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Seeing Like The Hawk

June 23, 2012

Mid-June 2012

There is a curious spirality to the path we wander when we follow the Flow of the Universe. As many observant and wise people have pointed out Creation seems to be based upon the spiral, so it should come as no surprise to followers of this path when subjects come cycling around to meet them again and again. As Kal has described on several occasions, each turn of the spiral ought to be a little higher, and therefore when the spiral comes around again one finds that one is meeting it at a different level. Such was the case with my task described to me as “See like the Hawk of May“.

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When I sat in Alderley Edge forest I asked my teacher and guiding spirit whether there was anything else I needed to work on for the coming weeks until Midsummer’s Day. I thought that I might have done enough by all the work that I had done in Ireland to recover my ancestor energies. It would seem that there’s always something else to learn, and I was offered another skill improvement task should I wish to take it on.

I got the message that I needed to “See like the hawk!“. I thought this seemed rather familiar and even chimed with recent work I had done with the spirit of Bran. My initial interpretation was that this could mean that I should practise remote viewing, and this was reinforced by subsequent images of Dinas Bran and seeing through the eyes of Bran. Seemed logical. When I tried to call a hawk in the forest later that day it should have been a sign that I heeded when none appeared to answer my call.


Gwalchmai – The Hawk of May – as I see him


A few days after I had the urge to connect with Gwalchmai. When I considered this call I realised that it was the last week of May. As Gwalchmai is The Hawk of May then the call began to make more sense – was there something I needed to learn from the hawk spirit? Maybe the Bran imagery had been conjured up by my own mind in response to the request to see like a hawk and my initial thoughts of remote viewing?

I biked out to the place that I knew I had connected with Gwalchmai before. The afternoon was stiflingly hot. Even in my new lighter bike jacket and jeans the sweat leaked from me and I gave thanks that the long walk to the power centre that I used to connect with Gwalchmai was shaded all the way. A little oak tree marked the place and I sat ready to meditate. When I was still I felt a connection but no information was forthcoming at that moment. I stated my request to know more about seeing like a hawk and then I lit some incense in celebration.

I rose and walked back along the shaded path. As I was high up on a ridge of sandstone rock I caught occasional glimpses of the fields below through the trees. When possible I began to look at the distant fields and a revelation came to me in snatches, like the patchwork quilt of farmed fields below:

  1. Seeing like a hawk meant changing my perception
  2. The hawk climbed up on high to get a good aerial view
  3. From a lofty position he was looking for the tracks left by passing animals which shone like silver in contrast to their backgrounds.
  4. Because his prey travelled by the trails he could use the tracks to follow the food to its home. The more trails converged the more likely the prey was congregating at the end point.

I could see how this related to energy. I needed to learn to spot the silvery trails of energy from on high, from a vantage point. When trails converged so the place would be a special place with strong energies. This sounded much more in keeping with a quest that I should be following to learn a new skill.

I thanked Gwalchmai for the revelation and burned the rest of the sandalwood incense to clear my presence. Seems like I had another skill to learn before the Midsummer Solstice. Would I get a chance to practise this before then?


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