depicted as having a hunger for knowledge, yet changing colour to match the seasons – adaptable yet driven.
  • The Heron is me again, but a different side of me – a solitary figure, said to be gifted with psychic abilities and the ability of reflection – my meditative spiritual self. Also linked with diplomacy and a broad perspective.
  • The Salmon – the fish of wisdom that heads back to the place of its birth in the face of all adversity, driven to find its spawning grounds. Seeking wisdom from a birthplace?
  • The Eel – of course, this was the Eel Sword, the vessel that held the noble ancestor energies themselves, and which I had to find on the shores of the lake of the druid Ce.
  • The Shaman – the culmination of my successful quest to retrieve and retain the energies sees me acquiring some of the properties of the shaman or tribal magician.

If you have read the series of posts on my Irish Ancestor Quest then you will know how accurate those cards were. Now it was time to see what I could do with the energies that I had ‘downloaded’ from my spiritual journey could be used for, and how I could access them. As well as being a practical lesson these cards were outright confirmation that divination is a powerful tool for the spiritual seeker.


Some of the cards that were drawn have clear answers. Some are open to a degree of interpretation. I don’t yet fully know to what extent this is, but what usually happens is that within a relatively short time scale the cards and their meanings work themselves out into the flow of my life.

For this draw I asked the dowsing rods to tell me how many cards were required to answer each question – the first time I have used this combination to techniques to this extent. I wasn’t using reversed cards in the draw, but for one particular card I did notice that it came out reversed, and so I have noted this, due to its implication in this particular draw.

  • Three cards to show how I can access the energies: Knight of Vessels (Eel) + Page of Bows (Stoat) + Three of Vessels (Joy)
  • One card to say when I should use them – The Mirror
  • Four cards to show the function of the ancestor energies: Eight of Bows (Hearthfire) + Queen of Vessels (Salmon) + Seven of Arrows (Insecurity) + Eight of Vessels (Rebirth)
  • One card to show the consequence of misuse – The Shaman (reversed)
  • Three cards to show any other things I should know about the energies: The Green Man + Ace of Bows (Spark of Life) + The Great Bear

My interpretation of these cards:


A lot of recurring cards – The Eel, The Stoat, The Salmon, The Shaman. These same totems that were the primary feature of the first draw were also the primary feature of the second draw! And almost in the same places as the first draw too!! Incredible, and odds-defying!


  • The Eel: The first stage to unlocking the energies is to remember the quest that gained them, especially the moment when they were downloaded into me when I held the Eel Sword at the edge of Lough Key.
  • The Stoat: with its links to the land, the underground and its representation of free spirit, I should let my mind go free and let it link with the land. It also represents will. Some willpower is required to unlock these energies.
  • Joy: Use a feeling of joy to unlock the access to the ancestor energies once linked to the land and mindful of the downloaded energies.
  • The Mirror: When I need to look at myself, when I need self-reflection, to understand who I am.
  • Hearthfire: For a feeling of security, kindred spirit, solidarity and friendship. To bring people together. To re-unite with my ancestors. It seems that the initial solitary “Heron’ card drawn in the first layout may be transformed to a more social setting of the ‘Hearthfire’?
  • The Salmon: Attain the wisdom of the mother spirit of my ancestors if I am prepared to sacrifice something of myself.
  • Insecurity: The ability to look at past failures or concerns and to learn the lessons from the past. This also perhaps indicates an ability to deal with other people’s insecurities through the stories of how I overcame my own?
  • Rebirth: If the lessons of the past can be learned then the ancestor energies can transform these lessons into powerful energies of positive change and renewal.
  • The Shaman (reversed): The loss of the very powers that I gained in the ancestor quest – The Shaman was the outcome card from the Ireland Ancestor Quest reading. What I gained there I will lose should I misuse the powers of these energies. The fact that this card was both the culmination of the first quest, and its direct reversal was the consequence of misusing those same energies – can you possibly claim that tarot doesn’t work? How could such a card be drawn at random in such a position and in such a direction? It defies the supposed logic of probability!
  • The Green Man: Merlin and the life force of Nature. The ancestor energies are linked with the power of Nature itself, the driving force of life.
  • The Spark of Life: As if to re-iterate this previous reading, the Spark of Life card shows that the powers of these energies can re-vivify and re-invigorate that which they touch.
  • The Great Bear: Arthur and the life in the Land. The ancestor energies are linked with the power of the Land from which they came and to which I am linked also.


Now I know how to use these energies. Now I know how to unlock them for my own uses, and for the benefit of other people too. The tarot has shown me the way, and without it I would ave spent many hours and days of potentially difficult meditative work. If you need a tool to unlock some of the mysteries of your own spiritual path, then perhaps you could look to utilise the wondrous interaction between spirit and life, and draw tarot to show you the way.


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  1. As you know, I adore the Wildwood tarot and it’s wisdom. I’ve only had one other deck act like the Wildwood in it’s ability to carry on a surprising and wisdom filled conversation. I love the use of your questions and how you used a group of cards to give you a larger answer. For instance, “How to unlock the energies” and “Uses.” I’ve done this myself and the individual cards have always formed a very relevant and solid answer.

    Congratulations on a successful quest!

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