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Hay Moon at Moel-Ty-Uchaf

July 13, 2012

July 5th was a couple of days past the full moon which I have come to know as “Hay Moon”. Hay moon presumably because it lasts so long and shines so brightly, and by this point in the year farmers might be beginning to reap some of the harvest that they sowed earlier. Not this year, I reckon! We’ve had two full months of continuous rain. It has rained almost every day since the middle of May. I know the land needs to re-balance after being so dry last year, and at the start of this year, but really – this is getting ridiculous now! It’s almost biblical in proportion – a deluge! Consequently, one takes every opportunity possible to make the most of the one or two days when it hasn’t rained all day. Such a day was July 5th.

if I had my way I wouldn’t have gone to Moel Ty Uchaf stone circle. It’s quite a way away from my home and I wanted to spend the maximum amount of time at a site, rather than spend the time travelling. However, something else had other ideas. When i dowsed for the place to visit it was the only candidate. Really? I double-checked, balking at the prospect of the arduous climb up the steep hill. YES – go to Llandrillo, the rods said. Damn. If it rained or was windy that place can be cold at any time of year. Damn. I hoped the visit would be worth it. I went on the motorbike – testing it still ran alright after it had been knocked down by an invasion of cows. Told you my front garden was open to all! Luckily I have new summer bike gear because otherwise the heat would have been unbearable. Wow – finally a hot day!

The journey was very pleasant and the bike was fine. I arrived unflustered and ready for action. On the way up I gathered some flowers. It felt like I should so I asked permission from the various flowers and hedgerows and told them it was for a dedication to The Goddess (Mother Nature – the female personification of our nurturing spirit). There didn’t feel to be any particular objections to that. In the hedgerow was honeysuckle, briar rose, dock leaves, cow parsley, elderflower, buttercup, foxglove and pink campion. The sprig was a beautiful mixture of purples, yellows and whites when I had finished. I put them into my bike helmet for safe-keeping and it looked quite incongruous – the black menacing helmet bedecked with beautiful flowers. Such is the contrast of this modern hedge druid – masculine and feminine, technology and nature combined in equal proportions.

Looking back at Llandrillo from Moel Ty Uchaf

By the time I reached the top I was exhausted. Summer bike clothes they may be but they are still too hot for walking up such a steep hill. I had to take most of my clothes off in order to cool down. Luckily Moel-Ty-Uchaf is one of those places where you can only be seen if you’re standing on a distant hilltop at a height of several thousand feet! It took me half an hour to dry off in the cooling evening breeze. After wandering about aimlessly I re-clothed and stood by the King Stone to try to find out why I was here.

I decided to locate North for orientation. I stood where I thought North was and got my iPhone app out to check the position. I was at zero degrees – North! I thought the app was broken so I moved a millimetre to my left and the gauge moved too. Yep – I had been pointing perfectly North! Ha ha. Who needs rods these days?

Having my pendulum I was able to get some directions before I set to work. I needed to go to the end of a promontory and cleanse my energies at a power centre there before going to the King Stone outlier (my base). At the King Stone I got ready to approach the circle. I couldn’t at first. I had to walk around the edges feeling for an entry point. The entry point was where it was usually – the southern break in the circle.

Now that I knew how to enter the circle and it felt right, it was time to do some work.

On entry I walked with the energies. This meant that I walked a wavy path inside the circle close to the stones. I felt I should take out my elemental crystals. I placed one at each of the cardinal points according to my understanding of their position for me. Then I walked an energy spiral into the centre. Under my bare feet the slate laid in the centre was warm and felt great. I don’t usually work int he centre – I’m usually at a compatible power centre just off centre, but today I was in the middle.

Glorious sunshine for significant moments at Moel Ty Uchaf stone circle

As part of my task the try to open my third eye I thought I would try again to see a spirit, like I had at Gawton’s Stone a few weeks previously. Then it had been unintended, but today i wanted to actively try to see the Spirit of Place. I switched on my ‘bat detector’ senses and tried to feel for where I was sensing a presence. I felt something close to the southern entrance, so I sat facing that way and tried to switch on my “hawk eyes” – the kind of viewing that I had recently learned at Bryn Celli Ddu in Anglesey.

Nothing. I could see the trails of energy flowing into the southern entrance from the half-cut-down forest opposite, but I couldn’t catch a glimpse of any outline for this spirit presence. Dammit! These things are so difficult to do on demand – they usually happen when you least expect them. Such a task to learn to control these skills! When my eyes began to dry out I stopped trying. I was trying too hard, and I knew it wasn’t going to happen today. On to the next idea.

Evoking The Dragon

It occurred to me that I was only just past the full moon. Was there any power still available, I wondered? The dowsing rods indicated that there was about 50% of the energy of the moon around at that time. I sat in the centre and began to draw down the energy, making myself a focal point for the energy that would normally bathe the stone circle, and drawing it into myself.

