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Venus Transit and The Hawk Lines

June 28, 2012

It’s June. We have to go out. We can’t help ourselves. So, even though the weather was looking ropey, we went out. Kal and I winged our merry way along the A55 westward towards Anglesey, the sacred druidic isle. My objective was simple – I had been instructed to learn the skill of “seeing like a hawk”, which meant to see the silver tracks where subtle energy flows. Others in the world of dowsing have recognised this silvery glow too – I am not the first by any means.

What is “seeing like a hawk”?

Seeing like a hawk essentially means getting an aerial or high view on the landscape and then being able to adjust your vision until you can see the silver paths that cross the land. Sometimes these paths are animal tracks, and this is why birds of prey go looking for them – they find the tracks and where they converge they will have found the homes of their prey. This increases the likelihood of finding prey out in the open – either at source, or on their usual passage ways.

For me, I learned that seeing like a hawk meant to adjust my vision from a vantage point such that I could see the silvery tracks of subtle energy as they flow through the landscape. Lush dark green grass is a good starting point for beginning to see such traces as it provides good contrast to the vague silver appearance of subtle energy. I hope, with practice, to move on to seeing subtle energy in other conditions, but for now dark green grass is a good starting point to test out the theory. So, where to find a high point, preferably a power centre, that also is overlooking lush grass?

The Perfect Vantage Point

Bryn Celli Ddu – ancient monument with vantage point

It was a last minute decision on our part but we decided to head to Anglesey. The old favourite Bryn Celli Ddu would be the perfect combination of easily-accessible site, dry inside if it rained, surrounded by grassy fields, and the mound would act as a perfect vantage point. As we set off I realised that I had forgotten my staff. Turning around to go back home I saw a hawk on top of a telegraph pole watching me with its beady eyes as I passed. Seemed like an omen that was too perfect to ignore. Bryn Celli Ddu it was then.

We arrived in Anglesey and drove the now familiar route westward along the southern coast until we reached the tiny habitation of Llanddaniel. We parked near to the bridge over the stream and walked to the monument with a joyful air, happy to be out and about after what felt like too long away from such journeys. On arrival, despite seeing other cars parked, we found we had the place to ourselves. Always a bonus if you’re going to be doing some spiritual meditative work.

The Venus Transit

Using my intuition I began to walk up onto the mound via a ritual path. Not no dowsing rods required on this day – the day of the Venus Transit. I checked my StarWalk app – yep – there was Venus, right in front of the Sun. Was this having any effect today? I stood in a power centre and dowsed the results.

  1. Was the Venus Transit changing the energy field of this site today? NO.
  2. Were the energies of Venus or the Sun affecting the site today? YES. Which? BOTH.

So, although the passing of Venus across the Sun was having no special energetic effects, the presence of Venus and The Sun in the visible skyline was adding the energies of these bodies to the available energies of the site. Nice. The place certainly felt good. Both Kal and I were smiling and bouncing around like kids. It was incredibly pleasant to be there on this day.

The Hawk Lines Experiment

Now for the crux of the visit – to test whether I could activate or acquire the skills of seeing lines of subtle energy – the “hawk lines” as I was calling them as part of this quest.

Sitting on the power centre on top of Bryn Celli Ddu I began the process of integrating my consciousness with the surroundings. I did my usual connection and grounding visualisation, and then settled into a ball of energy as I began to loosen the focus of my attention. I stared unfixedly at the dark green flowing grass of the field just beyond the entrance of the mound. I began setting my attention some thirty feet away and experimented with changing the focus of my eyes from blurred to sharp and back again. In addition I changed the mental focus that I placed on the view until I was actively scanning but not fixing my attention. As the attention got wider so an alternate view began to emerge. I began to see the dark green grasses had subtly silvery trails running through them, snaking like streams!

As soon as I noticed the silvery streams they disappeared. Both my attention and my focus hand changed by me fixing my thoughts onto the silvery trails. I fought to regain the wider relaxed view that had revealed the trails moments ago and it took me another five minutes to get the right focus again. This time I held the attention for longer – I could now move my eyes along the trails to see where they flowed to. As my eyes moved so I lost the view again and had to start all over again. Very frustrating!

After practise I found that I could hold the vision for up to a minute at a time before I lost ‘non-concentration’. During those minutes I counted the silvery flows and followed them back to the mound. There were four that I could see, and each one got narrower as it came towards the mound. Each flow went through the iron fence as though it wasn’t there, but then focused itself, concentrating onto one of the five stones that formed a line outside the mound’s entrance.

The Five Stones at Bryn Celli Ddu

Now that I knew how to adjust my vision to be able to see the energy trails of silvery subtle light I took the opportunity of using Kal as he walked into my vision. I asked him to find some markers, and to mark the points where I saw the lines. I would shout down to him when he was stepping onto one of the trails and he would mark it. When I had picked out the four streams I got up from my position on top of the mound and descended with my dowsing rods to see how the rods correlated with the markers.

It started with a disappointment! The rods crossed when I asked for a subtle energy flow but there was no marker. Damn! I moved on to the next one. Here the rods crossed but the stone was another six inches away from the crossed rods. I asked the rods to show me the width of the energy trail and from boundary to boundary was about two feet. The stone Kal had placed as a marker was right in the middle. Aha! A hit.

The next marker was directly underneath the rods as they crossed. This marker had been placed at the edge of the stream. The next marker was again in the middle. The final marker was at the further edge of the stream. So, in each case (apart from the first) I had seen the stream and Kal had placed a marker either in the middle of it, or at one of the edges of the flow’s boundaries. I rated that a huge success.

What about the first stream? The rods said that it existed but I hadn’t seen it. I went back up onto the mound and began to search for this stream of energy. Now that I knew where to look I could see it – it was much fainter than the rest, and very difficult to spot. I went back down and began to test the relative strengths of the streams. The first one was only a 3/10, whilst the others rated from between 6 – 9/10. That would be why it was fainter then. It seems that I could also see the strength of the energy flow in terms of its brightness. Wow!

The experiment also raised a question about the function of the stones that are placed at the entrance to the mound. They seem to be the focal point, the receptors for the energy that is flowing into the mound from the direction of the field. A few more information-gathering visits need to be done to work out their purpose to the full extent.

Returning the favour

Intrigued by my experiment Kal goes up onto the mound in order to try to see the subtle energy lines for himself. After a few words of encouragement and advice he’s seeing the lines for himself too. My instructions – to use lazy eyes, half closed – allow him to spot the lines but he complains that they disappear if he tries to focus on them. This is indeed the trick to this sort of vision. It’s almost peripheral vision, yet one is not looking at the object using the corners of the eyes – instead that same sensation needs to be replicated in the full front of the visual plane. Focusing is exactly the problem – the skill is easy to pick up, but you could imagine that it would be a very hard skill to be able to master, to bring on at will, and to reliably use to trace subtle energy lines. Nevertheless, I will practise it when I can now that I know how to do it.

The experiment is a convincing success, and I feel I now know the elements required to enable me to see like a hawk! And just before the Summer Solstice too – in the nick of time again. Now I was ready for my next challenge, whatever that would be?


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