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Silencing The Lamb

July 15, 2012

Holiday season is in full swing at this time of year, and so I jetted off to foreign climes in the company of a group of friends. Our destination was Tallinn in Estonia, and I have to say that it is one of the most gorgeous and delightful, cultured and calm cities that I have ever had the pleasure to spend time in. I only got back today, and the purpose of me telling you all this is to re-visit a scenario where I was able to practise a skill that I am finding very useful – silencing!

You have undoubtedly had this situation happen to you at some time on your travels. You are in a public confined space and there is a baby or small child who is either too tired or is generally not enjoying the travelling experience. What do they do? Fidget, bawl and whine. Of course they do – it’s their way of coping. But it’s hell for the parents (who are somewhat embarrassed by the impact of the behaviour, but largely immune to its effects themselves), and even worse for the people who have to listen to it who haven’t lived with that behaviour to the point of toleration.

So, what do you do? Do you go up to the parents and ask them politely to sort it out? Do you shout and scowl at the kid and wish they’d put a sock in it? Both will be ineffective. Last year I went to Canada and on the long flight home there was just such an episode broke out on the plane. Then I tried a technique of summoning air spirits and asking for their co-operation in soothing the child and cutting the noise levels. To my immense surprise it worked! However, this time I have a bit more experience of working with energies myself and so I chose to try a slightly different method.

Last time I did this kind of work I called in assistance. This time I used my improved perception to scan the situation and obtain some more information. I did a centering exercise to put myself into the right frame of mind, and then pushed my attention out towards the child to “scan” what was going on – to feel for what was happening energetically. What I noticed was this:-

  • The child had a white hot energy centre at his navel, and that centre was spawning energy threads like crazy!
  • Most of these threads were attaching to his mother who was cradling him, and she must have had more than twenty of these threads attached to the main chakra points on the front of her energy field. Mostly there were in the region of her navel and heart chakras, but some threads went elsewhere too. I felt that she was willingly offering these connection points, but she was being hugely drained by this.
  • The energy threads that were being created were seeking out the energy fields of anyone in the area, and where they found someone who would pay attention (i.e. the person would focus their attention on the child) then the thread would sense this and become attracted by that attention. The person who was directing their attention did not seem to notice when the child’s thread found and then loosely attached to them. This was a subtle event.
  • I could see that through each thread connection energy was being drawn by the child into its own energy field. In other words – the child was latching onto everyone’s energy and feeding upon it like a leech!
  • I could see that the threads were “weak” though – they were very flexible, loose and pale. I would liken them to the antennae of sea anemones with their suckers gently gripping anyone who could be attached to with a weak link.
Juvenile energy threads look like anemone tentacles

I realised that the weakness of the threads was due to the lack of developed WILL in the child. At this stage of his development the young lad hadn’t yet developed a strong will, and so the threads too were comparatively weak and too flexible. My own threads, and I sent one out to check it, were thinner, but much brighter, moved in a straighter line, and latched onto things with a much more force because my will was purposefully driving the event. For a while I was simply fascinated with watching the threads and the attachments,a nd seeing how people could break the bonds that the child was making by purposefully and wilfully trying to ignore his behaviour.

The child was, of course, utterly consciously oblivious to this subtle energy battle, yet his drive for energy was insatiable and so when one bond was broken his threads simply re-spawned from the mass at his navel centre and would then slither out probing for another energy field to connect to. The imagery I could see overlaid onto reality was utterly mesmerising until I looked down to see that there was a thread attaching to me too, even though I was four seats back from the action! Suddenly I was spurred into action myself. Here’s what I did.

  1. I put up protection around myself to ensure I didn’t “leak” energy, and to prevent the incoming thread from finding a new home. To do this I imagined a close-fitting light blue field, like a coating of two-inch think blue haze that grew up around me, as though I was putting on overalls.
  2. I began do the same to the cradled child, covering him in a light blue glow that sealed in the while heat of the core that was spawning the threads and from which they sprung. As The seal was applied the weak connections that were already in existence began to be broken and they retracted back to the core quickly.
  3. As the seal was re-applied again and again with increasing layers I could see that the frantic thread activity from the child was being contained in the writhing core and wasn’t getting out.

I sat back and looked around to see what the result of this action was. Passengers who had only moments ago had threads attached, but whose energetic connection was now broken, were beginning to direct their attention elsewhere. Instead of looking at the bawling child (who was still writhing and sobbing) they were beginning to look out of the windows, or down at their books, or to turn to their friends and chat. Literally within 30 seconds this happened like some kind of Mexican Wave effect. It was most intriguing.

Then the child went quiet. Within a minute he had stopped writhing with just the occasional twitch. Within two minutes he was silent. And then he was asleep. His mother looked both relieved and frazzled. I could see she was still trying to send her energy threads to the child but that they weren’t being adopted by the boy. He was asleep now. She began to re-collect her own threads and got out a snack bar, sensing an opportunity to re-fuel herself, no doubt.

Of course, it could be that for the second time in my recent experience I encountered a happy coincidence of timing, and the child went to sleep entirely unassisted by anything that I did. However, this did not detract from the wonder that I experienced at the synchronicity of the event given the energy work that I was doing at that time. I sat amazed, stunned, and with a huge sense of relief. Finally, I could read my book in peace. Mainly I was thinking that I had shown myself for a second time that the techniques of energy working have practical applications for soothing travel companions. If you find yourself in a similar situation, you might want to give it a go?

As we got prepared for landing I dissolved both my own protective shield and the one around the boy. They had done their work marvellously, and hopefully everyone had been given an hour’s relief on a crowded flight where many of us were nursing severe hangovers.


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  1. That was a really interesting post Gwas!

    When my last boss was in a particularly ‘fizzy’ mood, and sending her energy jumping off left right and centre, I used to mentally put her under a large glass dome. At the time I was probably only conscious that the idea of it made me feel a lot better. But looking back, I think it did somehow contain the energy and direct it down into the earth (since the bottom of the ‘dome’ was the floor) Certainly she didn’t seem to get to me as much after I popped her cover on 🙂 I’m not sure I did it with any direct intention to manipulate energy at the time, but it is a bit similar to your approach with the infant, though of course on a much smaller scale!


    1. Hi Stoatie,

      Nice to hear from you again.

      I love the image of a bell jar over the top of a “fizzy” person. I think I’ll be trying that containment technique next time I need it, but as I warned, I think that manipulating adult energies is a lot more energy-consuming than that of infants. Therefore, I might do a one-off experiment with someone’s permission. If it works then I will have to find another power source to call upon. I wonder what can be used for this?

      Interesting stuff this. Hadn’t really investigated it until it came out of a desperate need to nurse a hangover!

      BTW: Thanks for “Bouncy Druids” on your blog. I nearly dampened my underwear.


  2. Gwas,
    A very interesting concept !!
    The tyke was similar to an energy vampire,feeding off of others energies in search of comfort.I suppose your method could also be applied to overly loud,and annoying adults as well.I do think that using your concept on an adult would be using up a lot of your own energies in the process.

    Thanks again for yet still another “Brilliant” post & share!

    Blessings to you.


    1. Thanks Selwynn,

      I think you’re right to say that it would use up a lot of energy to perform the same function on an adult – one’s will would also have to be particularly strong to overcome the inevitably stronger energy threads that adults put out. There’s also the issue of manipulating a person’s energies without their permission as well. On a small child who is not yet a fully-fledged autonomous being (debatable, I know) I feel there is less of a moral issue. Of course, one’s intention and purpose when performing any feat of energy working is also part of such an internal and external debate.

      Glad to hear you’re finding these posts interesting. Your interaction is appreciated.

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