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The Dragon at the Centre of the Land

July 1, 2012

The Dragon of Dinas Emrys

In the final part of our North Wales summer excursion I will tell you about a vision I had while meditating on Dinas Emrys in the heart of Snowdonia. Whilst wrapped in dragon’s breath of mists that wandered the hillsides I huddled into the rectangular remains of the hill’s tower. Seated on a compatible power centre I went into a druidic trance (a state of mind that still allows you to see Nature with open eyes, yet have a connectedness one would normally associate with deep meditation).

In the trance I asked if there was anything that I should do for the Solstice coming up. In my trance my thought began to wander to memories of my meeting with Merlin on this hill. I asked Merlin’s spirit to assist with my question, if he could. Moments later the outer world began to blur and the screen of my inner mind was darkening as though in preparation for a film screening. So it was – a vision appeared which I will describe to you:-

  • I saw the centre of these islands, and me standing at that point. Then I sent out a shockwave of intention energy that resonated throughout the land. The point was at the heart of a network or grid of energy points that are still connected by subtle energy forces to each other.
  • As a result of the wave of energy something arose from the centre of the land, through me. It was a dragon. It rose above the land and many of the people who saw it were afraid. Some others, however, were beyond fear and they were in awe of the huge dragon whose wings spread out above them.
  • The sympathetic people sent their energies to the dragon and this helped it to grow in size so that it covered the whole island.
  • At the point where it was the size of the whole land mass the dragon’s shape became the land and it re-integrated with the island. I felt that the land and the woken dragon had become one again – re-united as they should be.

I don’t know what the consequence fo this action is. I don’t know whether this vision was something beneficial or not. Was the process one of unification, or subjugation? Am I the only one who could do this action, or am I one of many who will do this? What IS the dragon – a projection of me, of the land, or both?

Dragon rising to shadow and merge with the land

The Navel of the Land

Many places can lay claim to being the centre of our island nation depending upon the criteria. I feel that I should choose one based on my own criteria but one which has a sacred site associated with it, such as a church, cross or mound. It should be some place associated with “dragon” or serpent energies, I feel. Somewhere like Dragon Hill at Uffington, perhaps? John Michell has written several books about the concept of a centre point in land masses, and even at a global level (e.g. The Sacred Center). Perhaps I will find a suitable place when researching in his books?

Philip Coppens, one of my favourite researchers, has this useful piece of information on his site:

“In the Mabinogion, it is said that the Celtic king Lludd was instructed to measure the length and breadth of England in order to determine its centre. At that spot, he would find two fighting dragons that were responsible for the evils afflicting the nation. He found the two creatures fighting at what is now Oxford.” (source:

He goes on to suggest that Croft Hill, near High Cross in Leicestershire might be the agreed-upon meeting place of the old druid clans. That seems tempting! Some dowsing will reveal the answer, I’m sure.

I don’t know what this vision means yet, but I am going to try to find out. I need to know whether this is a good thing to be involved with, whether it is something I should do, or whether it is some form of prediction as to the coming events in 2012 – The Year of the Dragon. I will let you know when a dragon appears!


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  1. There’s certainly plenty of sites to choose from in that area (like the Rollrights et al) but it would suggest the crossing place of two ley lines as you say. In fact from what I’ve seen on google maps the ‘Saxon’ dragon might actually be a ley that runs into Germany, so maybe one going east? The other is probably west bound (sounds like the London underground I know!!LOL)Ley crossings seem to be places of great psychic disturbance, hence perhaps the reference to ‘battle’ and the need for the shaman/druid to deal with these forces – yes it does make sense! I should map dowse if I were you Gwas to find this crossing place, one site that just popped into my head was that recently discovered ‘Rotherwas ribbon’ that HAS to be a dragon site, don’t know if that would fit this or not?


    1. Literally 10 minutes before reading your comment I was thinking I should map dowse for the location. Great minds….thanks for your ever-helpful suggestions. I do appreciate your wisdom and knowledge.
      I haven’t come across that new site you mention. Let’s see what my dowsing rods say. If they end up at that spot I’ll be really spooked out now!

      1. This is the site, its in Herefordshire…
        It might mean nothing in reference to your search, but its a really interesting site, it was big news among Pagan folks a few years ago when they first dug it up! Always an absolute pleasure to help and make suggestions Gwas, I’m always really excited when something rings true for you, I love to connect with good people, it means the world to me 🙂

        1. I’ve taken a look at that site and it looks amazing. I’m definitely putting it onto my list of sites to visit this year.

          However, it isn’t the site I need to visit as the centre of the land. I know what that is now, and I’ll tell you all about it soon. Oh, and as usual, it will be both controversial and surprising.

  2. Sounds interesting Gwas – especially what you say about Uffington, it certainly was a powerful place for me as you know. I wonder what the symbolism of ‘two dragons fighting’ represents?

    1. With a “historical” head on the dragons fighting symbolises two clans or forces opposing each other and fighting for domination. So, in the historical Merlin stories Vortigern was the Red Dragon of the indiginous rcaes of the land (e.g. Cymri) and the White Dragon was representative of the invading Saxon forces from Germany.
      With an “energetic” head on the dragons represent the male and female forces in the land that are in constant motion with each other. The white stream is male and the red stream is female. You will see this kind of symbolism used by Miller & Broadhurst for example when talking about the Mary and Michael energies. This is my interpretation of these symbols too.
      There are other translations of the symbols, but these ones described are the context for my visits to sacred sites, and specifically to Dinas Emrys.

      It’s an interesting point you make about Uffington, because I believe the White Horse is in fact a white dragon, and so I might have to go in search of the red dragon forces in the area. Surely there would be a counterpart nearby? And they might meet at Dragon Hill for their battle?
      That’s got me thinking!

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