Once the process was initiated I let it continue, and my mind began to wander. I was thinking about the dragon image that I had seen in a vision at Dinas Emrys. The “dragon at the solstice centre” as I was calling it. It was just an idle memory…floating through my mind….re-living the imagery of the dragon rising from the centre of the land and growing to cover the whole land mass.

I got up. Nothing else was happening. I felt full of moon energy, replenished after the long hike up the hill, but nothing spiritual or energetic was happening today. The circle didn’t need work and neither did I, it seemed. I reversed the process of walking the energetic path, and collected my elemental crystals on the way out. I left the circle and went to fetch the posy of flowers that I had gathered earlier. I bound them with sheep’s wool that I found lying around, and then I placed them into the centre of the circle as an offering. The dragon….the dragon…I was still thinking of the dragon…

Rare that I leave picked flowers at a site

I walked out of the circle still wondering why I had been called here. yes, it was turning out to be a lovely evening, and yes the journey had been nice, but…nothing to see or do? I had an urge to look up. Looking into the sky I gazed at the mackerel cloud formation and then, framed in between them, was a sight that nearly made me fall over backwards, literally!

A dragon sylph at Moel Ty Uchaf stone circle

In my imagination I formed the clouds into the shape of a dragon with wings spread wide and tail stretching behind it. At its centre was a big bright white light of a cloud. I stood agape for several minutes in astonishment. So, this was why I was here – to see this. This was surely confirmation that this dragon centre project is important?

I took lots of photographs of the setting sun and then began my descent back to the car. On the way down I passed a smiling lady walking up the steep hill. We exchanged a brief pleasantry, and I noticed that she carried some flowers plucked from the hedgerow in her hand. Seems like it was something that other people felt motivated to do too, not just me. I pondered what wonders awaited that lady when she reached the circle. Always something magical at Moel Ty Uchaf.


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  1. Gwas- I’m reading in a bit of a shock. Once again, I’m trying to get caught up here and just read this for the first time this morning. Amazingly, I just saw my first cloud dragon three or four days ago. I would say around July 28th. I was doing landscaping/watering and was watching the clouds. I watched one small wisp, shift, grow and I heard, “Now pay attention.” As I continued with an aching neck, the cloud grew, shifted, expanded it’s neck and head, spread it’s wings and there was a huge white dragon heading westward! I’ve been thinking about it ever since.

    And here I am reading your stories and what you’ve been up to only to find you too are seeing cloud dragons! I have a few ideas what it all means but I’d be curious to hear your take on things. Be well!

    1. Well, how synchronous! What does the Dragon mean to me? For me it signifies the power of serpentine energies. I have been having visions involving dragons all year long, and I think this is all related to an up-swell, a rise, an empowering of the natural earth energies. There is talk in the esoteric community of a change to the Schumann Resonance, and perhaps this is a signifier of changes to the strength and frequency of the subtle energies of these lands?

      It’s difficult to be so broad about the subject because the visions are personal to me, yet I wonder if there is such a rise because my work this year at sacred sitse has seen a dramatic rise in my abilities related to psychic perception? Sure, I have been gently working at such things, but the feedback is so strong from the land that I feel that this is helping enormously in this regard.

      One of my visions was of a dragon spreading over the land. Sure enough, I see a cloud sylph in the shape of a dragon – spread over the land. One shouldn’t ignore such obvious fulfilments. Considering that my strongest element (spiritually, naturally, by birth) is the element of air it seems right that this is how the dragon would emerge for me to witness.

      Now, what does this all mean to and for you, Rusty?

  2. I think I either misread your comments Gwas, or you missed out the word ‘on’ in that sentence, which was why I thought you were referring to events and not objects, still not a bad idea I came up with though! Thanks so much for elaborating there too Gwas, I’m picking up so much of the same things that you mention, I often have dreams about it all too, like I say. 🙂 You always remind me, that there’s so much I haven’t read on this subject, there’s so much I need to learn and not masses of time for me unfortunately in which to implement the little I know. I’m so, so grateful to you for all you share, you’ve been more help to me than you can imagine, I really am so glad our paths crossed. 🙂

  3. Yes Gwas an amazing share indeed 🙂 This year I’m finding eerie things like this manifesting very powerfully, especially connected to the dragon energy. It’s always so uplifting to get confirmation like this though, isn’t it 🙂 It looks like a beautiful site too, very peaceful yet powerful is the impression I get. And yes the weather throughout a number of summers in recent years, has been a bit alarming, we do seem to be going through some kind of climate change and getting monsoon summers these days, I do worry about how it will effect our fauna and flora long term, as we don’t get much heat anymore.

