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Spread of the Dragon at New Moon

July 26, 2012

In the second part of the Sherwood excursion you find the two intrepid excursioneers trying to navigate themselves through the forest after leaving The Major Oak. We were heading for a mound labelled on the modern maps as Hanger Hill. I knew it to be Thynghowe, reputedly a meeting point for druids and a moot hill of ancient times according to the available written record and mythology. I had dowsed that this particular place was my spiritual centre in the mainland of Britain, and now we were trying to locate it.

Of course I had printed out a detailed Ordnance Survey map of the area, and then forgotten to bring it with me. Usual stuff. So I reverted to my new favourite navigation app – ViewRanger. Oddly Sherwood Forest had a 3G connection near to the Visitor Centre, so I downloaded the map squares covering the forest and within seconds I had the same detailed OS maps on my phone. Wow – techno-drude to the rescue! I can’t recommend ViewRanger highly enough. It’s the navigation app with everything in one place – perfect for a travelling Hedge Druid.

At the Major Oak I had seen a vision of the Thynghowe mound. It was a low hill upon which I was standing. As I stood at its centre several vortexes of subtle energy grew around me until they became one large vortex spiralling upwards in a woven tapestry of energy threads, each thread phosphorescent with its own colour. It was a beautiful vision. Now I wondered whether reality would live up to the vision?

On the way to the mound I began thinking about my current quest – to open the third eye chakra. The visions I have been having recently seem to be good evidence that this aspect of my psychic work is improving every time I try it. What is holding me back is that I seem to be getting fewer opportunities to practise this kind of thing. Nevertheless I was pleased that I could get information much more easily now, and with far less energetic input than I have needed previously. Something is changing.

The Hidden Mound

As we walked towards Hanger Hill the rain eased up. Kal even danced a little skippy jig at the prospect that the sun might come out. I didn’t think so, but I’ve been proved wrong too many times to be so obviously pessimistic. We walked the long path to the mound and on the way I saw a sign that made me laugh. It read “Warning Forest Operations“, but I saw the potential for a bit of fun so I took this photograph:

Stupid signs warn of forest dangers

Another interesting sight we saw on the way was the large stump of a tree out of which new growth had sprouted to form a new series of tree trunks. It looked very odd, and I hadn’t seen anything liek that before. Perhaps you have? if so, please share your pictures with us. I’d love to see more images of  regeneration like this:

Oak regenerated from itself

Such were the many glorious sights of summer in the forest of Sherwood and associated woodland. Now on to the main event. We marched onwards aware of the descending sun and the ascending New Moon. We were homing in on the GPS signal now, and ViewRanger told us that we were close. Kal looked ahead at a rise of trees and suggested this was our destination. We passed a final marker – the joining of two paths – before walking up a slight rise. This must be “the hill”! Having lived in Cumbria and spent a lot f time in North Wales the idea that this was a central hill of primary importance almost made me laugh out loud. I chuckled to myself instead. This was no more than a slight slope!

I kept looking for the mound. Then I saw a slight break in the bracken. It was a path to nowhere. Why would someone make a path to nowhere – it must be somewhere. I pushed through the wet fern foliage and took the brunt of the dampness before breaking through into a humid and bramble-covered “open” space amid three small trees. This was it. I just knew. I felt it. This was Thynghowe. Kal looked at me for confirmation – completely underwhelmed. I could read his mind – he was thinking “You dragged me all this way for THIS?

Thynghowe – thyng of beauty in the forest

The Law of Three and a Series of Doubts

Kal soon found his preferred power centre, then dowsed to see where this should be. He ended back where he started in a tight circle and laughed. I dowsed where I should be. I was two or three inches out from the perfect spot, which was to sit on top of a rotting tree trunk, which formed a damp but welcome seat. Hey – I was wet anyway!

Soon I was venturing off into a trance, letting my energy body ground itself, protect itself, then flow out into the mound on a journey to feel for what was happening in this place. I felt three power centres. The one that Kal was standing on was where strong male energy met weak female energy. The one I was sitting on was where strong female energy met male energy. Over the other side of the mound from us was one where the two forces met in equilibrium. All three possible states were here. The law of three.

In a druid trance I looked around, letting my inner perception decide what was relevant to take in. I saw the three trees that enclosed the mound, and I noticed that they were of a different variety to the other deciduous woodland that we had walked through recently. As I blended further into the surroundings I let my ears pick up the sounds of the woodland. From the mound I heard firstly one wood pigeon (one of my early totem birds whose sound meant “home”). With this thought the first bird was joined by another pigeon, answering the call of the first. The stereo effect was then enhanced further by a third pigeon. Three calls.

