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Gawton Alignment Portal

July 6, 2012

In this second part of the story of my visit to Knypersley Pool (or Knypersley Reservoir) I will be telling you about the female equivalent of the Gawton Stone that was discovered in the first part. If we consider the stone to be the male aspect then the following feature could be said to be the female equivalent.

As Mike and I walked back along the path on which we had arrived at the stone my gaze was drawn to the rocky hillside above. There, through the trees, I saw a diamond-shaped hole that was almost the same size as the diamond-shaped stone that we had just been standing next to. I joked that perhaps the stone had been born from the hillside and this hole was the evidence of that. Whatever the real circumstances, the hole was an incredible sight nonetheless. Straight away we both wanted to go through it – it was such a strong impulse.

We approached the base of the climb and then reason began to suggest a number of difficulties that might prevent us going through:-

  1. It was steep
  2. It was obviously slippery in the damp conditions
  3. We were running out of time to find the well
  4. Mike had the wrong kind of shoes for climbing
  5. I would have to climb up there with my staff in hand too
  6. It was steep and slippery
That final point kept repeating. Or did Mike keep repeating that final point? I can’t remember. But I overrode that. We were going. Come on! It would be a risky adventure! A quick dowse with the rods showed us that there was a benefit to going for both of us, and that the description of this being a portal was an accurate one. Mike isn’t the adventurous outdoor type. I had just about encouraged him to come out in the rain, but now that I was suggesting a perilous climb up steep and slippery rocks….I set off, urging Mike to follow. To his credit, he did.

The Alignment Portal

As we climbed we took our minds off the tricky ascent. Was this some kind of portal? Would anything interesting happen if we went through it? What was on the other side? Was there actually a path up here? We both felt that something would happen. We used the word portal repeatedly.

Gawton alignment portal – gate between energies

As we climbed the sense of anticipation grew stronger. I could feel the mounting energy levels as we approached the passageway into some other place. It was like the energy was being concentrated to fit into the hole, and that male energy on one side was battling to balance itself with an opposing force on the other side. The word ‘alignment’ came into my head. This was an alignment portal – a portal between two energy fields – one male and the other female. I hadn’t even properly formed the concept when I found myself at the very centre of the hole after pulling Mike up with my staff as he slipped and slid his way up the last few feet to join me.

We halted at the top to get our breath back and go through together.

As we passed through the whole atmosphere changed from very male to very female. One side had been purposeful, driven, daring, exploratory. The other side of the hole everything changed – the atmosphere, the scenery, the emotional content of the surroundings. It’s very hard to describe, but take my word for it – this other side of the hole was feminine, for sure. I felt quite emotional. I needed to sit down and be quiet. All bravado and pride was gone in an instant.

We sit beneath a huge beech tree in the mossy leaf-laden ground keeping dry in the strong shower of rain that greeted our emergence into the female side of the portal. As we sit, silent, our attention moves from outside to inside ourselves. We get emotional as the feminine energies swirl around us stripping us of the male armour that we have been defending ourselves with. As we sit in this female flow we almost cry, and yet we barely say more than a few sentences to each other. Mike says he is scared to reveal too much of himself. I say that since I have been on “the path” I have been able to read people by their energy, and I know him deeper than he thinks. He looks at me as though gauging how truthful I’m being. and in my eyes he sees that I know more about him than he’s ever told. His shoulders relax and he looks down. I don’t judge, just smile in a supportive way. He’s such a good person, he shouldn’t be so hard on himself. So many people need his help and support and he gives his healing energies, his wisdom and his guidance so freely. Funny how the most giving are the most vulnerable!

Strange. Strange for two grown men to share such flows of mental energy, for their energy fields to bond like that with seemingly no reason. Strange, but beautiful. Profound and moving. With a sigh, a deep breath, and a knowing nod we begin the descent downwards, picking a way back to the path. As we walk we try to explain what just happened in broken faltering sentences, but our male reserve is back on the defensive and we end up shrugging it off. Yet we know something has happened and our relationship has deepened in that moment sat silently musing in the rain on that hilltop. Wow – the alignment portal! What a powerful and unexpected feature!

The Well

We walk the path back towards the car park now, hurrying along slightly. Although the rain has stopped the diversion through the alignment portal has eaten away at the available time and now the rush is on to at least find the well, of nothing else. Where the hell is this damned well? It’s on the map but there’s no sign! I check the photo I took of the map from the Visitor Centre again. We are close by but can’t see it. We peer up through the lush green tree growth and along any path we can see that appears to be going in the right direction. Finally, I spot a wall that I recognise from one of the pictures I’ve seen of the well. Hallelujah! This must be it – and we’d walked right past it on our way up the main path to the stone. Typical!

As we approach the well we realise it is very damaged energetically. Even as I reach the gap in the wall to have a look at the well I can feel the nauseating flow of stagnant polluted energy which knocks me sick in my energetic centre. I realise that I haven’t put up any protection in my haste to discover the well’s location. When I turn around I see Mike standing some fifteen feet away with a grim look on his face. He issues a belated warning about the well’s obvious problems and about protection. Dammit – I’m always so hasty! I quickly seal up my energies and re-double my protective measures. Light blue radiation emanates from my aura in a light that any energetically-aware entity would see like a beacon.

Gawton Well – in need of repair

The repulsion is so strong that we realise we have too little time and resources to deal with this properly.Scanning the site I can see that I will need candles, incense and most importantly a whole load of big crystals to set the energy paths right. I can feel a confusion of energy in the well area – a mayhem of conflicting and polluted streams that need to be carefully un-entangled, healed, and most importantly re-coloured. We need light – lots of it. Noon on a sunny day is the only time we’ll have enough energy to right whatever has gone wrong in this location. We agree to come back on a more suitable day and do the work then. We intuit that we will need to redirect the flows of energy to a more harmonious pattern, and we need sunlight.

For our next visit we will be prepared for any eventuality, and we’ll bring a picnic!


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  1. That’s so very sweet about the emotional contact that you and your friend made, I think its very true to say that modern Western society forces the male to retreat from his powerful heart centre. There’s absolutely nothing ‘sissy’ about being sensitive, being sensitive includes many things including psychic sensitivity which clearly you both have in abundance, but emotional sensitivity is something that sadly seems to be shunned in our culture, women too are discouraged from acting from he heart in the truest sense. I know how Mike feels, I too feel drained by the demands made on me as a mother, and that’s not just my children, but many of my friends too who need my constant support. I wouldn’t trade that privilege for anything, but there are times we end up running ourselves ragged and are left without much to give anyone!

    What a shame about the well, but I have an intuition that wells and springs are some of the most damaged sacred sites, water retains energy imprints much more than other substances, like you learnt about ‘sensitivity’ water is a being very susceptible to the energies of others 😉

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