    1. More coming on dragon energy by the end of the week.

      The Moel Ty Uchaf stone circle is one of my favourite places. It has a good feel, and there is always something interesting going on there at an energetic level. Having worked with it for several years now the rewards only get greater, and the sense of balance feels stronger each time.

      Talking of balance, I am going to write about the current weather situation, and what I think is going on. Hopefully this will stimulate some debate because it will reveal one of the underlying principles of my natural philosophy. I’ll get that written up soon. It may address some concerns people have.


      1. I shall look forward to that Gwas, there are so many theories flying about, its hard to know what to believe! Out of interest, the video link that’s on your wall now about the ‘Earth grids’ is this area of investigation something that you feel for? About the reconfiguration of ‘grids’ or ‘man-made’ ones -just curious 🙂

        1. I have done a lot of reading about earth grids, yes. I started with ley lines, and progressed to looking at what Hamish Miller was doing with them. Then I progressed to John Michell’s work – tons of ideas there.
          I’m merely a man-sized man, however, so how can I see the world grid? I am interested in the idea that certain good or bad things are sites on these lines, though. So that makes me wonder how I can make use of the ‘grid’ and what I can do to repair any damage to the interconnectivity of prehistoric sites.

          My latest quest is to find the centre, as you know, of the ‘spiritual grid’ over our island. I want to see what happens when I sit there, and what I feel. No opinions on that yet. I also have a feeling that Arbor Low is a hub for leys. I’m preparing a book about that, but it might take years to get that finished.
          So, yes, I think I have a slight interest in these things 😉

          1. I’m curious about your statement ‘I am interested in the idea that certain good or bad THINGS are sites on these lines, though.’ When you say ‘things’ – do you mean events? That something like a murder or the old site of a battle ground could actually form an ethheric memory imprint that can leach into people, forming tentacles like a web? A sort of bigger version of the energy you saw coming from the baby on the plane? Or do you mean something else? If so, that’s a fascinating concept 😉 As far as searching for the country’s spiritual axis point, that’s my quest too Gwas! But for me, its been about finding it’s heart chakra and I’ve found what I believe is a centre point, but its not where you’d expect, its hidden, believe me and for good reason. I have a strong feeling that the most powerful sites are under tarmac or long forgotten tumuli now, maybe they were hidden from view by ‘the mists of Avalon’ Merlin’s last spell cast to preserve the true Dragon’s lair 😉

          2. The ‘things’ I had in mind were structures placed on the lines. For example, you may notice when tracing ley lines that the following features appear with unbelievable regularity:-
            a) Stately homes
            b) Golf courses
            c) Power plants (at the end points of lines)
            d) Churches and other religious buildings (usually old ones, i.e. built before the 20th Century)

            My contention is that the things that occur at these places will affect the other places that the lines touch. I believe this is because the lines are bands of male and female energy in balance (‘neutral’ state) that travel in both directions. They seem to act as a conduit for subtle energies (like power lines – hence Robin Heath’s book title “Powerpoints”).

            What Miller was doing was as you were suggesting. He was finding the “blockage points” on the lines, places where energy had become convoluted, chaotic, or just plain “dark” (whether polluted by man, or converted to this state by magicians) and he was placing groups of people at key points on the network of connected points and doing visualisations and harmonisations. Sadly he doesn’t go into much detail about that work, probably for good reason! You never know who’s going to take your good work and turn it to their own ends, I guess. One of the reasons why I don’t go into detail about my own work too much.

            I remember you saying that you had found the secret spiritual centre, and it made me quite excited for you. I think these places ARE hidden, sometimes by humans often by nature (I’ll give you an example in a post soon). Again, probably for the best. I keep coming across sacred sites whose energies have been … turned around from their natural state…. so I re-balance them (putting into a neutral state). This is slightly different from Miller’s project which was to turn the ‘bad’ into ‘good’. Personally, I don’t trust my sense of what’s good and bad to make such a decision!

            I love how everything I get involved in seems to come back to Merlin at some point. And you have a great way of feeding into that with your wonderful reminders of the Merlin mythology. I do appreciate that. The Dragon’s Lair and the spell to preserve it – ah…I must watch Excalibur again soon.

            Stay tuned for a couple of posts specifically about the spiritual centre that I went in search of.


  4. Gwas,

    This article share is amazing !!

    I have found that in my journeys when in search of something that I can’t quite sort out at first in my mind that I have to “step back a few steps” to see the greater & larger picture (or) scope of things it is then I find that what I am looking for.
    I too am amazed at the dragon of the air in your photo.Good show !
    Thank You for an amazing share!

    1. Nature continues to amaze me at every turn, and when something like that is shared with me I have to put it out into the aether in turn. I’m almost compelled to tell my story now. Luckily, you are not compelled to read, but I am glad that you choose to.

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