Three power centres. Three trees. Three bird calls. I was in the moment. Now was the time. I considered the dragon. Was there a dragon in the mound? WAIT! My rational senses jumped in with a fear response. What were the consequences of invoking the vision I had of the dragon encompassing the land? What were the consequences? Was it a good thing to do, I asked? ….

…a small voice in the middle of my head responded, not with an answer but with a series of counter questions,

Is anything inherently good or bad? Why do you do the things you do? Don’t you know if they are good or bad?

Then I knew I had had this argument before, a long time ago when I first encountered sentient spirit energies. And then again when I came across my spirit guide.

But I don’t want to be manipulated into acting out something else’s wishes, I said.

Then why have you travelled all the way here to this spot? Surely that was choice? And now you’re here – what are you going to do?

What was I going to do? I contemplated, then I chose to continue. I would take the responsibility for my actions. Whatever happened I would set it right if it went wrong. Without action one is impotent and useless. In the face of The Unknowable one can only act on instinct and accept the responsibility for being the willing agent of action.

The Vision Manifested

At this point I invited my guide and familiar elementals to the work. I drew upon the combined energy from the three centres and put the white hot energy into a huge egg shaped form beneath me. When it was full I stood. This seemed to release the energy and allowed the egg to crack. As the egg cracked light poured from it. Suddenly, instead of a dragon rising up out into the air as I expected, instead a million tiny snake/dragon/wyrme things wriggled out of the egg in all directions. It took several minutes of this omni-directional flow before the flow ceased altogether.

Snake hatching by Patrick Briggs 2006
Snakes alive! They’re escaping all over the place!

This bit took a lot of concentration and effort. There were midges and flies buzzing all around my head trying to land on me and bite me. In addition, the New Moon meant that I had very little personal subtle energy to invest in the process. It took a lot of effort to do anything magickal this evening. Waking consciousness imposed itself upon me and I let the connection to the Otherworld go – the vision faded and the egg shattered into nothingness. It was over.

With my guide still present I asked why this image? The response was that each dragon would go out into the land and try to find a person to whom it could attach in order to give birth to an interest in serpentine energies in them. It would be like a mass education program – a national “turn on” to subtle energy awareness. That sounded great! People awakening to subtle energy all over this nation – how marvellous!

As I stood looking around Kal nodded over to the western skies. In amongst the thick grey cloud was one bright spot – Kal was making the sun almost appear through thick rain clouds. Soon it stopped raining completely so we took the opportunity to head back to the car in the dry. Another of Kal’s minor miracles.

On the way back we reached the Major Oak again. This was the path to the Centre Tree. Was it worth us going? Was there any ley line energy going through this point? We dowsed it remotely – there were no lines going through it. There was nothing magickal about the Centre Tree. It had no value for us to be there. It was only the symbolic reference to the former centre of the forested area around Sherwood. No real power or interest for us at this time.

On the way back there was one more interesting thing that happened. I stopped at one point because I could smell wet dog. We looked around and listened for any sign of a dog in the clearing that I had stopped in. Nothing. We walked on but I smelt it again – even stronger. Now I knew there was a dog here -0 not a living visible dog, but there was a dog here nonetheless. I mentioned it to Kal and he dowsed it. YES, there was the spirit of a dog here. Did it need help? NO. Was it happy here? YES, it had died here and should be left here. Cool. Just checking. Seems my sense are getting stronger on many levels in recent times. Now I’m smelling things too.

As we walked back past the Robin Oak we both gave acknowledgement to the force of the spirit inside the tree. We could both feel it, and when I dowsed for the relative strength of the spirit it seems that it had risen from a 2/10 in February to a 7/10 in July. In line with the month number! How peculiar! We walked back to the car which was a welcome relief from the dampness in the evening air. This would be the last spiritual journey that my old estate car would take, but there’s another story about that, which I will tell you about soon.


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  1. Ok… Too cool. If you noticed a response I put up a few posts back about seeing a cloud dragon I’m now curious to know the date you performed the dragon release. Feel free to email me if you wish. I may have gotten one of your releases. Would appreciate a confirmation dowse if nothing else.

  2. Hey Gwas – I meant to respond to your posts about finding your centre place before, but didn’t have time until tonight, it really does sound like you performed a VERY powerful ceremony at Thynghowe – what a very Norse name too! It’s funny, because I spent some amount of time around Clumber and Sherwood when I lived in Worksop 20 years ago now (God is it that long?!)I really loved the arboreal spirit of the place and its sense of being ancient woodland, perhaps all that remains of forest from neolithic times, yet I never felt any great sense of it being such a sacred site. Maybe I just never ‘got it’ I’d certainly be interested to revisit Sherwood and see if I felt differently now, perhaps it just needed re-awakening, which is what you’ve done it seems 🙂 I do think that much of Nottinghamshire has this quality of having an absence of something energetically, I think you felt it at Creswell too, maybe something along the line ‘switched’ a lot of energy off? It’s a lot like that at Wincobank (which I’ve yet to ‘sort out’ with your brilliant advice about calling back the SOP) something just isn’t there – it feels almost dead.

    I completely understand your statement Gwas about needing reassurance that you’re not dabbling with things too powerful that could backfire. You have no idea how challenged I feel over my own energy work, which is so much in line with yours, we really are working on the same thing in so many ways 🙂 I have the difficult task of working out how to remove an energetic ‘dagger’ from the Michael/Mary line, I’m terrified it might cause something like a rupture in ley line terms! But again this is all about waking up the Serpent energy, just as your task has been. Maybe this is what the Nottingham area needs, local people to ‘wake up’ and do energy work to call back the spirits that have departed in the area. I can imagine that those tiny snakes you sent out will find good homes and local Druids/Pagans/sensitives will be able to restore the finer detail as it were.

    Well, as its just been Lammas and a full moon, I expect you’ve got an update to follow this, will look forward to that 😉


    1. Hi Liz,

      An energetic dagger in the Mary/Michael Line? How interesting! Do you know the cause of that? Is it something that you can resolve? I would do a tarot reading if you wanted to get a feel for the future possibilities, but any delving into the future is subject to change, of course. Dowsing might reveal the scale of the impact (positive or negative) and that might help you to decide whether you are doing the right thing. I am coming around to the idea that a deep look inside oneself is the best way to decide – i.e. have you done your homework, are you prepared/researched, and are you able to take and deal with the consequences? Beyond that, it’s your decision. You’re the one with the hands on the reins! Where do you want to steer it?

      I do think that there’s something “damaged” generally with the eastern side of our lands. I think this is due to the influx of the raiding/destroying cultures that came from the Scandinavian, Danish and Germanic cultures, and beyond. The Anglo-Saxon desire to kill first and ask questions later (being blunt and generalistic) may mean that we lost many of the parts of the sacred network that were on that side of the country. I also tend to think that the sites were built using less permanent materials than in the West, and this meant that it was eaiser for them to be obliterated.

      Yes, were were out for Lammas and the full (Grain) moon. Big post coming up about that (may split it to ensure I get something posted in a reasonable time). I’m still a couple of weeks behind and I’ve got festival season coming up (back to Green Man this year). I’m expecting mroe to be generated by having next week of on holiday. All I need now is something resembling a Summer!!!

      Lovely to hear from you. Keep up your good works. 🙂

      1. Thanks for the advice Gwas 🙂 I’m not sure what the caused the dagger there yet, although I think it happened a long time ago to try and plug a (perceived) unruly force, but only because that force had been polluted, originally it was a complete heart energy, very much about life and abundance, now its quite the opposite. It really does have a ‘George and the dragon’ feel about it, like this is a serpent slaughter area. I did psychically ‘read’ that criminals were put to death there in the Romano-British period, the ‘druids’ wanted to veil their sacrifices (as it was illegal under Roman law) that, as you can imagine – had a nasty taste to it energetically as if to add insult to injury! There’s a lot of ruined tin mines there too and a number of ‘lost souls’ connected to colliery disasters, it was also – as I think I mentioned before – the place that inspired Tolkien to write the Hobbit. I’m guessing he picked up what I did! I certainly am researching – academically at least and a second trip to Cornwall next month, should give me a chance to go back and see if I get more information. Searching inside is a must, I agree, instinctively I’ve felt this is the big challenge of my ‘Shamanic’ career, like your calling Robin back, and I’m so rusty to be honest, I’ve almost given up visiting sites and working with them, so I feel a bit daunted. I don’t suppose you could dowse a response about the importance of the work there and of course, any of your own inner promptings regarding it all? 🙂

        That’s an excellent point you make about the eastern side of Britain Gwas, it certainly was the first port of call for any continental incursions, though I suspect that the Pagan Saxons at least, had some sense of the sacredness of old sites as they did seem to set up those ‘Things’ on such tumuli. But the bloodshed alone, was probably enough to drive a lot of the spirit of the land underground, it would be a bit of a Herculean task I’m sure, to try and repair that damage – maybe one day, you guys might have a go! 😉


        1. “Have a go”! I think it will take more energy than we can muster to do that level of work, but I thank you for your confidence in our abilities!

          I know the site in Cornwall you’re talking about so I’ll try to clear a bit of head space to do some remote sensing on that. I’m trying to develop that sense at the moment so thanks for the suggestion – good timing, as always. 🙂

          Will mail you if it gets too odd!

          1. Talking of good timing – just as I logged out of here last night, two of my priestess friends mailed me about this very same topic – as they’ve had stuff come to them about it out of the blue – I thought that was really odd – I have to say! I might just drop you a brief line in email with more detail about that site, but thanks so much for your help Gwas 🙂

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